Parents Evening Win!

On Wednesday 22nd November we had our children’s parents evening, expecting the worst like everyone does Mr S and I was pleasantly surprised to how wonderful K and A are progressing at school, they have friends and are gaining confidence which they didn’t have in the previous years.

A is smart, we always knew she was a clever little girl when she was smaller but the fact that she loves school and loves to learn proves how smart she is, her handwriting is amazing, it’s almost better than mine, and I loved being able to see her progress from the start of year one to now, her confidence has grown so much, she’s even turned into a bit of a cheeky madam by not completely telling the truth about some leaf throwing, I couldn’t help but laugh when her teacher told me that as I could imagine her reaction.

I’m just so proud of her (not the cheeky lying) but just how much she’s coming out of her shell and being a completely different child.

K, I was a bit more worried about, thanks to a funny year 1 he was a little behind in a lot of his goals but had managed to catch up with some of it in year two and entering into year three, I was concerned that his new teacher wasn’t going to be as good as the year two teacher, but I was surprised at how much he’s improved and enjoying school, they’ve been doing about Greek mythology and has learnt so much about them, he’s been telling us about the Minotaur and other little bit bits of information, he’s almost got his ‘pen license’ which means he can write without mistakes with a pen rather than a pencil and he read to my mum the other day saying words I didn’t even know he could read.

He’s excited to learn and I couldn’t be more prouder of him and seems to be really enjoying school, putting his hand up in class and being a lot more confident with his work.

I’m just so proud of them both, I know I’ve said that many times over this post but I can’t help it, I’m so glad they both love school so much, A came home from school on the Friday with another ‘super star’ certificate and K’s class got 100% attendance which means he gets extra play and an award, they get so excited when they get these little awards and stickers and I’m so happy for them.

Here’s to the follow up parents evening in the summer

Until next time

One Proud Mummy Cat.

23 thoughts on “Parents Evening Win!

  1. It’s lovely when you know they’re doing well in school! I remember I would go along with my parents to my sisters (who is 2 years younger than me) parents evenings because I KNEW I was the ‘better’ child (I was so horrible…!) and wanted to bask in her “needs to do betters”. Me and my mum still laugh at my love for going to those parent evenings now – I think I had a big head as a child!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  2. Its lovely to see that your little ones are blossoming! Im sure they are going to continue to do the same this next year.


  3. Aww, so exciting! I can’t wait to have moments like this. I already feel like I’m going through something similar. My daughter is learning so many new words and I can honestly say I’m so proud!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can remember getting my pen licence! Haha. That is adorable! It would be lovely to know that they aren’t being absolute terrors when they’re away from you! I bet you’re so proud. (I’m also convinced my child is going to be a nightmare, LOL.)

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