In our house we love wooden toys, I think they look pretty when they are tidied away neatly where they belong and of course the one blessing of wooden toys is the fact they are good for the environment so when I was asked if we would be interested in reviewing the Hape Fantasia blocks train I didn’t say no.

The train itself is three parts that connect together so its easy to pull along with beautiful and bright blocks sitting on top held together with wooden pins, each train has different colored wheels which then match up with the blocks that sit on top, the quality of the wood is wonderful, it isn’t like Grimms wooden toys which are just painted wood without any protection as the painted bricks and wheels are glossy while the train body is more a smooth bare wood which I think prefer as they are a lot easier to clean and we all know how sticky fingers can get.

Robins first call of action was of course to remove all the bricks off their pegs and run off with them, which she found easy to do as they aren’t clicked into place. the bricks themselves are beautiful and covered with many different patterns and shapes and are overall really attractive to little hands.

They are pretty easy to fix together, the front and middle train has wooden pegs similar to where the bricks fit onto so you can join up each train but the one thing that bothered me was just the fact that you need to look before picking them up as I had a habit of picking up the wrong one and dropping them, but that’s my fault and not of the design of the toy.

The toy itself is amazingly sturdy, I am forever paranoid with toys that they break off or fall apart but as I said it has been dropped many times and not a scratch has appeared onto the paint work or even the wood itself, which is a sign of a good quality toy, the pegs that hold the bricks are stuck into place and I have given them a good tug to make sure they wont come out and so far so good, I always find wooden toys to last a lot longer than plastic ones and I feel like this toy will be a forever part of the toy box.

The Hape Fantasia Blocks Train is a stunning toy that looks amazing on show and is getting lots of love from all my children who enjoy anything with wheels and I can see it being used for many years to come and at the price of £19.99 is fantastic price for such a wonderful toy.

Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have been extremely afk from my blog for a little bit, with the mixture of holidays away, the kittens off for the holidays and sicknesses its taken a back burner in my life but that is completely fair, so to jump back into the blogging world I start with a tag that I borrowed from Jenny in Neverland which you can read her post here, you know me and my tags, I love a good lazy tag to sit and enjoy but enough of me rambling on.. lets do this thing!

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

Honestly its whatever app has the most notifications, usually twitter and on occasion I check TimeHop.

First broken bone?

My little toe, the one that is always hit whenever you walk through a doorway without shoes on, I am cringing as I type this as the pain is horrific.

First foreign country you ever visited?

Majorca, we always went as family and rented a villa out, I have many fond memories from those holidays.

My first make-up item?

Some cheap eye shadow palette that my dad and step mum got me for Christmas one year, I have only started really wearing makeup in my 20’s after being very happy not feeling the need to use them at all, then got told I was ugly without eyebrows and adventured into the world of makeup without fully understanding it.

My first ever tape or CD?

I believe it was a NOW album, Not sure what one and it was on a tape.. which just shows my age

My first car?

I got a Ford Popular that I never got the chance to drive as I never finished my driving lessons and it then got sold on without me being told.

My first Celebrity crush

Robin Williams.

My first cooking experience?

Probably school cooking.. scones and bread, that sort of thing.

My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?

Just an ex, nothing worth mentioning really

My first ever mobile phone?

MOTOROLA M3788e – google it and have a laugh

My first fear?

Wasps, I have always hated them

My first internet activity?

I honestly do not remember, I think I was part of an X files forum many years ago but there is also a dead Neopets profile somewhere out there with my name on it, I have been on the internet for far to long now!

My first job?

I got a summer job helping at where my mums work but it was only between schools, my first proper job was a cleaner at a local hospital

My first language?

The one I know now, English, I know a tiny bit of sign language but not enough to hold a conversation and I can sort read German thanks to school.

First musical instrument?

Spoons.. and probably a piano

My first pet?

The first pet that I got myself, paid for vets etc was my beautiful Owen, she was given back to the person who had her and I wanted to give her a home to much of my mums annoyance, she sadly died a few years ago and is deeply missed.

My first piercing and when did I get it?

Just a simple lobe piercing, it got infected (which my family wont let me forget) and I didn’t want them to remove it so they forced it out of me, I got it redone a year later.

My first tattoo?

I haven’t got one 🙂

My first soft toy?

it was this bunny called Loubie which I in fact still have.

My first thought today?


My first time on a ship?

I honestly do not remember, I think when my family and I went to the Isle of Wright when I was 9..

The first book I remember reading?

The Hobbit

The first concert I ever attended?

U2 with a friend I knew online.. was a good day.

The first film I remember seeing?

Jumanji in the cinema on my eighth birthday.

The first person I talked to today?

Robin as she was the first one to wake me up this morning

The first text I sent today?

I havent today, I did send a PM to my husband on Discord, but I doubt that counts.

The first thing I do every morning?

Open up all the windows to let the air in, even on cold days the windows are open, cant deal with a stuffy flat

The first thing I do when I get home?

Kick my shoes off, complain how messy everywhere is and open up the windows haha

The first time you ever got drunk?

I honestly do not remember, I think I was 19 and out with friends from college? my memory is useless.

And there we go, I now have so much to catch up on with writing and photo editing but I am glad to stretch my fingers across my keyboard and relax a little with my blog.

I tag anyone who is interested in doing this.


We as a family do not go away very often, I think its just down to the price or the fact that our parents arent the ones who book the all important tickets for you but now that we are adults its time for us to plan and prep for the up and coming sunny days away in our beautiful world and what better than to do a little run down of all the exciting things you can find when after you’ve done the all important and adult thing which is to book Majorca flights and hotel


Palma Aquarium

Housing one of the largest shark tanks in the world, this amazing place is a must if you are visiting with children, we all know how much children love seeing fish float about in the calm and dark of the walkways, its beautiful and educational, with animals from all over our ocean and an incredible collection of marine plant life, the Aquarium itself has one many awards and is one of the islands top destinations for tourists, a must to add to your holiday bucket list.

