Glossybox October – Roundup -#blogtober

Glossybox has given us a treat this month, whether you are a proud unicorn or a mighty mermaid, you will love this months box, which is unfortunately now sold out but I thought I should still do my monthly roundup of what was in it.

I got, as you can see, Unicorn! I couldn’t resist placing my unipusheen in the photos, whats better than a unicorn than a fat grey cat unicorn?


Mermaid v Unicorn Eye shadow Palette – when I saw this palette my heart skipped a little, I love the shades and I honestly cannot wait to play with them properly, at a pocket friendly price of £4 and can be found in your local Superdrug is this wonderful funky palette.


Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg – when I opened this up, I honestly thought it was just another beauty blender, purely because of how it was packaged, but it isnt that at all, but a brush cleaner! I have been seeing all over my facebook of homemade cleaners with a bit of plastic and some hot glue so getting this, is a highlight! it fits nicely on your fingers and is perfect for smaller brushes.


Bang Beauty Cream Color – How beautiful is this color? what is it? I hear you ask, it is in fact a multi use cream, you can use it anywhere and I have mainly worn it on my lips, and I love it, it reminds me of those little pots of lip balm I used to collect as a teen.


Lord and Berry Brow Pencil – I have probably said this before but my eyebrows are terrible, they are fair and just not there so i’m always on the hunt for new eyebrow pencils or tricks, and I love this, the one I received was slightly darker to what I was used to but I love how easily it was applied! I can see this being an every day use thing!


Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush – The packaging of this is velvet, I think I was more impressed with the packaging than I was the product haha, I am a newbie with makeup so not only do i not own any blush (well I do now) but I also do not know how to use it, this shade is really pretty and its making me want to attempt to go from newbie to not so newb with my make up.

All these products are full size in this months box, usually its two full size and three samples but I love how Glossybox gave us such a fun treat for October and I cannot wait for the November box now!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


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Photograph Sunday.


I have gone halloween mad lately and I cannot help it! these funky things are from wilkos and they are amazing..

phoitograph sun

I have however had to remove them because R has decided she likes to climb things now, I just love how they look sitting in my window, they will be back up there on the 31st of course to show the trick or treaters we are welcoming to them!

sweets galore!!

until next time

Mummy Cat



Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup #blogtober

This is by far my favorite of the soups out there, I cant remember exactly where I saw this recipe originally but it has been tweaked and made into something that I am going to share with you today.


  • one large butternut
  • two or three sweet potatoes
  • onion
  • two cloves of garlic
  • two pints of stock, mine was chicken
  • salt and pepper

img_3253-5Cut and peel the butternut squash and sweet potato, I used pre cut veg as I got these from my local sainsburys and they were half off but if you get the full veg you’ll need to cut them up to about the size of a 50p but nice and thick, set them aside and chop up the onion and garlic cloves

Cook them off for a little bit, add in the squash and the sweet potato followed by the chicken stock and let simmer for about twenty minutes.

Once the twenty minutes are up, take off the heat and leave to cool before popping it into a blender.

I like mine a little thick and gloopy so I don’t add as much water in, grab some of your favorite bread and enjoy.


Until next time.

Mummy Cat




My Morning Routine #blogtober!

After reading the wonderful Becca from My Girls and Me do a morning routine, I couldn’t resist doing one myself.. so here is my morning routine..

Any time between 3am and 6am R wakes up, I either get really lucky and she just wants her dummy, or I get unlucky and she requires the full haul of the milk/nappy change fun, She either goes back to sleep or doesn’t.. it truly is a luck of the draw!

6:30am… my alarm goes off, depending on how the hours before alarm o’clock, i either get up and feel awesome…or I am a utter zombie, I can usually here K and A playing or arguing around this time, but they often play well together so.. as I said, depending on how things went, I either get up and get ready, or snuggle back into bed.. if I do that then..

7:12am.. Mr S’s alarm goes off.. time to get up!

7:20/30am.. breakfast time for all, just before breakfast K and A get themselves ready for school, I will leave their clothes out when they go to bed so its easier for them to get dressed and they are often ready before breakfast, R is always still in her sleep suit during breakfast as it limits how much washing that needs doing later!
8:15.. Mr S takes the children to Breakfast club, yes two breakfasts!, well its more of a before school club really, I wish I knew of this when I had R as it would’ve made mornings a lot easier

8:30/40am .. I give R a bottle of milk and let her sit in her bed while I go have a nice bath, I have been obsessed with Imperial Leather ‘Cherry Bakewell’ bubble bath, it smells exactly like Cherry Bakewells! you can almost taste the pastry! go buy it!

8:50/9:00am .. GET DRESSED and get myself a cuppa tea! I pop some Cbeebies on for R and I set up my laptop and start doing my makeup.. I love being ready, even if I have no plans to leave the house, I am ready before half 9, getting my makeup and doing my hair makes me feel a little more human sometimes.. more so after an early start..

