August 20, 2018

Tips to help prepare for Back to School!

Plan and Prepare.

Going back to school after the long six weeks off can be a scary thing, but if you prepare and plan ahead it can be a easy transition. On top of simply sorting out the school uniforms,  and the all important school shoes, preparing your children for the return is important too, so here are my top tips for preparing your children for going back to school.

Keeping that Routine 

Often we forget that when they are off school, they get settled with staying up a little bit later, or even waking up later than usual, The one thing I have found that’s really helped my children, is to simply keep their school term routine in place, Bed times the same time and bath times on the same days. It really helps them jump back into the new term.

New Term, New Year, New Picture 

I do this every year since my children went to preschool, get them lined up in their uniforms all clean, pretty and ready for the day, take some photos of them starting their new year or even new school, its always wonderful to look back at them growing throughout the year. I also find it wonderful to snap some photos at the end of their year to compare how they look. I expect to see plenty of front door shots of excited children on my Facebook this year.

Keep money aside 

We all know the school is after the pounds as soon as the children go back, so stock up on them in an old jam jar, perfect for dipping into throughout the year whenever there is a non uniform day. I wish I had done this last year as its such a good idea for when they remind you that its non uniform and you have to dig through the home to find any change.

Prepare for All Weather

My children go back to school at the very start of September, and sometimes it isn’t always warm and sunny. So its always best to make sure that they return to school with a rain coat and some warm shoes. Mid September is when autumn officially starts and because of living in England, the weather isn’t exactly the best. Even if they don’t wear it, its always better to be prepared for a rainstorm than not.

Trial run the School Run

This one I always find handy, a week before back to school, start preparing the children to get up and get ready early, you don’t need to go anywhere but it allows you to get them used to early starts and rushing about. Leaving their next day clothes out for them so they can get themselves ready, get yourself ready and time everything to when you aim to leave the house, I found this one best for me when I had Robin as it got us all used to getting everyone sorted, Baby and all.


Do you have any hand tips and tricks for getting them back into the mindset of back to school?

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12 responses to “Tips to help prepare for Back to School!”

  1. julie peters says:

    Miss the back to school routine so much. My “babies” are 21 and 24. I think you hit the nail on the head when referencing “routine.” Such an important aspect! Enjoy these days my friend, they will be gone before you know it.

  2. I totally forgot that the schools go back soon! Doing a trial school run really helps, especially if it is a new school to them!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. Sarah says:

    Didn’t realise there was so much to think about!!

    • Mummy Cat says:

      theres a shocking amount of things that can go wrong on the first monday back! im part dreading it but part looking forward to having my routine back

  4. I don’t have kids so don’t have to deal with this yet but I can’t imagine how stressful it must be! I’d make sure I was organised at the beginning of Summer so I wouldn’t have to worry! (But that’s just me, I like being organised months in advance for things haha!) xxx

    • Mummy Cat says:

      I was surprised how much we managed to get done so quickly, the past few summers things got done right at the end in a mad rush! its still mega stressful of course

  5. Lady Writes says:

    There’s some great tips here, thank you for sharing them!

  6. Vicki Coombe says:

    Some great advice here…..we’ll be doing it for the first time next week!!

  7. Boxnip says:

    Really great advice there. Thankfully there’s only my daughter left at school and she’s 15 and the academy is just over the road, so no school runs.

  8. Lana Gunia says:

    I really like the school fund section Back School preparation. You really showed some great tips, I will apply those for my kids school.

  9. Lana Gunia says:

    I totally forgot that the schools go back soon! Doing a trial school run really helps, especially if it is a new school to them!

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