Back to school – Autumn/Winter term.

How quickly did that 6 weeks go? I remember the start of it, feeling all optimistic about all the brilliant things we was going to do, but ended up being rained in for the most of it, which I fully blame myself as I did joke at the start of summer that it would rain for most of it! Whoops!!

The children have spend a lot of their time playing in their bedroom with their toys, I guess that’s one of the blessings of having more than one around the same age is that they can happily play together, they do argue but, that’s to be expected.

So whats planned for them going back;

Well A is starting year 1, it honestly feels like yesterday that she walked into reception without a care in the world, excited to learn and see all her friends, I expect the same this year too, She loves school and it makes me so proud that she enjoys it so much, She has improved so much over that one year, I cannot wait to see what else shes got up her sleeve for this one, A is left handed, but can use both hands when she writes and draws, which we all find incredible, she is such a smart little girl and I am so proud of her!

K is entering into year 3, Key Stage 2, goodbye is the free school lunches and its time to start really learning, they had such a terrible year one with may teacher swaps that K was, as we felt, left behind a little, but during year 2 he gained about 15 months of progress in 6, I wish the school hadn’t swapped and changed the teachers so much as I truly feel that was behind his slight delay, but he finished year 2 meeting his expected targets and I’m pretty pleased, I am a bit anxious about how he will perform in year 3, according to him, his new teacher shouts haha!

I am just so proud of them, how far they’ve come, and I cannot believe that A will be 6 shortly, and next year K will be 8, I keep looking back at their newborn photos feeling sad, but… as much as I wish I could keep them that small.. they are growing up into amazing, smart and kind people.

Here’s to the next school year!

Until next time

Mummy Cat.



H is for Halloween.

The other week during my A to Z i talked about the C word.. Christmas.. now I feel like talking about my favorite time of year.

Halloween –

Only recently people in the UK have cared about Halloween, when I lived up north they did Halloween like how they did Christmas, decorations everywhere and a full blown party on the night..

Down south is a little more diluted, very rarely you’ll see a pumpkin on the door steps and no one dressed up unless it was a pub crawl or a children’s party, but these days, everything is different.. everything is covered in ghastly orange and purple glitter and you’ll find gardens full of skulls and ghosts on the 31st..


Autumn is the best time of year for me, I love the colors and the cool temperatures, I love being able to wrap up in boots and scarfs (I have a Hufflepuff one!!) and just enjoy that smell that you only get at this time of year..

The shops are full of fun items for all, sweets and outfits, pumpkins are everywhere and there’s a little magic in the air as everyone prepares for trick or treating, apple bobbing and egging of houses (However I did read somewhere.. probably the daily mail that the police consider egging a crime.. which is understandable hah).

As soon as summer hits I spend all of it longing for when the days turn shorter and the leaves from the trees fall.

Autumn is the best time of year and Halloween is my favorite event!

Until next time

Mummy Cat.