G is for Gaming

Gaming – I am a gamer, I am very proud of the fact that I am a gamer, start talking about Elders Scrolls and I will not shut up, I even did a post a while back on my favorite game Skyrim..

I have been gaming since I was 11, the first game I ever played was The Sims, back in my friends house we set up a home and a little family and I was hooked, I had asked about game bits for Christmas and I got a Playstation, not the lot with the numbers after it, this was the massive box of a thing that had an external hard drive to keep all your saves on it, I had two games, The Rugrats – Search for Reptar and The X Files game, I played… mainly The Rugrats one almost daily until I got bored but I couldn’t afford any new games and I couldn’t convince anyone to get me any for Christmas.. so I stopped.

When I got my job in Sainsburys, I suddenly could afford things, I got a DS for Christmas and started buying DS games and obviously buying The Sims 2 for my PC, which in my honest opinion is the best Sims game to date! I also saved up and brought an XBOX 360, roughly around the time I started to date Mr S (or Daddy Cat heh) so I could play games with him, with my sparkly new XBOX, I also got this wonderful fun game called Left 4 Dead, I highly recommend you give it a go as its so much fun with four people..

I started to really love gaming again, and then in 2011 when this wonderful RPG called Skyrim came out (number 5 in a long history of Elder Scrolls games) I was lost in this whole new world.. I wont bore you much about it but it was incredible..


I now spend my evenings on my XBOX One, I say mine even if Mr S paid for it, but hes often on his PC so its totally mine, playing games and having fun with some friends.. its my way of unwinding after my day with three demonic children..

Call gaming a waste of time if you will but for me its a time well spent.. exploring worlds and going on kill streaks..


A nice break from the real world and its insanity..

Until next time

Mummy Cat.



F is for Fan Fiction and Fandoms.

The internet has to be my favorite place, I have a future A to Z post talking about it but today I wanted to cover one of the reasons why the internet has a place in my heart

FanFiction and Fandoms –

Back in 1997 when I first started using the internet, I didn’t know what fandoms or fan communities was, I was watching at the time Star Trek and I wanted to know more about the world of Trek, so I had this awesome CD ROM encyclopedia about the universe of Trek but like anything, I wanted to learn more and I used the school computers to sit and read about everything I could find..


Around 2000, I learnt of the Harry Potter fandom, which was the first time I really opened up and read fan written stories, this whole new world was created and my friends online and I made up stories of us in Hogwarts based on conversations we all had on MSN Messenger, whats rather sad is there isn’t many of these websites left to look back on and re-read all these awesome stories other people created, the only one still knocking around is Fanfiction.net which I remember having a big purge of RPF (Real Person Fiction) and removed many fan written stupid stories of their favorite actors.. it sounds horrid but honestly some are bloody funny, I used to read some fun U2 ones, nothing sexual.. just a caricature of their own personalities re-imagined by fans.

U2 had their own website in the end which has also ended up dying along with all the countless fansites.. things really do not last long on the internet..

Roughly around 2006, I discovered the wonderful world of Top Gear and the amount of people who loved the boys.. and I started using Livejournal again, finding many communities and I also found a RPF community.. full of stupid stories and the occasional… rude one.. but it was so nice to read these imaginative tales, some completely bonkers..


Fandoms are a funny thing, you will meet the crazy and then you will meet some of the best friends you’ll ever meet, like minded people and many many talented artists and writers..

I almost wish people wouldn’t criticize fan fiction or fan art and their creators.. yes you are going to find the odd crazy person, insisting that a certain character must like someone else even if its completely against canon (not true to character) but a lot of us are just like everyone else..

just a tiny bit passionate about their favorite subject..

The truth is out there..

Mummy Cat




E is for Escapism 

Escapism –

Hi, Dann here! Sarah’s other half, and I’ll be taking this next letter in the alphabet because I wouldn’t shut up when she was brainstorming ideas for topics beginning with E.

