Autumn Tag.

I want to say a quick thank you to the wonderful Becca from My Girls and Me for tagging me in this little Autumn tag, seeing as its still very much autumn I dont see why I cant do it. (I have changed one thing around purely because it is not October anymore)

But enough of that, onto the Q’s

1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AUTUMNAL LIP COLOUR? – I don’t really wear much lipstick if I am truly honest, I can never find a nice color that doesn’t make me look like a pennywise!

2. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AUTUMNAL NAIL COLOUR? – I recently got this lovely one from Superdrug, its by Sally Hansen and its called Spice Age.

3. FAVOURITE AUTUMN DRINK? – Boring old tea, although I have started to love hot chocolate!

4. FAVOURITE AUTUMN CANDLE?  – Festive Spice, not exactly autumnal but I got a reed defuer the other week of this scent and I have just got the candle too – from next here

5. FAVOURITE AUTUMN ACCESSORY? – My arm warmers, as soon as the weather turns cold I get my arm warmers out.

6. HAUNTED HOUSE OR SCARY MAZE? – Oo.. can I say neither? I am such a wuss haha

7. FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN MOVIE? – Shaun of the Dead, I cant do much horror (says the person who called 28 weeks later their favorite scary film) but I think Shaun of the dead is perfect for halloween

8. FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN SWEETS? – Anything white chocolate!

9. WHAT DID YOU DRESSING UP AS FOR HALLOWEEN? – We didnt unfortunately, I usually wear a pair of cat ears but they broke and I didnt have time to get a new pair, Next year however!

10. WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT AUTUMN? – The Cold, I cannot stand the heat so when the weather gets cooler I am much happier.

And thats it.

I tag


Until next time

Mummy Cat



Why I love Autumn #blogtober

Autumn is by far my favorite time of year, but why do I love it so much?

I think its got something to do with my childhood, I have some fond memories of going on walks with my Nan around the town, collecting conkers and pine cones, watching their walnuts fall from their twin trees in their garden and be collected by the countless squirrels that chase around.

The colors are beautiful, the air is cool after and there is this wonderful smell that you only get this time of year.


And then there’s Halloween, my family have never been big into Halloween, the closest my mum gets to fun is buying a bag of sweets for the odd child who will knock on the door, I loved it, I remember feeling so envious of all the spooky looking children walk up and town our street knocking on doors, My ex’s family made a huge deal about it, and would throw Halloween parties each year which was brilliant..

So once I had children I made the choice to make it fun for them, each year we get a pumpkin and I end up carving it while they sit and watch, each year we decorate the house up and buy bags of sweets for anyone who will knock, and we try each year to go to a party, this year we are busy which i’m sad about but I cannot wait for next year haha.

Autumn makes me happy, because the summer is over, and I cannot stand the heat and each year I look forward to it even more, and of course there is an added bonus of A’s birthday, she was due on the 7th November but came two weeks early on the 28th…

Autumn is the BEST time of year, do you love it too?


Until next time

Mummy Cat



Photograph Sunday

Friday after school we went for a walk, it was lovely, we don’t often go for walks on a Friday, we usually end up going to the park but it was a beautiful autumn day and I had itchy photographer fingers!


The last of the seasons dandilions, I can’t hardly believe autumn is finally here after months of excitement and serious hatred for the summer months..

The sun was beautiful and it was the ‘golden hour’ when everything just looked that more special..

Hoping to get out more now that it’s not hot anymore.