Katmandu Park  –

Located in Magaluf and is the only theme park in Majorca this amazing theme park is full of lots of things to do with the family, from fun splash parks to the exciting Asylum which is for older children only and many many more fun things to do for all the family, open from April to October is a perfect addition to an exciting holiday abroad

Palma Cathedral –

Situated in the city of Palma is this amazing gothic cathedral which over looks the sea and if you are anything like my husband then you would love this amazing piece of history and I know being the photographer in the family would be endlessly snapping away at the beautiful architecture

Caves of Drach – 

If you are up for some exploring then this is the place to go head to Porto Cristo and there you will find the cave, inside the cave itself is Lake Martel which is known for being one of the largest underground lakes in the world, if you would travel by boat across the lake you will find classical music which is played daily at the location. a stunning piece of natural history in the making and a fascinating look at geography.

Now that I’ve shared these amazing places, where would you visit on Majorca?

Until next time

**Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post

Jewellery has been my passion since I discovered it when I was a little girl, I have a memory of me going through my nan’s jewellery box and trying on her bracelets and rings and as I grew older I developed a little style that I like, which has been gemstones and silver, so when I discovered this amazing little indie brand called Roses and Whiskey that does a mix of the two, how could I not resist?

They only have a small range on their website to choose from but I feel like that’s the magic of it all that there isn’t much of a choice so you don’t end up buying out the whole shop in one go! their gemstone necklaces caught my eye straight away and I decided on the beautiful amethyst (which is good for the mind) and the clear and beautiful quartz point, there is a choice of smooth or natural cut and of course the type of chain you wish to go, Silver, Gold or a black cord. You can choose the length of the chain/cord which is fantastic, I have a wide neck so I love things that have a long chain so I can wear them a bit longer than usual without cutting off any important circulation and they are a good length too.

One of my favorite things about them has to be that they are clearly handmade, I used to make my own jewellery and I love how unique handmade pieces can be, not everything is the same so it really is a one of a kind piece and we all know how important it is to support handmade and indie brands more than shop bought, even more so with jewellery as the designers are always such wonderful and friendly people..

I next had a look at the earrings, now with earrings I am super picky, I find that I cannot wear gold but I found these delightful hoop earrings with moon and stars, which completely reminded me of my ‘hippy’ stage as a child when everything had to be moon and stars! I was worried that the hoop itself would’ve been to big but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised and they are beautiful, dainty and while I do not want to say the C word yet, perfect for Christmas.

One thing I will say is that they did take a little while to turn up, but because it is handmade there is of course a little time frame between your order going in and it being made and sent out, which I completely understand having made jewellery myself in the past, its not like how it is on amazon where you order by 5 on a Thursday and its there next day, I guess because I was so used to the almost instant dispatch times of amazon that I got a little impatient waiting but once they turned up I was delighted.

Roses and Whiskey are on twitter which is where I found them, so don’t forget to give them a little follow if you like what they do and they are also on instagram as well,  I am for sure going to get more in future, the price is of course kind to your pockets and the jewellery that turns up at your door is beautiful!

Until next time

Disclaimer - I paid for these products with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Us mums really do not get pampered enough, and its sad how much work we do and how little we are appreciated for doing it, I understand that we have Mothers Day but that shouldn’t mean we cannot treat these amazing ladies with extra little gifts throughout the year as a way to say, take time out, relax and we love you.

I decided to get together a collection of affordable gift ideas and treats that you could grab up for your wonderful mum, friend or even simply just for yourself as we all know how important it is to take time out and self care once in a while.

Seksy Embrace £35 – This was such an impulse, I am of course super duper picky when it comes to perfumes but this was stunning, the description of it is that its elegant and it honestly is Embrace is a perfect evening perfume to wear out or to family parties but I have worn it daily and have had many compliments from others, The bottle is beautiful with a little Swarovski crystal that sits on the rim of the bottle.

Olverum Bath Oil £29 – Once in a while you get the chance to have a nice hot bath, and why not add this amazingly scented bath oil into it, all you need is one teaspoon into a hot bath and sit back and relax, when this came through my door I could smell it before I had even opened it and that is when I knew it was wonderful, I have only used it the once because I dont want to ‘over use’ but its amazing and has left my sore and tired skin smooth and happy, everyone should have this wonderful thing in their bathroom cupboard.

Hot Rocks Massage Stones (gift set) £14.99 (sale price £9.19) – This set speaks to my inner hippy, it reminds of a time sitting with my step mum with her incense sticks burning and Madonna’s Ray of Light album in the background, sore backs will want this more often than you expect, it comes with a little book to show you how to warm them up, a candle, the stones themselves and some incense sticks, need a pamper evening with your friends? then this one needs to be grabbed, and its on sale too so that’s an added bonus!

Stemless Wine Glasses £14.99 – These are stunning, they are so pretty, my husband has been using them a lot more than I have while drinking cider, he noticed that because of them being made of metal the condensation freezes on the outside and keeps the liquid in the glass themselves nice and cool for longer, they are just so different from your usual glasses, given that they aren’t actually made from glass, you can get the ones with the stems on them but I got these ones so they can be used for more than just a nice cold bevvy at the end of the day.

What fun things in this little gift guide would you go for?

Until next time

Disclaimer - All items in this guide had been sent to me for review purpose only, all thoughts are my own