Another month has swung past us, why must this year go so slowly? but one month ends means another monthly favorites, I did a poll on my twitter about if I should stick to my plan and start monthly favourites in January OR do one for the rest of the year and all the votes said do November and December as well..


Here we go…


Home – These two candles from Next are by far my new favorite scents! Mulled Wine and Gingerbread, I got them in a bit of a wim and was a little worried they would be to sickly as some scented candles can be, but while they are strong in wax form once lit they are wonderfully subtle scented and are delightful! If you see them please try them out, there is reed defuses too in the same scents, they do a little gift set too which you can try all the scented candle range.


Treats – Its that time of year, hot chocolate season and I have been obsessed with these lovely little things from Options, strawberry flavored and delicious! I found them when I was doing Slimming World a few years back and have loved them since! they taste very similar to the strawberry creme you get in the selection boxes.


Beauty – Two for this month, or three depending on how you look at it, these two eyebrow products are my absolute favorite, I have tried everything going besides getting microblading and these have been the two best ones I have used, one is a mascara for your little eyebrow hairs and the other is a pencil.

Imperal Leather do this amazing bath product, I found it last year but in a bubble bath form and they have also got a shower cream version which I needed to get! it smells exactly like cherry bakewells, you can smell the pastry! its delightful!


Baby – I am obsessed with baby clothes, and seeing as my little girl is called Robin, I have taken the opportunity to go out there and find all the clothes I can with robins on them, this one is from Boden but I found it on ebay, its so pretty in person and she looks cute while wearing it! I have found a few more Boden items on ebay which I will definitely show you when they arrive. who can resist that cute red breasted bob!


Entertainment – Gaming again for my entertainment, we dont really watch much tv in our house but we do play a lot of games and lately I have been sitting down enjoying Rainbow Six Siege with a few friends on my xbox, its a lot of fun, you have four game modes, Terrorist Hunt, Protect the Hostage, Extract Hostage and Disarm Bomb and the aim of it all is to win hah, it has an offline mode which you play with 4 other people against bots OR if you are feeling adventurous there is a multiplayer mode which you play against other people around the world. I have had so much fun on this game lately and there is a new update coming soon with three new characters you can play as. exciting times haha

Animal Crossing New Leaf on the good old DS, which Mr S got me for christmas last year, I keep forgetting about it but once in a while I pick it up and play it like crazy, its just coming to the end of the year in my little town and the snow is starting to fall, you are a Mayor in charge of a town, you have to help build things and talk to the villagers who change often.. its really relaxing and i’m trying to get into a routine where I play it every day so I don’t put it down and forget to pick it up again in a months time.. if you have a DS I highly recommend you pick it up as its just such a lovely little game to take your mind off things.


‘I feel sexy and free, like glitter is rainin’ on me’

While this is now classed as ‘old’ its such a lovely upbeat song that I have listened to a lot lately, nothing special about it, its just a lot of fun to dance to.

and that’s it

Until next time

Mummy Cat



As you know, I am a Next addict, but there’s something else I adore, and that’s indie brands..

Many can be found on Instagram and in fact thats where I found three of them, Instagram is a fantastic place to find anything, from independent jewellery brands to baking shops.

Before I had R, I would sit on Instagram a lot.. the baby group I was on hadn’t moved over to Facebook yet so we had a hashtag, and in the added chaos of people having babies, people were buying from indie brands and I was hooked!

The first thing I ever got was a blanket, a beautiful, interesting blanket from Tobias and the Bear.. this one I know its a big expensive but in the long run, its a beautiful well made blanket.. perfect for when the weather gets just that little bit colder..

Next I discovered Fred and Noah, my goodness they have the most beautiful collection of leggings around, I love they not only have children’s leggings, but have adult leggings! I am going to get myself a pair before winter autumn is done and enjoy them in the best way I can buy sipping hot chocolate!

Mama Designs have the best cellular blankets, I found them on Instagram and I had to get some, I own an orange, yellow and grey large and a small grey and pink, I often sit down and use one as a blanket when it gets a little cold in my flat

and finally, Little Blue Nest, Take a while guess as to why I had to get one of their blankets, they have the most beautiful robin set, duvet covers, swaddle blankets and a cute little comfort blanket and I own them all!! How could I not get my own little Robin them! She has a cuddly toy robin called ‘Bob’ who I will probably write about in future, but if you ask her where ‘Bob’ is, she points at the robins on the blanket!

and there you have it, my favorite indie brands, I can always on the search for more, supporting smaller brands is a great thing to do, more so during Christmas, little indie brands are people at home working hard and being bad ass at their job while being a parent too!

What are your favorite indie brands? are you like me and spend far to long on Instagram looking at pretty things?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.




I am a self confessed Next addict, not to adult clothes… but baby clothes, I wasnt always this mad about clothes, I did my shopping in charity shops and Sainsburys, but wanting R to have the best and cutest clothes.. Next was the option I went for.. I often get vouchers at Christmas time and lately I decided to set up a credit account, which has helped with sudden growth spurts and of course my wonderful friend eBay has helped too..

Now lets get on with the clothes..


Sleepsuits – I am going to leave just the direct link to the sleepsuit section on the next website here so it saves a little time for me to search through all of them haha, I love Next sleepsuits, I love the sizes of them and the soft fabric they are made of, I also love the fact that they go up to 2 years! I think my favorite ones are the little animal character ones, which is a very in style at the moment.


Leggings – I am doing the same with the sleepsuit section and just sharing where you can find all of them (here and here) Leggings have been my go to outfit for R, they are easy to put on and pull off for nappy changes, they are great for movement, not at all restrictive and go with anything, who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings?

All of them are sets of three or two, apart from the sparkly pair, they are a lone pair and I just got two colors as their price was nice (that’s my excuse anyhoo)


Dress – Jersey Woven Mix Dress – I am not fond of many of the dresses in Next, but this one I love, and it is going to be R’s Christmas outfit (Yes the C word already!! sorry!!) its a beautiful dress and while shes small, I cant wait to see her in it.


Shirts – here is the link to where you can find all the shirts I have shown, I got a mixture of long and short sleeved because we are getting closer to the best time of year when its no longer hot and longer sleeves are needed, I will probably need to make another order come autumn for some hoodies and cardigans.. (any excuse eh?) I love the little cat one, I usually shy away from monochrome, because lets face it.. white on children is a NO for me.. but I love how cute the little cat faces are.

And there you have it, my rather large next order for a child who is still in her 9 – 12 clothes! She needs to hurry up and grow so I can get her in all these beautiful new clothes!

Any clothes that she grows out of I give to friends or donate to charity, as Next has always got fantastic quality even after wash after wash..

Until next time… excited to make her next purchase..

Mummy Cat