I remember the day we started to plan for baby two, we had gone to dinner with some friends, it was a cold December day and we went to Pizza Hut, we did it in text form to keep it private from our friends.

I personally think having our second was my idea, I don’t think Mr S had much choice in the matter, Kai was around 8/9 months old at the time and honestly, it felt right so we started trying!

We had a slight hiccup at the start of it all, Kai developed a stomach bug, which of course was passed around the family so really the first month of TTC didn’t go to plan at all, second month I did get a positive but it ended in an extremely early miscarriage known as a Chemical Pregnancy which I talk about here┬ábut on month three, which was around March… it happened.. a positive! I couldn’t believe it! it was really light but it was 100% a positive test! my BIG FAT POSITIVE!


I was so excited I joined an online forum to talk about it all and of course call up the midwife and get planning, but due to the previous loss, I had this fear which I didn’t experience with Kai, it didn’t even cross my mind I would’ve lost him at any point, but I was terrified of loosing this one..

Week 6 hit and I started to bleed, this was it, this was the end, I got an appointment with the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) and they told me my cervix was still closed but wasn’t sure where the bleeding was coming from so I was due to have a scan the next day, which was a barrel of laughs!

At the scan, they had to do an internal which I have never experienced before, its super uncomfortable, not painful, just a little ‘ughhh’ and on the screen was an empty black space, a small dot and a lot of nothing, they dated my pregnancy back a week and I had to go back in for a follow up scan one week from now, and honestly that week was such a horrible time, I was bleeding still and I had that fear there, what if I go back and there wasn’t anything there?!

One week later, on the screen was a fetal pole, a yolk sack and A HEART BEAT! I gave it a little nickname of ‘Prawn’ as we had named Kai ‘Shrimp’ and we decided to share our news to the world earlier than planned, I was just too excited!!

I was still bleeding, and after many internal exams *shudder* I was told because of the short time between one pregnancy and another my cervix was a little sensitive and would ‘spot’ every now and then, and thankfully that stopped completely by the time I reached week 10!

12 weeks

Around week 13 it was the dating scan, everything was perfect, this little prawn shaped object now looked like a human, only much smaller, baby wriggled away on the screen and it was so wonderful to see and from then on, everything was clear sailing.

I started to feel flutters around the 16 week mark and just before the 20 week anomaly scan I was feeling tiny baby kicks, this pregnancy was feeling great!

Before we had the 20 week scan, we had decided to see the gender, but I was so nervous if it was a girl, I don’t know why, I think one of the factors is that I was worried that if I had a girl, K would be forgotten, because for some reason, I felt like everyone wanted a girl, everyone kept telling me how wonderful it would be to have a girl AND a boy, and I honestly wanted another boy.. but being awkward, on the scan, the baby had its legs crossed so I was left with the next 20 weeks wondering and worrying..

20 weeks

Around the 28-30 weeks mark, my hands and feet started to itch and swell, I couldn’t wear my engagement ring anymore and it was so uncomfortable, after a few blood tests and once overs it was determined that the cause was bile acid, I cant remember 100% what the term was but the midwives didn’t seem to worried but said to call if I experience swelling..


The next weeks went by, and around 38 weeks I didn’t feel right, movements had slowed down so we went to the hospital for just a little check up only to then be told that my waters were ‘bulging’ and that I was already at 4cms, they had me on the monitor and her heart raced at 200bpm so the midwives took the lead, put me onto a drip and broke my waters.

At this time, Mr S was at work, he worked for GAME and that night was a midnight launch for Battlefield 3, so lucky for him, he got the night off work..

I honestly only remember two things from that labour, the intense craving for a burger and the desperate need to have a wee, having her I was in active labour to quickly for me to have an epidural and there is nothing more frustrating and frightening than being told you couldn’t have any pain relief but in three and a half hours of fighting with the midwife about the gas and air mouth piece being taken off me because ‘i wasn’t using it properly’ and being told to push when I didn’t have any contraction she was born at 2:22am on the 28th October.

and she was the absolute double of her big brother, I asked ‘what did i have’ and then came the ‘girl! you had a girl’ and actually asked to look, just to be 100% sure, daddy cut her cord and she was plopped onto my stomach all pink, angry and a full 8lbs 4oz and we named her Amelia after the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic, I wanted her to know that regardless of her gender, she could do whatever she wishes and I couldn’t think of a better person to name her after.


