Heavenly Veggie Waffles – Review.


Most of my little reviews always start the same way, I went shopping to my local sainsburys and found…

.. Nothing is different here of course, always looking for new things to have R eat and enjoy I had to get them, also the lovely red sticker was also a tempting sight.. as we all know I love a good deal haha.

Heavenly Tasty was started by Shauna Mcarney-Blair after she noticed it was hard to find food in stores, because every now and then a packet or jar doesn’t do any harm, that supplied many for children with allergies, and as my older two had both a lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy, a lot of their food was either made, or religiously looked at whenever I brought them..

But this was back in 2010 and its amazing what changes in seven years.. as there are a lot more food for children with different allergies available.



They remind me of those little caramel wafers you can get, the ones you place on top of your hot drink and the caramel melts, they are crunchy and around the size of a 50p so perfect for little hands to grab and crunch..



I gave R these at breakfast, she had a lot of fun playing with them and eating them, and if you cant play with food then wheres the fun in that? she seemed more fond of the carrot one, but not to bothered with the beetroot one, BUT I believe she isn’t fond of the taste of beetroot as in a previous review she turned her nose up at the beetroot pouch..


My 7 year old also tried some, he was surprised at the fact the purple beetroot one didn’t taste fruity but told he they tasted nice, which for a picky 7 year old is a win win in my books


Do I recommend them? – yes and no, R did end up throwing a lot of them on the floor, I am not sure if that’s just general playfulness on her part or if she didn’t enjoy them, she did eat some of them but lets just say the hoover had to come out earlier than it usually did haha.

Price Tag? – not that bad, I got these for 1.50 but I think they are around the 2.50 mark at full price, I am looking at finding more to try in future so their full price isn’t a put off.

Anything else? – The packaging, they didn’t really need to be in a box, inside a plastic bag, surely they could improve and have all the information on a bag rather than on the back of a box that simply isn’t needed.

Other than that, they weren’t that bad, I can see myself popping them in the nappy bag when we go out anywhere..

You can find Heavenly Tasty at all supporting stores, you should go and try some..

Until next time.

Mummy Cat




Disclaimer – I paid for these with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Kiddylicious – Little Bistro – Review

We have gone Kiddylicious like crazy in my house at the moment, if you have been reading my blog for a while now you would’ve seen many different pouch type reviews here and here, and while shopping for bits and pieces to eat when we went to my meet up in Birmingham, I saw these for sale..

…and of course decided to try R on them and she really did enjoy them.

What are they? – Little Bistro meals are slow cooked meals, so similar to your favorite stew, but designed for smaller tummies and mouths, packed full of goodness and organic products, I do enjoy using the pouch meals because they are so quick and easy, and as I am a mum of three I find it hard to deal with everyone at the same time, so these are perfect for that.

They are also brilliant of you go out anywhere and you haven’t started introducing bigger lumps and aren’t doing Baby Lead Weaning.

Price range? – I would say these are one of the few expensive brands of baby food out there, but I think what you pay often equals to better quality, I tried R on a fish pie one, and it smelt like fish.. it smelt and tasted like the ingredients that it said it had which is a big plus with baby food, no mushy tasteless stuff here, the large ones are around £2 and the smaller ones which are designed for 7 months plus are around £1.30 but it obviously depends on where you buy then from and if there are any deals on, I got mine because my local sainsburys had them on a deal..

Would I recommend them? – I do, but I obviously will say that if you are worried about the shopping bill then go for a cheaper brand or look up the recipes of these and make them yourself, I just find them super handy when I am out and about and when I simply haven’t got the time to cook up something. but I do recommend them!! go get some yourself.

Anything Else? –  I love the packaging, I love how neat it looks and the fact that you can see exactly what is in the package, which is very different from the other pouches I have tried which is what peaked my interest in them in the first place, they LOOK yummy, I am a stew-a-holic so these are a win win for me!

If you are a fan of trying new baby food I highly recommend giving these a go, you can get them in any local stores and I think you can also buy them on the Kiddylicious website.

Have you tried any of these Little Bistro pouches? what do you think of them?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


Disclaimer  –  My mum paid for these with her own money, I just picked them out, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Kiddylicious – Blueberry Wafers – Review 

During my trip to Birmingham we popped to a sainsburys to grabbed some bits to eat on the journey and one of these was some kiddylicious products, R loved them so much that I decided that when I went to do my weekly top up shop to get some, and thankfully all the Kiddylicious snacks and pouches were on sale.. so I grabbed a load of different finger food to try.

Kiddylicious is a UK based company that started up in 2002 by Sally Preston, she orginally made frozen baby food from the ages of 4 to 12 months which was the first frozen baby food company in the UK, that Waitrose supplied, and over the years have won many awards and have grown to be a globally loved product adding many different lines as the years went on, watch this space for future reviews of their products as I sort of went crazy with the shopping..

The first being the Blueberry Wafers, I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened them up, I imagined something along the lines of the pink wafer biscuits that my older children love..


