A to Z – W is for Writing.

Writing –

Writing has always been something I’ve done, I used to have diaries and notebooks that I’d sit and write in daily, silly notes and observations, I however would dread to read what I wrote at the wonderful age of 14 in my little green notebook.. a bit like how I cringe at the thought of stumbling onto my old fan fictions that I once wrote.

I think its probably why I enjoy blogging, I have mentioned many times before that I used to do it privately on a website known as Livejournal, I was on that site for many many years and documented much of my life on there.. I even remember writing a post after I had my chemical pregnancy, I wish I could find that again because it would be interesting to see my view then and compare it to my view now.

Writing for me is like a release, I can express my feelings a lot better in writing, my phones notepad app is full of silly little ideas for stories or future blog posts.. but I always find that writing is really important for your mental health, getting things on paper and out of your head.

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Mini Lush Haul

Nothing really says christmas like new bath products, and I had to do a little Lush order for this time of year as they often bring out seasonal bits that you can only get at certain times of year.. so I give you, a little haul!


Shower Gels



Snow Fairy and Merry Berry Christmas shower gels, I have never tried lush shower products before but I decided to give them a try, I am a mad bubble bar fan so you can completely understand my newbie reactions to these, Snow Fairy is amazing, it smells exactly like sherbet and its amazing, a delightful share of pink with some sparkles, I cannot get enough of it! if you love sweet scents then please get this, its wonderful.

Merry Berry Christmas smells so fruity, its made with real blueberry juice, its a bit thicker than Snow Fairy but that doesn’t take away from the fact its delightful, its a lovely shade of dark green which I was surprised by because all the images I had seen of it, it came across a purple/green shade but its of course also full of sparkles, how can you have Christmas without sparkles?

Bubble Bars




Plum Snow, Brightside and Candy Mountain are the three bubble bars I picked up this time, I wasnt impressed with the scent of plum snow, the color was beautiful and I hope to pair it with Sunnyside (the fun glitterfilled one) in future but I wasnt to sure of it, it doesnt have much of a scent for me personally but as I said, amazing purple colour

Brightside has to be my favorite bubble bar, it smells like oranges and is delightfully citrus scented, it turns the water orange and just wonderful, there isn’t much I can say about it other than its personally the best.

Candy Mountain was also a good one, scented similar to Snow Fairy so whenever I used it I paired it with the shower gel, turned the water a light shade of pink, if you liked Snow Fairy please get this too and you will get out smelling like a sweet shop!

What do you think of these, have you tried any? whats your favorite Lush product?

Until Next time

Mummy Cat



The Christmas Tag

Thank you to Rachael for tagging me in this wonderful christmas tag, you can find her blog here and her christmas tag post here. Now onto the Q’s!

1. Favourite Christmas Movie & Why? – The Wizard of Oz and Love Actually, Oz has always been such a favorute in our home, I used to watch it daily when my nan was alive so I try and watch it once around christmas, it isnt exactly a christmas movie but its still best played at the festive time of year… and Love Actually is one of the few films that can make me cry (which is turning into a bit of a long list hah) cant beat a bit of romantic comedy on a cold winters night.

2. Top 3 Songs On Your Christmas Playlist? – Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens, Step into Christmas by Elton John and I Believe in Father Christmas by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

3. Favourite Christmas Tradition? – Saving Muppets Christmas Carol until Christmas Eve, seeing family and stressing over the mess, that’s a new one 😉

4. What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List? – honestly I just want everyone to be happy, I have no need or want for anything…. besides maybe a lie in and a night without the kids.

5. Buddy The Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge? Scrooge hah! There goes Mr Humbug!

6. Best Thing About Being A Parent At Christmas (alternative if not a parent; Favourite Thing About Christmas For You? Just seeing the children enjoy it, we don’t ‘do’ Santa but the magic is very much still there for them.

7. What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received? – anything science like, I loved all the ‘boy’ toys basically but being a girl it was a big no and I ended up with a doll that wet itself! Fun!!

8. Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions? – we do now, a bit like Halloween my mum never really did anything with me for Christmas Eve, I used to go around my dads house and spend Christmas morning there but now that I’m a parent I’m trying to introduce little traditions with my children.. we watch Home Alone, have a nice bath and get into some brand new pj’s, I make some hot chocolate for them and they go to bed a bit later than usual. I’m getting all excited thinking about it now!

9. Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel? – I honestly don’t drink but I love the smell of port that my husband sips this time of year.

10. Best Present You Ever Received? – my mum once got me a hair dryer that i still have, she got it for me many moons ago but I was over joyed when I got it as I only used to use hers.

11. Sprouts on Christmas Dinner? Yay Or Nay? – Meh, no opinion on them, I’m a very picky eater so it’s really depends on my mood.

12. What Is Your Ideal Christmas? – not sure, I like how my Christmas is at the minute to be honest, I don’t really want to change much.. this year we will hopefully have a car which is making things much easier, but I like my Christmas, just how it is.

And that’s it, thank you so much for tagging me Rachael, please take a moment and go check out her blog and of course her sparkly Christmas tag too!

I tag –


Until next time

Mummy Catmas



December Goals.

ITS DECEMBER AAAAHH!! which just means one thing for me and thats panic buy and panic wrap more toys for my litter and of course, this months goals.

