This year has actually been pretty amazing, yes I have had a few bad months but I’m going to not dwell on them, it will only bring me down and this post isn’t going to be a downer of a post!

Over this year I’ve met so many wonderful people, who have been so supportive and I honestly value their friendships, I joined a comment pod and it’s actually turned into a nice little place to chat about daily life, most in it are book bloggers but it’s actually really great as it’s inspired me to read a bit more than I used to which I am sure they’ll love to hear!

I met some lovely mummy bloggers too, mainly Becca (My girls and Me) who has been such an incredible support and friend, I am so grateful to have met her and I aim to one day meet her in person!

I went to Birmingham to meet some ladies I know from a baby group on Facebook, you can read about it here if you want, I managed to face a fear, not completely as I don’t think I could get back on a train any time soon… to much of my mums pushing, but it was so wonderful to be able to meet these women and their beautiful babies!

This year has also been a year where I finally confronted my mental health and did something about it.. I actually went to speak to a doctor and she diagnosed me with social anxiety.. being diagnosed doesn’t really mean anything, you can deal with mental health without ever going to see a doctor but me taking that huge step into calling a doctor and seeing a stranger, while frightening and I had to go along with my mum, has helped me understand it a little more.. I am certain that there is some underlying depression too as I have been feeling very hopeless and empty at times and somewhat alone even when I know I talk to and have many friends, but I aim to discuss with my doctor when I see her again in the new year.

This year has also been a year for amazing milestones, I hit 1000 twitter followers which is incredible and 200 WordPress followers too! I am also amazed that I reached my goal for 10,000 page views for the year, which compared to some isn’t many but for me it’s amazing! 200 plus people read my blog and I feel truly blessed by it all, Little Ol’ me!!

Plus I completed blogtober which was a mean feat that I am rather proud of, it did kind of make me utterly exhausted during November but I loved it.

Family wise things have been great, Robin has gone from this silent little girl to a chatterbox who just the other day repeated back ‘I love you’ to Mr S, Kai is improving every day at school and Amelia has just impressed us everyday with her smarts! She’s so artistic, you will catch her drawing every day on her little magnetic sketch pad and we finally got a car and got mobile! Popped to Romford to visit their lush store and just simply enjoying the freedom of a car.

Mr S’s website B3 has gone from strength to strength this year with new ideas and new writers, he might annoy me sometimes but I am so proud of how much work he’s put into the website which he owns, from conventions to indie game jams (not the sweet fruit variety) if you love reading about games or know someone who does let them know of the site.. or better if you know someone who might want to write they are offering spaces for writers, non payment at the minute of course but who knows what the future will hold!

As I said, while there have been some really dark days, this year has been a blessing.. I’ve made some wonderful friends in the blogging world and actually travelled to meet some mum friends, I cannot wait to see what adventures 2018 has in store for us!

Wishing you a wonderfully happy new year

Mummy Cat



A slight change from my usual photograph Sunday, seeing as its the last one of 2017, I wanted to share with you all the wonderful photos I snapped on Christmas day with my family, It was such a lovely day with to much food and lots of things to play with..











I hope that you all had a wonderful 2017 and a fantastic festive season! bring in the near year in style!

See you in 2018!

Mummy Cat



I am going to be doing something slightly different for this months favorites, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite gifts that I received this Christmas

I got lots of lovely items and of course chocolate this year and here are a few of the goodies..



Pusheen the cat was all over my wishlist this year, I would point out bits when I would head to the shops with my mum, so imagine my excitement knowing I now have plenty of new Pusheen bits to add to the collection.. Mr S got me the coasters and the slippers, my mum got me a mug (not pictured) Nanny H got me the bag and Bro in Law got me a mirror (not pictured).

Rocket Dog ankle boots was another item on my list, I completely forgot that I added these.. I have a habit of adding things to a wishlist that was meant for the basket but my mum got me these, I have yet to wear them but I can see them looking lovely with my orange skirt!

