A to Z – P is for 5 Year Plan

5 year plan –

In five years time, I will be 36 years old.. I will be a mother to an almost teenager and probably a have another baby by then, here are my plans that I hope to achieve in these next five years..

  1. Go back to collage – I have been looking at doing a photography course for a while now, I love taking photos and I would honestly love to expand to a causal to something a little more.
  2. Get a job – I have been out of work for a while now, since I had my first child in 2010 and a part of me wants to get back into the job market and bring some money into our house and hopefully help towards..
  3. Owning our own home – we are council tenants, and its okay, its not great but I would love to one day, hopefully in the next five years to have our own home.
  4. Earn from my blog – when I started my blog, I never wanted to earn from it, it is and will probably continue being a hobby more than anything, but it is a little dream of many that one day have my blog earn me some pennies.
  5. Overcome my fears – there’s a huge difference with facing a fear and actually over coming it all, for example I went to Birmingham to meet some ladies but it required me to get onto a train, after doing that I realized I am afraid of the tracks and not the train itself and while my mother keeps trying to push a train again,I don’t want to get back on one any time soon.. I honestly would love one day to join Mr S in one of his events that he goes to for his site (and actually take photos for his social media as hes useless at that)

and that’s it, nothing great but I can see a few of them achievable, however the sheer thought of hopping back onto a train still makes my stomach drop..

One day eh?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


A to Z – O is for Online Shopping #blogtober

Online Shopping –

I will hold my hands up and say I am an online shopping addict! I guess if it means not needing to go into town, it makes me happy, plus when all the goodies arrive.. its.. its well like Christmas!

I wouldn’t say its a problem, I know when to stop and tend to only get something that I had planned to get for a while, my biggest shops have always been Next.. (apart from that time I accidentally brought two missoni bugaboo blankets…)

One of the blessings I find from doing most of my shopping online is that I don’t have to deal with people, I don’t need to go into town and worry about the looks I sometimes feel like I am getting PLUS I shop, when I do into town, I have a pram and sometimes I limit myself of what I need to grab because of the space under the pram, under baskets are not kind!

I used to run a series on my blog about eBay bargains and I am super tempted at bringing that back but expanding to not just eBay!

but then again… eBay is my favorite online store!

Whats yours? do you love a good bargain or are you a sucker for the finer things in life?

Until next time

Mummy Cat




A to Z – N is for Notorious Serial Killers #Blogtober

Notorious Serial Killers –

Seems only fitting that during the month of October I switch up A to Z and talk about something a little more… spooky!

Its something that people either find hideous and wrong, and others find them completely fascinating, I am one of those who love to sit down and read about some of the UK’s most notorious killers..

Amazingly for such a small country we have a few, ranging from mysterious Jack the Ripper to a modern day Steve Wright, fascinating in the sense that, what on earth goes on inside their heads and what created them to do what they do..

If Fred West hadn’t had that accident when he as younger which seems to have changed him into the monster, would those women be alive today, 25 Cromwell Street would still be standing and no one would have a clue who Rose and Fred West are.

I used to think that it was only America that had the killers, but as I read more I learnt about the history of our killers, few work with a partner, a few are doctors or nurses but many are lone strangers.

I have to say though that the most fascinating one of all is a man from Milwauee in America called Jeffrey Dahmer, who in the time that he was active, tried to create a living zombie, completely under his control.. I used to think Ted Bundy was horrific but nothing compares to what Dahmer did!

What I find more amazing is a lot of these killers fooled many around them and it really just shows that a killer isn’t always who you expected them to be!

Wishing you a creepy day

Until next time

Mummy Cat

If you would like to read more about various killers check out CI’s website here and of course if you would like to jump in a little deeper check out the Serial Killers Reddit here



A to Z – M is for Motherhood.

Motherhood –

Its something that you aren’t sure if you want to be a part of, but when it happens it makes complete sense..

When I told my family that I was expecting my first child, I was told that someone said being a mother ‘will make me who I am’ and when K was placed into my arms after he was born, that was it, I was hooked, I had my purpose in life..

I was meant to be a mother.

I remember when I was younger, thinking how hard it would be, how exhausting it must be to be a mother, but what I didn’t expect, was the sheer joy I would feel.. the amount of love I would feel, and with each baby I had, while at first I was worried about how I could split my love between them all, but in reality, if anything how I feel is tripled..


There is no split love here, my heart is better and honestly thanks to motherhood, I feel like I have a place in this world..

Until next time

Mummy Cat



A to Z – L is for London.

London –

I used to love going into London, with friends or with family, There is always something so magical about the big city not to far from my home town..


