A to Z – V is for Visits.

Visits –

Back when I was younger, which is a long time ago now that I am hitting 32 next year, I used to visit loads of places with my friends and meet people who I spoke to online, I have been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Ness,Newcastle and of course London..

Now that I am older and my anxiety has been worse than its ever been in my life, I no longer travel as confidently as I used too, I did manage to visit Birmingham in the summer but it took a lot of guts to get on that train..

But my favorite place I have ever visited is probably Torbay down on the southwest coast of England, I went there with my now husband and his family back when I was 19 weeks pregnant with K and it was beautiful..


I hope that one day I have my worries and anxiety under control and take a trip with my children so they can enjoy the beauty of England too.

until next time

Mummy Cat.

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