Writing –

Writing has always been something I’ve done, I used to have diaries and notebooks that I’d sit and write in daily, silly notes and observations, I however would dread to read what I wrote at the wonderful age of 14 in my little green notebook.. a bit like how I cringe at the thought of stumbling onto my old fan fictions that I once wrote.

I think its probably why I enjoy blogging, I have mentioned many times before that I used to do it privately on a website known as Livejournal, I was on that site for many many years and documented much of my life on there.. I even remember writing a post after I had my chemical pregnancy, I wish I could find that again because it would be interesting to see my view then and compare it to my view now.

Writing for me is like a release, I can express my feelings a lot better in writing, my phones notepad app is full of silly little ideas for stories or future blog posts.. but I always find that writing is really important for your mental health, getting things on paper and out of your head.

Until next time

Mummy Cat