I think I did most of last months, November both felt super long but and rushed by so I didnt get a lot of what I wanted done, I did take more photos which was one of the goals but a few others did get put aside.. but I am here to talk about December and what I would like to achieve this month.

Try to relax more – I worry, way to much, I worry often about worrying which is pretty pathetic, I really want to stop and try my best to not care about things as much as I used too.

Stop Self Doubting – I cant help this one, everyday I doubt myself, if its something to eat or just parenting, I shouldnt wear this because I might look stupid, kind of thing, I need to stop looking in the mirror and calling myself ugly and stupid.. and I am going to try not to do this.. its not good for me and its not good for my children to see mummy so upset about stupid things.

Not let my anxiety get the better of me – for the past, I dont know, six months or so my anxiety has gone through the roof, I am taking Rescue Remedy sometimes daily and I have avoided going into town on my own for a while because of it, I really need to stop thinking the worst is going to happen and just move forward and me more positive.

.. As you can tell the first three are pretty similar, because these all plague me daily and I really want to overcome them in the new year.

Play more games – slightly different, I need to play more games, I tend to go back into my comfort zone with my games and replay the ones I love again, mainly Skyrim, so I want to start trying out different games.. pretty simple.

Be more active – I have slumped in my walking daily, and I need to get back to it, I need to get out and take the kids to school and continue walking afterwards!

And finally

Save Money – pretty obviously one really, it’s a goal for every month but I really want to start putting money aside for rainy days, bills usually take over sometimes but I want to go back to no spend unless needed which worked out pretty well..

And that’s it, I’m hoping to once again give it a go and complete some of these goals for this month, it is a pretty manic month full of family and food but I aim to get some done 🙂

Pinch Punch everyone 🙂

Until next time

Mummy Cat



A to Z – V is for Visits.

Visits –

Back when I was younger, which is a long time ago now that I am hitting 32 next year, I used to visit loads of places with my friends and meet people who I spoke to online, I have been to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Loch Ness,Newcastle and of course London..

Now that I am older and my anxiety has been worse than its ever been in my life, I no longer travel as confidently as I used too, I did manage to visit Birmingham in the summer but it took a lot of guts to get on that train..

But my favorite place I have ever visited is probably Torbay down on the southwest coast of England, I went there with my now husband and his family back when I was 19 weeks pregnant with K and it was beautiful..


I hope that one day I have my worries and anxiety under control and take a trip with my children so they can enjoy the beauty of England too.

until next time

Mummy Cat.


November Monthly Favorites


Another month has swung past us, why must this year go so slowly? but one month ends means another monthly favorites, I did a poll on my twitter about if I should stick to my plan and start monthly favourites in January OR do one for the rest of the year and all the votes said do November and December as well..


Here we go…


Home – These two candles from Next are by far my new favorite scents! Mulled Wine and Gingerbread, I got them in a bit of a wim and was a little worried they would be to sickly as some scented candles can be, but while they are strong in wax form once lit they are wonderfully subtle scented and are delightful! If you see them please try them out, there is reed defuses too in the same scents, they do a little gift set too which you can try all the scented candle range.


Treats – Its that time of year, hot chocolate season and I have been obsessed with these lovely little things from Options, strawberry flavored and delicious! I found them when I was doing Slimming World a few years back and have loved them since! they taste very similar to the strawberry creme you get in the selection boxes.


Beauty – Two for this month, or three depending on how you look at it, these two eyebrow products are my absolute favorite, I have tried everything going besides getting microblading and these have been the two best ones I have used, one is a mascara for your little eyebrow hairs and the other is a pencil.

Imperal Leather do this amazing bath product, I found it last year but in a bubble bath form and they have also got a shower cream version which I needed to get! it smells exactly like cherry bakewells, you can smell the pastry! its delightful!


Baby – I am obsessed with baby clothes, and seeing as my little girl is called Robin, I have taken the opportunity to go out there and find all the clothes I can with robins on them, this one is from Boden but I found it on ebay, its so pretty in person and she looks cute while wearing it! I have found a few more Boden items on ebay which I will definitely show you when they arrive. who can resist that cute red breasted bob!


Entertainment – Gaming again for my entertainment, we dont really watch much tv in our house but we do play a lot of games and lately I have been sitting down enjoying Rainbow Six Siege with a few friends on my xbox, its a lot of fun, you have four game modes, Terrorist Hunt, Protect the Hostage, Extract Hostage and Disarm Bomb and the aim of it all is to win hah, it has an offline mode which you play with 4 other people against bots OR if you are feeling adventurous there is a multiplayer mode which you play against other people around the world. I have had so much fun on this game lately and there is a new update coming soon with three new characters you can play as. exciting times haha

Animal Crossing New Leaf on the good old DS, which Mr S got me for christmas last year, I keep forgetting about it but once in a while I pick it up and play it like crazy, its just coming to the end of the year in my little town and the snow is starting to fall, you are a Mayor in charge of a town, you have to help build things and talk to the villagers who change often.. its really relaxing and i’m trying to get into a routine where I play it every day so I don’t put it down and forget to pick it up again in a months time.. if you have a DS I highly recommend you pick it up as its just such a lovely little game to take your mind off things.


‘I feel sexy and free, like glitter is rainin’ on me’

While this is now classed as ‘old’ its such a lovely upbeat song that I have listened to a lot lately, nothing special about it, its just a lot of fun to dance to.

and that’s it

Until next time

Mummy Cat