For the past week Robin and I have been testing out Water Wipes, I got them from my local boots and was shocked at the price of a single packet (£2.50) Unfortunately for Robin, this… View Post

I bought a bugaboo…  A friend of mine was selling hers and I jumped at the chance to get it! It’s an old frog but I am slowly doing it up, I brought ‘it’ new front… View Post

A few months back I posted about my worries with weaning, how Robin wasn’t taking any interest in the spoon and I was fearful about BLW and a choking hazard. Today I introduced lumps! We’ve… View Post

I took the plunge, I ummed and ahhed about it for weeks but I decided to just do it, I got an expensive baby item that’s been catching my eye for weeks.. The beautiful connecta… View Post

I just brought the most beautiful swaddle blanket!  It’s from Little Blue Nest and it’s just stunning! Made from organic cotton. I just couldn’t resist getting it for my own little Robin 🙂 It’s very big, perfect… View Post