Amethyst earrings are from Nanny H and I love them, Amethyst is a great stone for the mind and felt cold when I wore them, these weren’t on my list I don’t think so a wonderful surprise


Self Care – 

My Mother in law got me this wonderful box set, I discovered Snow Fairy last month and its now my favorite scent, I even went into a store for the first time to try and locate it but sadly its now all gone, but I have this box of goodies to enjoy until then.

It comes with a small bottle of shower jel, small tub of body conditioner, a reusable bubble bar and a jelly bath bomb, usually I am not the bath bomb fan but this one was amazing!.

This one has to be my favorite of the lot.


Home – 

From my brother in law and on my wishlist but a forgotten gem, a beautiful sun catcher which now sits in our window and shines rainbows around the living room.. who doesn’t like a beautiful sun catcher?


Entertainment –

I stand corrected, this is the single best gift I have gotten over Christmas, from the wonderful Mr S, I originally wanted to get this for myself when he was in Germany during gamescom but I never got around to doing it and I honestly cant wait to sit down when he goes away again and enjoy it, I know its probably aged like mad but I don’t care..

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my favorite TV show growing up as a child and you cant beat a bit of nostalgia.


Snacks –

Yes that is indeed a lot of malteasers! gifted from pretty much everyone, I am glad they know me well! as I am writing this one box is gone an I am slowly working on one of the bags!

Mmmm 🙂


And there are my Christmas favorites, what have been your favorite gift from this year? did you get anything you didn’t expect?

Until next time

Mummy Cat




Zoo’s –

Zoos are something I have never been that big on, not since I went to Wobourn safari park and got traumatized by the monkeys climbing all over the cars and I dont like the idea of these animals all cooped up inside cages, big as they may be..

But rather than moan at you about my views on zoo’s and how I think they’re bad, I wanted to share with you in this final post in my A to Z series with some photos from our trip to the Paradise Wildlife Park, it was such a lovely day.. this was before we had Robin and was invited along with my sons preschool for the day out before the summer holidays.

and it gave me an opportunity to stretch my photography skills and snap away, but enough of me rambling on.. here are a few of my favorite photos I took that day.






I was avoiding the monkey pen here…



And that’s it, I truly hope you enjoyed my A to Z series, I have that’s for sure its made me want to write each week and be able to share with you silly little things that are purely ‘me’

Bring on 2018!

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


Its finally here, the last Glossybox of 2018! How fast has this year gone past? I have almost lost complete track of everything.


I feel that we need to take a moment to admire the beautiful box from this month which was designed by the Irish lifestyle brand Dusty Boy, I always love it when the limited edition boxes are all styled and beautiful, makes a nice change from the usual pink that is offered every other month..

but enough of that.. onto the goodies!!


Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser – This smells amazing, it goes on a little tick, almost reminds me of that cream women use when they breastfeed, with its consistency but once it gets wet it almost melts into a milk texture, I used this on my face shortly after I washed my hair and my skin didn’t feel as dry as it usually does.


Profusion Runway Eye Collection – How beautiful are these shades, I don’t wear much eye shadows but I can see myself wearing this, it almost reminds me of some shades I had as a young teen and I am going to have to wear this at Christmas this year.

I absolutely love how they have left a little guide how to wear the colors on the side, not all is lost on us newbies!


Laqa & Co Cloud Lips (Daydream) –  A bit like my eye makeup I don’t wear much lipstick either, but I tried these on me when I got them and I actually like them, they go on matte and I don’t find them to bright and clown inspiring and because I have two I am going to offer one to my mum who is always on a desperate hunt for a new lip shade.


Steve Laurant Precision Tip Eyeliner – Who doesn’t love an eyeliner! my go to eyeliner is this Maybelline one so I love trying new liners and I find ones with the soft almost felt tip pen tips are better for me to apply and easier to not mess up.

seriously a nice eyeliner!


Ecodenta Black Whitening Toothpaste – I have heard so much on instagram about this kind of toothpaste, and I am going to do a full ‘test’ with it, with the help of my poor husband later on so I wont share to much here but I will say two things, its very minty and rather black!

I cant wait to see what goodies I have in my next months box and what Glossybox have in store for 2018, Have you tried any of the wonderful products that I received in my December box?

If you wish to try out Glossybox yourself you can find all information here

Until next time

Mummy Cat