Personally I think there’s loads of topics that could be waffled about starting with E; Enki, the Sumerian god; EGad, and other funny blasphemy-dodges; (Sir Anthony) Eden, and political waffle. While history, language and politics are all hobbies—Oh gosh I sound like a bloody dullard— of mine I’m instead going to talk about something that encompases my other hobbies, and, well, all hobbies really. Escapism.

Escapism is critically important to all of us, even if we only find it while taking the long walk home some days, or in taking a moment to reflect before we put our heads down to sleep. A major one, that we probably don’t give much credit to as parents, in when we play —relaxed— with our kids; laughing and smiling, forgetting about the daily grind.

For me, and many people, there’s other major forms too. I don’t spend time watching TV, or watching films, and I also don’t really consider browsing the web downtime in any way these days—except those accidental hour-long Wikipedia & IMDB trawls that we’ve probably all been on. No, for me it’s the occasional moment with a book, or a few hours with a game. Yup, gaming is a big one for me.

One day there’ll be a better term for video games, board games, card games, than simply games, because an ever increasing amount of them transcend the normal definition of games. Video games like Dear Esther, What Became of Edith Finch, Proteus, and thousands more transcend a mission to win, they exist as little narrative experiences, areas to walk around in and be told a story. Other games pride themselves equally on having no win conditions even though they are very much traditional games – what is the point of beating an arcade game like Donkey Kong? Is there any point in surviving 500 years in Crusader Kings II? How will you change the lives of those around you in The Walking Dead?

Proteus, 2013

For me the chance to do something else, even if it is for —almost— no reason, to do something which stimulates the mind with new experiences, choices, and events, is unmatchable. But, it’s also important. It gives perspective, it gives context, and it gives experiences—even if they don’t transfer directly to the real world.

They’re also social experiences in many ways, especially in the case of tabletop games. In many ways the board games and card games of today are the parlour games of yesteryear; we can still play Charades, or Pictionary, but Bucket of Doom—a game which challenges you to evade a deadly situation with items plucked at random from a deck of cards— is equally fun. Yes, we can all do a big puzzle if we like, or we could all take part in solving a murder mystery as consulting detectives!

Here’s a few links, if you’re bored, to click through and see some of what I just talked about (Clarification, as you can see they are not in any way sponsored links).

Video Games I mentioned (PC, Steam links)

-Dear Esther


-What Became of Edith Finch?




Board Games I mentioned (Physical, Developer Sites)

-Bucket of Doom


-Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detectives (The Thames Murders)


For some it’s a bath, for some it’s skydiving, for some it’s the ol’ Netflix ‘n’ Chill, what is it that you do to escape?

Daddy Cat.



D is for Dates.

Welcome back to my alphabet series… this time I am going to talk about..

Dates –

Now this isn’t going to be about, getting dressed up and going out for a nice meal with the husband, but more about important dates and what they mean to me, obviously..

September 27th 2008 I met up with my now husband at the local pubs for a few drinkies and chats, its pretty handy having your wedding anniversary on the same day you started being a couple, well sort of easy as I can remember forgetting our 3rd just because we had been so busy with the children.. but we got married on the same date as when we met, most couples have a special date.. and that is ours..

March 24th 2010, the day I became a mum, its such a blur now, it was a dark morning, he was born at 1am, after getting his shoulders stuck and being yanked out with forceps.. He was dumped onto of my stomach, crying and kicking about.. and its been 7 years now.. very quickly coming up to 8, time isn’t fair and doesn’t keep its promise of not slowing down.. he made me feel like an adult for the first time in my life.

October 28th 2011, the day I became a mother of two, the day I dealt with being told I was cruel for giving my newborn formula and the day I promised not to judge a mother like that midwife judged me, she was born at 2am, perfectly healthy and came in to the world without any help apart from some hands catching her.. she is now 5 and very quickly coming up to 6.. time you are mean!!

April 19th 2016, third times a charm, she came into the world so quickly after spending such a long wait in the hospital, healthy but tiny and squeaking like the little bird she is, I think she changed me completely, she made me think before I speak, she made me see how immature others can be.. and she completed my transition into a fully fledged adult and the age of 30..

