September 10, 2019

Helping your kids develop confidence.

Helping your kids develop confidence

Self-confidence is an essential ingredient for all aspects of your child’s healthy development and a key ingredient for school success. As parents we all want our children to grow as confidence individuals. At a successful independent girl’s school in Surrey, their pupils quickly gain self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning because of the environment and ethos of the school but how can you help support the development of your child’s self-confidence at home?

1. Appreciate your child’s effort whether they win or lose.

Always applaud your child’s effort, they should never feel embarrassed for trying despite the outcome. Avoid being critical, nothing will discourage your child more than criticising his or her efforts. Of course, giving useful feedback and making suggestions is fine!

2. Encourage your child to practise to help them improve

Encourage your child to practice whatever it is they’re interested in but it is important to do this without putting too much pressure on them. By encouraging and supporting your child, this will help them develop an understanding of the importance of investing effort and practice into something in order to improve and get better.

3. Let your child figure out problems

This is hard, we all want to solve our children’s problems but it is important to give your child the opportunity to figure out their problems by themselves. If you do all the problem solving for your child then they will never develop the abilities or the confidence to figure out problems on their own. Of course you can support from the side but do empower your child to figure things out by themselves. For example, this means not always correcting their homework and allowing them to make small mistakes along the way.

4. Treat mistakes as building blocks for learning

Learning from mistakes helps build confidence, take the opportunity to treat those ‘whoops’ moments as the chance to teach your children not to fear failure. So, don’t be too over-protective, do allow them to mess up every now and again, and then use this as an opportunity to help them understand how they can better approach the task next time.

5. Be a role model!

Your child will look up to you and will watch how you handle situations and respond to things. Set a good example, teach them what you know about how to think, act, and speak. By giving your child the opportunity to watch you succeed, this will help your child be more confident that they can do the same.

Demonstrating parental confident behaviour supports the development of your own child’s confidence.

Children who are confident are eager to learn new skills and face new challenges. Self-confidence is also crucial for getting along with others and can help them work out the many social challenges, such as making friends, sharing and resolving issues. I hope these tips give you some insight into how you can help develop your kid’s self- confidence


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