November Goals.

Pinch punch!!!

Another month down and into the next one, and what do I have planned, a few bits here and there, I won’t be posting every day like I did during October simply because that was just exhausting.. fun but exhausting, but I will copy over some bits that I did do in October that I feel work well in my blog.

The first one being my goals.

  1. Loose Weight  – I will talk about this a little more in a future post but I want to loose some weight this month, so far its going really well and I am really happy with what I am doing.
  2. Take More Photos – I am going to start taking my camera out with me more often, I always forget to take it and then regret it, but not anymore! expect lots more photos from me which I will upload onto my Flickr account.
  3. Crochet More – I am a huge procrastinator, if I can find something to do that is easier or takes less time, I do it, and I have been doing it a lot lately with ignoring my crocheting, I was making a lovely blanket for R but I keep getting distracted and leaving it and now its the season of blankets!
  4. Write fiction – Back when I was a teen I would write fan fiction, and I honestly want to get back into it, the plot bunnies are hopping around and I expect a few will bounce out.
  5. Declutter – The C word is swiftly approaching and my house is now full of toys again after A’s birthday, so we have all started to declutter the house and make way for the new toys and future decorations, our flat is small so any amount of clutter can make it seem smaller and dirty when it really isnt.

and those are my goals for this month, I did achieve a few of Octobers goals so I am hoping to equally achieve many here.

Until next time

Mummy Cat



24 thoughts on “November Goals.

  1. I cannot believe it’s November ALREADY?! Where is this year going! My goal is also to lose some weight this month but nothing mad just a few pounds. I find it so hard to maintain. gorgeous post!

  2. Welcome back to the fiction-writing club! I’m having difficulty balancing it with school work, but thankfully I’m taking another writing class next semester

  3. Ugh losing weight is TOP on my list! Recovering from my c section has been rough and exercising is not as easy as it used to be. But good luck in achieving your goals! Stay positive, you can do it!

  4. This reminds me I need not write my monthly goals! I used to write fan fiction too! I’m always telling myself I’ll start again so maybe this month I should!

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