Photograph Sunday #myphotosunday

This weeks photo just makes me smile, three children, two of which are playing Minecraft and one who is joining in with a dead controller.

I am always cautious about them playing the Xbox, or even when Kai uses is tablet because i don’t want them to become one of those kids who spend more time with a gadget than with us or reading a book, but for a few hours at the weekend and sometimes at the end of the school day if they’ve been good I will allow them to sit down and build things together, and it’s been wonderful seeing them learn hand eye coordination, cooperation with their builds and the laughter they’ve been sharing as they do stupid things together.

I was always worried they’d never get along, that they’d argue or hate each other but here they all are, sat on the rug playing a game and chatting, laughing and having fun.




  1. May 25, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    I’m glad you all had a fun family game night!!! <3 with everything, limits are needed. I know I spend too much time on electronics.

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