Mr S went home to go let my mum go home who was looking after Kai and I was wheeled over into the birthing unit which was just the best place to go have a baby, peaceful AND you can get up and go make a tea at whatever time you wanted.

We came home the same day in the evening and began our life as a family of four..

(Plus cats..)

Until next time

mummy cat



This is my Facebook status from, as you can see, 8 years ago.. that day, I had gone into town to do some shopping and then meet Mr S from work when he finished, I had met up with some friends and hung about it, but after they went home.. I noticed something..

I was late..

So I went to Savers (a bit like Superdrug.. just cheaper) and got myself a box of pregnancy tests rushed to the shopping centers toilets and to my surprise, the test turned positive, at first I was like ‘ooh okay two lines that’s good’ and then it hit me… two lines meant baby, not that a baby is a bad thing, but at that time, Mr S and I had only been together for less than a year AND I was on the pill..

I cried, I messaged a friend and I then knocked on the doors where my now husband worked, he replied with a ‘oh cool’..

And so, we entered in the mad world of parenthood.. I was scared to tell my mum about it, she had drilled it into me not to make her a grandmother yet so I didn’t want to tell her anything, I really didn’t want to tell anyone but Mr S had to tell his work to get days off for appointments, we both decided to wait until week 12, around the time you have the first ultrasound..


I had all these fears and worries, what am I getting myself into? what of Mr S leaves me, what if people think I am pregnant purely to ‘trap’ him and mainly, will my mother kick me out of the house.

At the 12 week scan, there he was, this little potato thing, wriggling around and kicking away, its always hard to believe that something so small is growing inside you, and you are the one giving it all needs, We told his parents first.. they ‘knew’ already.. and we then told my mum while watching Eastenders, she made a comment about how she didn’t think I could cope with birth.. ‘yeah well what do you know’..

Mr S told her, I went up stairs and hid inside my room for a bit and she finally came up and asked to see the photo.. everything seemed okay..


At our 20 week scan, which she came along too, we found out that we was expecting a boy and so the planning and buying started, I made that a rule for all my pregnancies, I didn’t want to buy anything until at least week 20+

NO one liked the name we picked, his first name is Malachi.. or Kai for short, and the amount of arguments I had with people who kept calling him something else or saying how odd his name is, to be honest, I cant see him as anyone else but Kai.. but I had pretty much an uneventful pregnancy right up until the end when around 36 weeks I lost my mucus plug in a big ol’ bloody clot.. nothing happened, I was checked over at the hospital and was around 2 and half dilated.. so off home I went..

two weeks later at about 12 oclock at night my waters finally broke, nothing happened for hours and I finally rang the hospital at 4am, told my mum and off we went to the labour ward again, but still.. no labour, no contractions.. no baby.. so the rule is if labour doesnt start within 24 hours I had to go in to be induced..

GUESS what happened next.. 24 hours later, back at the hospital at 8am only to be induced at around 6pm.. 7 and a half hours later.. and via forceps.. Kai made his journey earthside, getting a little stuck on the way and getting a little cut on his cheek


Not me obviously, only problem about being the photographer is you don’t trust anyone to take photos.


I honestly had nothing to worry about, my fears of Mr S leaving, or my mum disowning me never happened, if anything we now have a stronger relationship and bond because of the children.. and to my mum, my children are her world..

If anything I think I regret not telling my mum sooner, I was the same with R, I was just so scared of telling anyone I was expecting..

I guess I know that with the next one, not to be so scared of what others think, and make sure that I tell my mum after I tell Mr S..

Next year K will be turning 8, and it makes me sad.. why do they need to grow up..

Until next time

Mummy Cat.