Routine, Routine, Routine!

I’ve been having a think these past couple of weeks about my children and the one thing that I’ve kept a ‘must’ with them and that thing is a good routine, in fact my children love their routine so much that if I dare miss lunch time (12 midday) or dinner time (5pm) I am met by two very sad and upset faces telling me I’ve forgotten to feed them!! but this post I will talk about the one that I have always considered the most important routine to have..

A bed time one.

I remember shortly after the birth of my first my own mother telling me that having a routine is the best thing you could ever have, the ‘bath, bottle (or boob) and bed’ has been the one that’s stuck.. I do agree newborns have a tendency to create their own little routine of feed, poop and sleep but I also believe that getting one in early is a plan for success.. I would also like to point out that sometimes routine goes out the window when one of them are feeling poorly or if there happens to be a family party they are all invited too, and of course during half terms and summer holidays bedtime is a little later as they do not need to get up in time for school in the mornings.

K was rather easy to get into a routine, we had three people in the house so the extra hands helped and around 8 weeks old he slept through the night, my husband and I decided to go out that night for a family party and found it bloody typical that the one night we go somewhere, he sleeps from 7pm to around 4am!! I think to this day we regret going out, even if the party was a good one.. I remember having a right laugh with my grandfather in law about a certain pint glass.

A was just the middle child, she fitted into the routine because she didn’t have much of a choice, I think its a lot easier to have one when there is already a pretty strong one in place.. it helped everyone sleep better and I think she finally went through the night at around 6 weeks old, I still remember the panic of waking up at 6am and she hadn’t woken me during the night for a bottle.. but she has remained to this day a fantastic sleeper, they both have actually and I feel blessed by that.

R was different, she is a the baby of the family, and will probably be the baby until we decide to have a fourth (yes we want more!!!) so at the beginning we was a little more relaxed with her, we didn’t officially start getting a routine in until she was around 4 months old when before I had started after the first two weeks and our of all three of them I co-slept with her the most .. I think partly because she was so tiny at birth and she was the baby after a big 4 year gap.. but now shes older and has the routine down to a T, even day time naps are routine now and will come to me clutching her Bob (a cuddly toy robin) as if to say ‘please can I go off to bed’ she even used to nap on me, I will admit that I do miss the odd cuddle, but she sleeps better and settles better in her own bed and then it gives me much more time to clean… because being a mother of three and a stay at home mum at that, cleaning is a high priority hah!

But as I say a lot of the time when it comes to parenting, we are all on our own journeys and should respect how others raise theirs! I know I do, I wouldn’t judge any mother on how they parent their own children .. sleeping or feeding preferences.
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Mummy Cat


This from Baby Centre is a good example of how to introduce routines and to develop them using your own babies internal clock.


One year later..

I cannot believe we are finally here, a full year has gone past since I met my third kitten and what a crazy year it’s been, we never planned to add to our family, she was a little accident in our comfortable routine life but she’s now one.


I still remember the day I found out I was expecting her, I just got my post with a pack of test in them as it’s always handy to have them in the cupboard, took one anyway because who doesn’t like taking pregnancy tests (I’m not the only one don’t judge me!!) and suddenly two lines appeared! I called my husband in tears, we didn’t expect to get pregnant, the plan was to get my older two at school full time and me find a job between school hours..

How things changed! Now I’m continuing my stay at home ‘job’ until she goes into full time education when she’s 4

I love watching her grow and develop every day, just the other day she started walking around, she beat her big brother and sister by 4 months, but I am feeling a little sad about the fact she’s not this tiny baby anymore, time doesn’t slow down and it isn’t fair!

We are going to spend the day with family, cake and lots of new toys!

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A very emotional Mummy Cat.


Tilirex – handmade bibs – Review

A lovely mummy friend of mine recently started making and designing fabric bibs, I adore handmade baby items so I ordered Robin two beautiful bibs via her etsy page.. there is also a facebook page to browse and buy from if you, like me, get a bit confused with Etsy

The two bibs I picked are the Oliver space and rockets bib and the Isla bird print bib.

They are beautifully sewn together with two poppers on the back for different sizes.

I adore them, as I said I love handmade baby items and unique patterns, while the rocket bib is designed for a boy, I think it pulls off being used for any baby as after all, anyone can love space 🙂

I highly recommend you go and grab yourself some of these lovely handmade bibs! I think I may find myself ordering some more soon!

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Mummy Cat

Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, all views and opinions are my own.


Slowly turning into a buggy addict..

I bought a bugaboo… 

A friend of mine was selling hers and I jumped at the chance to get it! It’s an old frog but I am slowly doing it up, I brought ‘it’ new front and back wheels and a new hood and various other bits.

It’s basically a frog in cam clothing heh! 

I am a Quinny girl at heart but I’ve been looking at purchasing a bugaboo for a while, I like the styling and the amount of customisation that can be done with them. 


And with the fact that the car seat can fit on both the Quinny and the bugaboo, it’s being used a lot like the photo above.

Robin seems to enjoy it and I love the smoothness of pushing it..

That’s it… I’ve been converted! I’ve been looking at the bugaboo buffalo but I am sure that my husband won’t be too pleased with another buggy!

Am I the only one with an buggy addiction? Certainly not but I think my next one will definitely be a Bug

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Mummy Cat


Weaning progression.


A few months back I posted about my worries with weaning, how Robin wasn’t taking any interest in the spoon and I was fearful about BLW and a choking hazard.

Today I introduced lumps! We’ve progressed so much since my first fears and she now devours her food like a champ, I even let her crunch on a rusk this morning which she thoroughly enjoyed and created plenty of mess.
I’m proud of how far we’ve come with traditional weaning, I realize the fad at the minute is baby led and after having my second daughter choke on her food a few times I prefer feeding Robin with a spoon and mushy food.
She’s obviously behind with feeding given that she simply wasn’t interested until later but she adores her food.. and mine… and anyone else’s for that matter..
I’m excited for our future in weaning and I can’t wait until she’s moving onto different textures and tastes.
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Mummy Cat

Connecta Baby Carrier – it’s amazing!

I took the plunge, I ummed and ahhed about it for weeks but I decided to just do it, I got an expensive baby item that’s been catching my eye for weeks..

The beautiful connecta baby carrier!!
I have used an old chicco one in the past and have used those long pieces of fabric wraps with Robin but they can be a real struggle to get on and off, and you can never be to careful with the tightness of them..
So after a little thinking and searching, I ordered this one! It’s a standard carrier, basic model (mainly because I didn’t want to spend £100 on a baby carrier) but at £60 it was enough of a sway for me to get it..
We’ve tried it out once just around the house and we love it! Robin is always pleased to be carried about
I’m excited for half term to finish so I can use it on the school run!  BloggerImage
Just look at the pattern! So beautiful!! 
I’m hoping to get a lot of use out of it and of course Robin seems to enjoy it 🙂
Talk later
Mummy Cat