A to Z – S is for Social Media

Social Media –

Not a day goes by so I see someone complaining about social media, my mum for an example hates it and I can see why she does, she doesn’t agree with ‘sharing your life’ but I don’t think she understands that you don’t need to share everything you do online.

I use Facebook for family members who I don’t see often, it’s easier to share photos of the kids to their great nan on Facebook than it is just waiting until we see her.

With twitter I talk to new friends who I’ve found through blogging, some of who I hope to one day meet and talk in person with

And of course Instagram, which is full of inspiration, who doesn’t like Instagram?

Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit younger than her, I’ve been using the net for most of my life and I remember a time before social media and honestly nothing has changed, besides from the fact you couldn’t randomly tweet that celeb you sets your trousers on fire, I do sort of miss a time before social media, everything seemed less stressful and carefree..

….apart from the mad time of being in someone’s ‘top 10’ on MySpace…

But without social media, I would probably feel very lonely, which considering how everyone used to view the internet back ‘in the day’ isn’t a sad thing, I’m grateful for all my friends who I’ve made through the bright little electronic gadget in my pocket.

Until next time

Mummy Cat


14 thoughts on “A to Z – S is for Social Media

  1. I’m half half when it comes to SM. I love sharing beauty ramblings and chatting to like minded beauty lovers as well as finding a bunch of new blogs to follow and meeting people from across the world. But i keep my personal life completely separate and never share anything on any platform.

  2. Social media is used for my “me” time being that I’m a SAHM of two kids lol. I don’t have any other adult interaction (besides when my boyfriend gets home from work). But until then I need to catch up on blogging and everything in between!

  3. I feel the exact same, I love social media so much but it can be so draining and can really effect your self-confidence and self-esteem! I’ve met some amazing people through social media but at the same time I wish I could turn myself of from it sometimes!

  4. I think Social Media is great, especially for someone like me who works on a creative business, it is crucial to be connected online. I understand when my mom also says she doesn’t like to share too much but looking on the bright side we get to know so many people this way! x

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

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