August 9, 2019

Saving Time on the Morning School Run

Saving Time on the Morning School Run

If you’re a parent, you probably have at least one horror story to tell about the morning school run. The combination of tired children and tired parents often leads to arguments and the missing school books or items of uniform make things much harder. Here are some tips from a pre prep school in London to help parents save time during the morning routine to make the school run a little easier.

Having independent children that can get themselves ready in the morning and pack their own school bags will really help the mornings run a lot smoother. You can help them by sitting down together and preparing a checklist that they can work their way through each morning. The checklist can include things like making the bed, eating their breakfast, brushing their teeth and packing their bag. This gives them the responsibility and will probably make them feel grown up, rather than you making demands and telling them what to do.

Get yourself a copy of the school calendar and stick it somewhere obvious, like the front of the fridge. Every weekend, check the calendar to see if there’s anything coming up so that you can be prepared and buy any supplies you need. That way there won’t be a last minute panic the night before or the morning of the event.

Generally, the main thing you can do to help the school run less stressful is improve your overall organisation. Get everything ready the night before and make sure you’re awake and up before the kids. Preparation is key. Try and stay calm because the minute any of you lose your temper is the minute chaos erupts. Rushing is one of the worst things you can do; it’s better to be a few minutes late but have everything you need than rush and have everything go wrong.

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