About Me.

Who am I and what is my agenda? Well I am Mummy Cat, or Sarah… and I don’t really have an agenda.

After my third child was born I found myself doing everything around the house while my two older children went to school, and to be honest, newborns are boring.. all they do is sleep, eat, poop and sometimes vomit.. So while the big kittens went to school and my little kitten naps I decided to blog about things that occurred during our day/week.

When I started the blog I attempted to do a daily diary but as it turns out not a lot happens on a daily bases so it just became a blog where I update when I can.

I am a stay at home parent of three smelly silly children, Kai 8, Amelia 6 and Robin 2.

I love crafting things such as crochet blankets, patchwork, jewelry and the occasional DIY, I am addicted to tea and shamefully eBay.. I am sure you will see some of the brilliant bargains I find at some point 🙂



About Mummy cat

Hello there, I am Sarah and welcome to my little corner of the internet, here you will find reviews, photography, adventures and the occasional nerding.

Mother of three wonderful children and one mad mainecoon cat called Loki.

Sarah x

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