The weekend trips I took with friends to do typical touristy things, such as visit the London Dungeons or go to the London Eye.. Those days had me in stitches of laughter and its sad now that for some unknown reason I developed a fear of trains, which it turns out is more of a fear of tracks than trains themselves.


yes that is me stealing the Queen’s jewels..


London has always fascinated me, I love the history of the city, I have a memory from school sitting in a history lesson looking up in awe of London’s ‘first’ serial killer Jack the Ripper and just wanting to learn more.

London is a huge multicultural city, always busy, always full of life and it always amazes me at how unique our capital is, if you sit and watch the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies and you see all these people, of all different faiths standing proud and together and that’s what London means to me.


A to Z – K is for King of Kong.

King of Kong

Hello all, Dann here again.

Sarah asked me to take on the letter K in her alphabet series, and we’d all but agreed that it was going to be about Kickstarter — a brilliant topic choice of which there’s an absolutely mass of stuff to talk about.

That’ll have to wait another 26 weeks though, because today I’m going to write about The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, a movie from 2007 about the earliest competitive gaming scene: The arcade high-score circuit.


Image taken from imdb.

It would have been late 2007, or early 2008, when my brother introduced me to the movie. He did it with practically no background as to what actually happens in it, and what with me being a British lad who was born after the UK arcade scene died I had no idea about the story behind the film or the people in it — at all.

If anything this actually made it a vastly more interesting film, and that’s because the people in the film feel completely fictitious, leaving it feeling like a cheesy underdog story filmed as a mockumentary. More fool me then, when it turned out that it was actually real and unscripted.

The King of Kong follows Steve Wiebe, a contender for the world record for the Donkey Kong arcade machines, as he attempts to best the score set by reigning record holder Billy Mitchell. Wiebe, who is a kindly savant, is introduced as painfully luckless, having just lost his job and, despite his various talents both artistic and practical, still wearing the pain of an injury which ruined a potential sports career.

While Wiebe is clearly made out as a talented individual who deserves a chance and has the attitude of the kind of person you want to see winning competitions; a modest, talented sort. Mitchell is the complete opposite.

Mitchell obviously has skills, after all he is the record holder for a reason, but his joking, brotherly camaraderie with Walter Day —the person who oversees the award in question as well as acting as a living historian of arcade machine records— his overwhelming self-confidence, and his cold, no nonsense attitude to debates sets him up as a comedy victim. He is the kind of person who dismisses the contenders as they are, simply, contenders, he is the boxing champion we love to hate, or the wrestler who wins through a dirty trick.

And, that’s the thing, all the way through you’re rooting for Weibe, and due to the excellent editing, filming, and framing from the team behind it, it always feels like Day & Mitchell are constantly moving the goalposts, having things disallowed and discarded, or lost, in order to ensure that the two friends get to maintain their cool gig.

It is, for those concerned, not just an hour-and-a-half of off-screen footage while two people mutter through gritted teeth. There’s an impressive amount of ‘story’ and history squeezed into the production, and even what would —were it scripted— be termed sub-plots and historical rivalries which come to the foreground as the story advances.

I won’t talk too much on the resolution of the film, which after the pace and competition ramps up still feels like a bit of a let down for Team Wiebe, but it certainly feels like a solid ending to the first chapter of a story. Something rarely achieved in what is, essentially, a feature-length documentary.

Since The King of Kong first aired Walter Day has gone on to a music career, although he does still occasionally do the rounds with Billy Mitchell. Mitchell’s Twitter soley touts him as a Pacman champion, and has the perfect Mitchell-ism of “Work is for people who can’t play video games.” as a bio.

Anyway, that’s enough waffle about that niche film, if you’re the kind of person who loves a good underdog story then it’s really worth a watch, although it’s also an amazing look in the mindset of an arcade champion.

Dann out.


A to Z – J is for Jewellery Making.

Jewellery making – 

I love crafting, I don’t have much time or patience for it these days but before R was born I would sit and make jewellery, I started out with simple earrings, they’re pretty easy to make…

Beads, head pins, tools and the part that goes into the ear, but I wanted more, and I developed a little addiction to beads! 

From then on I learnt how to knot a piece of elastic properly to prevent a bracelet from breaking to box knotting a shamballa bracelet which was all the rage a while back.

Around 2015 I got into metal stamping, I LOVE metal stamping, it’s the expensive end of the jewellery making but I love it! I have a little collection of blanks, fonts etc.. I got myself a metal polishing machine and had so much fun making things for my family and for myself.

I never sold any of it, never thought I was good enough but I loved doing it.
And honestly I have considered going back and doing it again, I just wish I had the time and the motivation to do so.

Until next time

Mummy Cat