I have a problem, We go food shopping every Thursday but my biggest problem is going shopping on empty stomach so the usual drill is that our trolley ends up being full of junk that we don’t usually end up eating so for the past week I have been attempting to shop on a budget, which usually goes well until we reach the isle with the Krispy Kremes and then we are in danger zone so I wanted to get it into my head how important it is to work on a budget and meal plan for a family of five (plus cat)

Deals deals deals! one of the best things to stick to a budget is sometimes buy bulk and look for the best deals that you can find in the shops, shopping around and doing some research is also a must when it comes to saving the pennies at the checkout, be of course aware of sneaky supermarket tactics for getting you to part with your money, items at the checkout themselves and even putting ‘deals’ at the end of the rows are a way of tricking you into buying more than you need, always look in the right sections for the best deals.

We do this a lot, now that I have organised the cupboards a bit more, its helped make sure we don’t over buy in the baked beans, the day before food shop look around the house to see what items you need and what things you don’t, check dates on things and note down anything that will be going empty soon.

Same as above, writing down what you need, keeping and sticking to a list is a great way of preventing over spending, going off the top of your head will only end up causing silly purchases, make sure that you take note of what you have eaten during the previous week and do not deviate.

Better said than done, the other week when we went to Home Bargains I found the handiest item in my kitchen, a meal planner, I update it weekly of whats going to be cooked that week, lazy food for days when we are going out (food shop night is pizza night got an example) mark what has been the favorite of that week so you know what can be repeated and reordered and the children love running into the kitchen to see whats on the menu for the week coming.

A big must! Husband and I went shopping one Sunday afternoon, we had planned to get something fun for dinner, rarely happens but we also went when hungry.. which means our trolley was full of junk food and gross things that we wouldn’t normally buy, it was fun but we overspent and didn’t plan at all and it only ended up being a bit wasted because we let our stomachs do the shopping, make sure you have something light before you go so you wont be tempted by the nice smells from the hot food counter or the bakery!

I asked some other lovely bloggers what they’re top tips are for working with a budget while food planning and here is what they said.

Make lists of meals each day! And before you go shopping, check what you already have, so you don’t buy what you don’t need! – Becca from My Girls and Me

Plan out exactly what you are going to have to eat for the week, make a shopping list of those items and then order online so you are not tempted by non essentials instore – Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos

 Find out when the supermarkets reduce their ‘nearing sell by date’ items. Try and buy items that you can freeze for future meals while they are reduced. – Nikki from Family Travel with Ellie

Bulk batch cook meals into portions and label well, a “ready meal” ready to go and fit in with the meal plan – Emma from Ready Freddie Go

Don’t restrict yourself to shopping in the supermarkets. Poundshops and bargain shops such as b&m/home bargains sell food/toiletries often at a fraction of the price the supermarkets charge, meaning you can save so much money and stick to your budget. – Beth from Twinderelmo

We make a list of meals for the week and often bulk meal prep on Sundays. It saves us time and money, that way when we are having a lazy/ or busy day we have meals prepared in the freezer. – Karina from Mums The Nerd

I plan ahead so leftovers can be used the next day for lunch/dinner; as pie, soup, with baked potato or with salad.  – Amy from Eps and Amy

What are your tip tips on meal planning with a budget?

Until next time..


Another week has gone by, another photograph Sunday for me to share and it’s just more flowers of course, these beautiful fox gloves are in a neighbours garden and have been utterly covered with fuzzy bumblebees all week!

When we finally move and I get to have a garden it will be full of bee friendly plants and of course lots of wind chimes and bird feeders.

It’s really been a long and warm week, with the pollen count really high I am so ready for autumn now, my poor eyes are just so fed up and I’m so surprised as to how high it’s been.

Oh well.. here’s to another week!



This weeks photo has to be the one I took last week of the fog from the beach at Great Yarmouth, we went out to Norwich and I thought it would be perfect to head to the beach to end the day but unfortunately the whole world was covered in this blanket of sea mist.

The sea is out there somewhere…

We walked a little by along the sea front in search of something to drink for the journey home to only find everything closed and the beach almost deserted!

