September 5, 2019

5 Tips for Landscaping Your Garden on a Budget.

5 Tips for Landscaping Your Garden on a Budget

Just because you have a tight budget for your landscaping project, doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. You can still have the perfect garden that you deserve; you just have to put your imagination to the test where your options are concerned. Read on for some top tips.

1. Work with What You’ve Got

When you’re trying to save money, it’s wise to consider what you already have in your garden and work with it, rather than replacing everything with new items. As an example, if your fence is looking a little run down, you might want to sand it down and give it a fresh lick of paint, rather than replacing the whole thing.

2. Opt for Low Maintenance Features

Try and install features in your garden that won’t require much maintenance in the future, as high maintenance features will cost you a fortune over the years. For example, you could replace your lawn with artificial grass, as it doesn’t have to be watered or mowed. Mulching is a second affordable option if you’re not a fan of artificial grass.

3. Brighten It Up

Adding a splash of colour throughout your garden is a great way to turn it into something special. You can do so by giving your bench, summer house or fence a fresh lick of paint, or by planting some flowers around the border.

4. Install Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are cheap and hugely versatile. You can use them for a range of things, such as building a flower bed or vegetable garden, steps, a seating area or even a retaining wall. Generally speaking, if you’re building it yourself rather than buying it ready-made, you’re sure to save a fair amount of money.

5. Ask for Help

Sometimes asking your friends and family to come round and help you out so that you don’t have to pay out big labour costs. You can make it worth their while by offering BBQ food and some drinks, in exchange for their help putting up a fence or laying the patio.

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