Gosh I’m such a bore hah

Until next time

Mummy Cat 



October Goals. #Blogtober

October Goals –

This month is a plan month, the main thing that I have planned is A’s birthday, and I have so much to get done its unreal, So I am going to break down a little list and hopefully check them all of by the end of it

  • Save money – with Christmas around the corner and of course A’s birthday I need to save save save like a mad woman this month, Mr S and I usually go shopping together in the first week of November to get things for Christmas and this year is no different, and I want to make sure that everyone gets a little something this time as usually we haven’t got very much funds.. so no more unnecessary spending on my part
  • Blog more – with the fact that this is blogtober, I will be posting every day without fail, but I did slack a little bit a few weeks back, I got busy and my mental health wasn’t doing so well so I stupidly let myself go into a dark pit and hide there for a bit, but no more!
  • Be Happy – This is a big one, I haven’t been feeling like ‘myself’ lately, I have felt really down and I don’t like to say it but I think I’ve been suffering with some form of depression, I have felt empty and cried a lot, but I am going to make October my happy month, like it always is, its my favorite month of the 12 and I am going to make it the best one!and finally.
  • Be more active on social media – I know that sounds really stupid, but sometimes in the evenings I turn on the xbox and often don’t come out the other end until the morning, and I am going to try and be more active and engaging later in the day.. I will still play games of course but, I want to talk to people more.

and that’s it, its not much, October is one of the long months but I am hoping that these goals are easily doable for someone who likes to procrastinate a lot.

What are your goals for this month?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Photograph Sunday

Kicking off Blogtober, in which I do a blog post every day of the month, some of which will be autumn/halloween related and others not so much, but the premise is to post every day during the month of October..

So today, is Photograph Sunday, and what better to start off this month with pumpkins!!

This was taken last year at Cammas Hall, which is a pick your own farm that does strawberries and fruit in the summer and of course pumpkins and sweetcorn in the autumn, the plan is to head back there this year and pick some pumps up to carve..

I cant wait to go again and get some more pictures!

Autumn is honestly my favorute time of year!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Conker Picking and Autumn Walks.

On Saturday 23rd we went to visit my mum for the day, She lives in a town over from us so its either a long hour on the bus, well two buses but she came to collect us which I think made more sense as we didn’t just have ourselves but needed the high chair too.

Once we arrived to hers we set up the DVD player (we tried last time but she didn’t have the correct wires but I fixed it for her) and unfortunately because of our silliness we too a Blue-ray instead.. whoops.. so no Harry Potter for us.

But the aim of the day was to go out and find some conkers, or horse chestnuts to anyone else, and near where my mum lives is this wonderful street which is full of trees ready to give up their nuts for us!


At first we didn’t find many, there was loads up on the trees and plenty of leaves on the floor but no beautiful browny red nuts to be seen, so we back tracked down to another road and to our delight and happiness to the children some lady clearing her garden had left some she found under a tree, and that’s when the madness happened.




We had taken my mums little brown bag she got from her trip to New York but I really think we should’ve taken something a little bigger as there was just so many! everywhere you looked there was more and more!

Mums plan was to find some of the just opened ones to keep for spiders, I am not sure if that’s a true thing because we have had a conker in our front room and still get spiders, but we found a few for her and plenty for the children to play with, and of course I have a few for myself to make pretty flat lays with.

We returned back to my mums house and to my sons surprise I rented the last two Harry Potter films on amazon prime, they were pretty cheap and it kept them happy while mum and I entertained Robin and she got dinner ready which was a tasty sausage and mash with peas and onions mmmm!

I love going round her house at the weekend, its nice to get our of my home and away from the stress for a bit and just stress about in another house, I had been parenting alone at the end of last week as Mr S is in Birmingham at Eurogamer representing his site and I think I did a pretty good job…

No one died…

Until next time

Mummy Cat




Photograph Sunday

I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of year, I have probably said it many times over and over again but it just makes me so happy.

We all went around my mums house on Saturday and of course went conker picking (there will be a post of our adventures tomorrow hopefully)

But I couldn’t resist taking my big camera, this was a lucky shot, I wasn’t looking into the view finder, mainly because I couldn’t bend in the fight angle.. but it came out really great!

Am I saddo for loving autumn/fall so much? Probably.. I just like not being hot and bothered anymore

Until next time

Mummy Cat