Those are my important dates, they all mean different things to me, but each of them will forever stick with me as I move on in this life..

Until next time

Mummy Cat



C is for Christmas.

Welcome back to my A to Z series.. up next we have..

Christmas –


Yes I know, the C word.. In July of all months!, I am not a fan of Christmas, I find its become far to commercial these days, the C word for us is more about family and spending time with the ones who we love, the gifts are nice but I think its now at a point where to me, its all about the children and my family..

I moved away from my family back in 2004, up to Newcastle to live with someone I met online, and they did the C word a lot differently to how my family did it, and I actually missed how my family did it, we had our presents after dinner, but they did the mad rush down stairs at 5 am and by the time 7 am rolled around things were broken, it didn’t always happen like that of course, I think I was just missing home so much that the 5 am rush felt so barbaric to me.

Now that I have my only children, we do both, we have the mad rush in the morning for the children who cannot wait any longer and have the after dinner gift share around my aunts house and I honestly love it that way..

and while I am not the biggest C word fan, I do it for my children because obviously its all about them.

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


B is for Babies!

Last week I announced my new series that I am running weekly on my blog, A to Z of subjects that I know a lot of or love very much.. so lets get into it..

Babies –

I have said time and time again how much I love babies, newborns to be precise, I have a few blog posts on the subject of wanting another one so soon after birth and just how much I miss newborns I do believe I am a bit mad, wanting so many babies, but I cant help it,

I wasn’t always like this, I did want a big family but I didn’t understand my need for more until I had my first, literally the second he came into the world I turned to my now husband and said ‘can we do it again?’..  7 months later and after we had finally moved into our flat, I persuaded him to say yes and we started trying and when my youngest was 9 months old I fell pregnant with our second child..

I thought that was enough for me, but nope, I wanted more and more and more and more.. so the plan was to wait until I was working and when K and A both had entered primary school, we was going to try again..

Obviously R had other ideas and while I hate pregnancy so much, I don’t want to stop at 3 and I also don’t like the idea of knowing that I cant do it again so.. you may see me on 16 kids and counting in the near future haha, but R is now one, and we cant fit anymore people in our tiny flat.. so until we move again, there will be no more tiny feet in this house.

I need to move now!!!

Mummy Cat.


A is for Anxiety.

Welcome to a new series I decided to start after sitting down with my husband and talking about what else I can do on my blog, besides personal events, reviews, game related things etc.

So I’d like to introduce you to an A-Z series which will be posted once a week on a Thursday.. the first week I am going to talk about.

Anxiety –

I am un-diagnosed, I know many people consider anyone who hasn’t talked to a doctor has someone who used google to look up their symptoms, while Doctor Google isn’t the most reliable person you could ask ‘whats wrong with me’ I did exactly that a while ago while feeling panicky about having to do something with other people, I knew I was scared to talk to strangers and sometimes the thought of heading into town can cause my stomach to turn and my heart to pound away… so I used a checklist from the NHS website and it classed me as having Social Anxiety.

It can be a very funny thing, sometimes I am completely okay with people, it obviously depends on the person but if I feel that I can trust someone, I can talk to them easier, but even when I am having to go talk to a friend I feel worried about doing it.

It comes and goes, like the other day I went shopping with R and got my daith piercing done but sometimes I am completely scared to go out and deal with the world, I know I need to go talk to a doctor about it but, with the territory of talking to a stranger, I honestly feel I am not truly read to do that, mainly because my local doctors are a little fat bias and tend to blame anything that’s wrong with me on my diet or my weight.

I think going on from this people need to understand that just because I haven’t had a doctor write down that I have it, doesn’t mean that I don’t suffer from some form of mental health issues which is extremely unfair on those who hide away from fear of making that first move to reach and talk to someone.

I will get there, I am working on my problems one day at a time and I will come out of this strong… I hope..

Mummy Cat