2019 Goals

A new year a new you? Sure whatever.. this year I’m trying something different, I am going into it fresh from a separation and pending divorce and proudly lone parenting my beautiful children with ease and grace.

So what goals do I have for this year?

A few actually, many of them I’ve already achieved before the last year actually finished but I will include them here just so I can share with you, most of these, if you follow me on twitter, I’ve already shared as part of my pinned post about New Years resolutions and I really felt that I want to share them here too so I can keep a better track of them

Here are my 2019 goals, the ones I’ve achieved already are the piercings and I feel like I’m getting my depression under control now and I have taken steps to learning to drive.. in fact my first lesson is today (Sunday 6th) and I’m so excited!

  • Squash my anxiety and go out more
  • Get the piercings I want done
  • Go to comic con in cosplay
  • Go to RTX London
  • Be a red head again
  • Become a happier me and defeat my depression
  • Continue losing weight and take up some form of exercise
  • Pay off my Next account and close it
  • Wear more bright colours
  • Go away for longer
  • Meet my friend Becca and have a good time together
  • Learn to drive and get a purple car
  • Get a bigger home for my family
  • Get another mainecoon
  • Learn to love myself before any other man
  • Find happiness elsewhere
  • Be fearless

I hope I can achieve all of these on this list for this year, 2018 ended so horribly that I hope 2019 ends with smiles, laughter and happiness!

Here’s to another year of me 🙂


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