There’s something so magical about fog and mist, however it made the whole town feel dirty and broken down but I think the lack of people made it that more enjoyable.

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I haven’t done a goals post in such a long time, I think I was getting worried that they had become to repetative but I feel inspired by the wonderful Maisie over on her lovely blog Love, Maisie, I wanted to get something down about what I hope to achieve in the month of June… you can read her June Goals here but onto my goals..


Drink Less Tea – I am beginning to find that I drink far to much tea, I know that’s not exactly a bad thing in the long run but I want to reduce it as I worry what effect that much tea can do to my body and I have found it harder to sleep some nights.

Eat More Fruit – I’ll put my hands up, I do not eat enough fruit, I do go through phases where I will love one type of fruit and after about a month of eating it, I stop completely but I want to stop being so fussy when it comes to food and fruit in general and add more into my diet.

Buy a new lens – I am desperate for a new lens, I have had my eye on one for a while now and it will be the first one I will get with my own money as all the lenses I own are loaned lovingly from my uncle, I want to get this 50mm one I have been looking at but its a case of saving up for OR hoping for a sale.

No More Takeouts – This one is better said than done, as lets face it, its so easy to just pop to the chip shop and get something yummy from there for dinner than cook, more so in this heat but I want to either reduce the amount we have or just stop completely.. wish me luck haha

Stop being so worried – I am a forever worrier, while there is nothing wrong with being too worried, I got to a point this week that I was worried about stupid things like other ladies finding my husband dishy to even being worried I was having a heart attack because my arm hurt.. the reason why it hurt is because I’ve been co-sleeping with Robin and she sleeps on my right arm so its been cramping and sore since.. curse that child.

but I know I have nothing to worry about.. so Im going to really honestly try not to worry to much for this month!

Improve writing – I like how I write, but I worry others don’t like how I write.. basically what I do is write exactly what pops up into my head and hope it makes sense but I want to get better at it, I worry (haha) that I use similar words to often and that my reviews are rushed but reading other blogs and slowing down to take the time with writing will improve it all.

Take videos -I don’t mean to ‘vlog’ but to take videos of days out here and there and share them here on my blog, like if we go to the forest or the beach one day find the time to do a quick video of what we are getting up to, I want to avoid using a camera as much as I can with days out because I always feel it takes away from the day but little clips here and there wouldn’t be that bad.

Learn to edit – This goes along the same lines as above, to take videos one must learn how to video edit, thankfully I do have access to a good software to edit videos but its a learning curve I am exited to dig into.

Plan Ahead – Back when I first started I was very plan and prep, I would schedule posts weeks in advance but with the toddler phase and anxiety I have slipped A LOT with planning and I want to start getting back into the swing of writing, scheduling and prepping posts a few days before they need to go up.

I have really only two social medias that I use for blogging and they are growing nicely if slowly but the fact they are growing is a good thing but I have small goals to meet my small collection of social media;

Twitter – 2,000

Instagram – 300

Hitting 2000 on my twitter would be wonderful, I am 200 away from it at the moment but it goes up and down daily which is fair, its would either be nice to hit 2000 or just 1900 by the end of June, and with my Instagram its slowly getting to 300 so that would be wonderful for month of June now that I am using it more.


..and there we have it, my June goals both blogging related and life related, they seem like a lot but I have full hope that I can get some of those reached!

Until next time


This weeks photo just makes me smile, three children, two of which are playing Minecraft and one who is joining in with a dead controller.

I am always cautious about them playing the Xbox, or even when Kai uses is tablet because i don’t want them to become one of those kids who spend more time with a gadget than with us or reading a book, but for a few hours at the weekend and sometimes at the end of the school day if they’ve been good I will allow them to sit down and build things together, and it’s been wonderful seeing them learn hand eye coordination, cooperation with their builds and the laughter they’ve been sharing as they do stupid things together.

I was always worried they’d never get along, that they’d argue or hate each other but here they all are, sat on the rug playing a game and chatting, laughing and having fun.