They are made out of natural products, have no gluten, egg, nuts and dairy, and have zero added salt, completely free from added preservatives and have no artificial flavors of colors, they remind me of a meringue with their texture and the only way I can describe them as is like a cloud of purple, they are extremely light and perfect for little hands to get hold of.



As you can see R very much enjoyed them, she wasn’t to sure when she first got hold of them, but once she realized they are something to eat she gobbled them down, I wish I had known about this company and their products when I had my eldest two as they are perfect for children with allergy issues and are completely free of dairy..

Would I recommend them – YES for sure, if you are like me and can be a little anxious about choking but want your baby to learn how to use her pincer grip and feed themselves then these are perfect for Baby Lead Weaning..

Price Range? – They can be a bit pricey but compared to the other higher branded baby food this has a mid range price tag, I got these while they were half price off in my local sainsburys but I wouldn’t say they are bank breakers, great to buy when needed too as they have smaller packets in stores as well as larger multi packs..

Anything Else? – Nothing really, they are pretty good and there isn’t much more to say on them, they do taste pretty nice.. yes I tried one.. needs must after all..

Have you tried anything from Kiddylicious? what would your favorite be?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer –  I paid for this with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Worst Pram I Have Owned.

Now, over my 7 years of parenting I have owned a few prams, some have been the best that I have ever owned… but there was one that I regret buying..

My list of prams that I have had are..

  • Graco Mosaic
  • Quinny Buzz 3
  • Obaby tandem sport
  • Quinny Buzz xtra
  • Bugaboo Frog
  • Icandy Peach 2

I know compared to others that it is both a small amount of prams and a large amount of prams, but keep in mind this is over a 7 year period and prams do break or get damaged, my Graco for example had a high speed impact of an idiot on a pushbike when my son was 10 weeks old, he was fine thankfully but the poor pram had to go, I didn’t even notice the big dent in the side until I got home…

But I am not calling that brown rickety pram the worst… by far the worst pram I have ever owned has been the Obaby Tandem Sport..

71bZCCJ6W6L._SL1500_I wanted to get the Phil and Teds tandem, I liked the idea of it being a front and back pram, easy for shopping, so because of the price we decided to get the obaby’s version.. and I honestly have regretted ever since..

At first it was fine, but a few weeks went by and I noticed that one of the wheels had become loose, and no matter how hard I pushed it would not click into place, I had my mum look at it and it turned out that it had a small fault on the wheels, it the pole that kept the wheel secure was short by 9mm!

I of course contacted the company, and after going around in circles going nowhere I posted on their Facebook page about the problem… only to be blocked!!! In the end I ended up throwing the blasted thing out and as my son who was 2 at the time was confident in walking, I used the Quinny Buzz 3 that I got after the Graco accident, I also got him a little buggy board which he loved..

I then found many horror stories from obaby many being the same issue that I dealt with..

I am not saying that all obaby prams are crap, but in this case, this was the single worst pram I have ever owned, I wish now that we had paid the extra £30 and got the Phil and Teds tandem!

What has been your worst pram?

Until next time

Mummy Cat





Top 5 – Baby Products

I love baby products, I adore going into a store and heading right to the baby isle to check out the deals and any new items on sale that day so here are my top 5 favorite products.

5, Tesco’s baby wipes – own brand products are my favorite, since having my first baby all those years ago (seven) I have used in store wipes rather than the branded ones because they always worked out cheaper, and while cheap doesn’t usually been good quality or Eco friendly, Tesco’s baby wipes have ticked all the boxes for us, they are sensitive for little bottoms and of course have that little lid I like to keep the wipes from drying out or making your nappy bag soggy! I love them and

4, Avent Natural Bottles – When my baby was born she was tiny, so was her little mouth, previously I had used the older style Avent bottles so I decided to use these again but I didn’t anticipate a small baby, she was in fact 2 pounds lighter than the average newborn so her little mouth couldn’t handle the standard Avent teats so I tried the natural bottles and she could use them.. I love their shape too! I will definitely use these again with any babies in future! best bottles

3, Burts Bees Baby Bee Bubble bath –  I have used Burts Bees products since I had my son 7 years ago, and back then all I used was the bubble bath, I love the stuff, its sweet smelling and is kind to baby and the environment! plus every Burts bees product you buy you are helping bees which need our help more than ever these days!

2, Avent Electric Sterliser – First time around I used a microwave sterliser from Boots, this time around I demanded to have an eletric one and its the best one I have owned! it takes 5 minutes to steam the bottles and takes 7 each turn, compared to the ones I have had before that took over 30 minutes to steam up and clean, I recommend this one to everyone I meet, the bottom does get a little scummy after time but a clean with lemon and a good scrub is all that it needs! I still use it today, even when R is 14 months old to make sure things are clean 100%! you can never be to careful and with that I have a cat, keeping clean is important.

1, Metanium Nappy Ointment – I have a little review of this one coming up shortly so I wont say to much about it, I just love it! you can keep your bepanthen and your Sudocream, this is the single best nappy cream… in the world..

and there you have it, my top five favorite baby products!! please let me know what yours are in the comments!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – this isn’t a sponsored post, all items here have been brought over the years, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Images have been taken from google.