Roughly around 10:00am.. R goes for her morning nap and I crack on with writing and housework until she wakes up which is usually just before lunch time!

and that’s my morning routine, pretty boring and basic but I love how chill it can be, the morning of the first day back at school was crazy, we go up late and we rushed about like headless chickens!!

Sometimes R doesn’t nap during the mornings but usually she does, its nice when she does as I can be busy without Tornado R destroying things!

Until next time.

Mummy Cat




Top 5 Horror Films #Blogtober

Films have always been the thing that made me happy, if I was in a terrible mood I would put a film and I am almost always in a better mood.. but with horror movies comes a different feeling, adrenaline!

That delightful buzz after watching a film that terrified you its a great feeling.. and here are my top five favorite buzz inducing movies!

5 – Event Horizon – BEST MOVIE EVER!! scary and amazing all rolled into one, Sam Neil is incredible as is the rest of the cast, directed by Paul W S Anderson, a British director who direct a few of the Resident Evil films.. I have seen Event Horizon more times than I can count and it still gives me the creeps!

4 – Dog Soldiers – Another fantastic movie, a slight dark comedy about a group of soldiers and… as you probably can guess, werewolves directed by British director Neil Marshall and is set and filmed in the Scottish highlands, its full of a wonderful British cast and while it has frights, its full of humor too, Neil Marshall also directed an all female cast for The Descent which is also a frightening but brilliant film!

3 – Wolf Creek – an Australian film directed by Greg McLean is once again set and filmed on site in the Australian outback, its ‘based’ of true events mainly that of the Backpacker Killer Ivan Milat and the more recent murders of Bradley Murdoch, this one is very much a real killer, where as the other two are more on the supernatural side, this one is frightening but utterly fascinating, if you love occasional ‘big bad’ killer this one is more for you!

2 – Shaun of the dead – directed and written by the wonderfully funny Edgar Wright and Simon Peg is the best of them all, a rom com with zoms! I don’t know anyone these days who doesn’t quote the famous ‘You’ve got red on you’ line. humor and horror works so well for me, its not taking it self seriously but is at the same time! if you haven’t seen it yet go watch it this Halloween!

and finally

1 – 28 Days Later… – Danny Boyle is my favorite director, I have seem most of his films now, just the newest ones I’ve not seen yet, mainly due to lack of time, but anyone who knows me knows hes my favorite, I gush endlessly about how amazing the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony is, as of course, my boy Danny directed it all and Sunshine is my favorite of his films…

but that’s enough of me heart farting over Mr Boyle…

28 Days Later is a film set in England during the time of an outbreak, we see the start of it and then we see life after 28 days, when Jim wakes up from a coma in an empty hospital… it plays on our basic fear of disease and my goodness its scary! its not zombies, they are infected with an almost rabies like virus that is so dangerous that just a single drop of blood causes another person to become infected!

The sequel 28 weeks later is also amazing, set obviously 28 weeks after infection and the US military has started clean up and of course.. infection happens again, there was talks of a further film but nothing got off the ground and there is a comic called ‘Aftermath’ which tells the story from the moment the virus is created up until america takes over..

I love it and if you fancy being scared for a week, go watch it!….

… just not after you watch Event Horizon.. that’s just to much!!

Look out behind you..

Mummy Cat



Photograph Sunday

Friday after school we went for a walk, it was lovely, we don’t often go for walks on a Friday, we usually end up going to the park but it was a beautiful autumn day and I had itchy photographer fingers!


The last of the seasons dandilions, I can’t hardly believe autumn is finally here after months of excitement and serious hatred for the summer months..

The sun was beautiful and it was the ‘golden hour’ when everything just looked that more special..

Hoping to get out more now that it’s not hot anymore.

Gosh I’m such a bore hah

Until next time

Mummy Cat 



Sweets!! #blogtober

You cant have Halloween without a large amount of sugary trouble! but what are your favorite sweets?

Personally I am a bit of a bore when it comes to sweets, chocolate is my go to, namely Malteasers, they are delightful little balls of crispy chocolate… unfortunately they no longer do the white chocolate versions which I was obsessed with when I was pregnant with K.

I think Halloween is one of the few times of the year that I gladly allow my children to have sweets, I remember during my childcare training days, my tutor really drilled it into me that children don’t need them, and to be fair I have stuck by my guns with this one for mine.. I was let loose on some chocolate when I was younger and frankly wish I hadn’t I wouldn’t have the taste for it so I avoided it with the children until they’re older..

I am not saying don’t give your own children sweets, purely that I personally wanted to avoid them as long as I could with mine.. now that they are 5 and 7 its harder to stop them, sweets are used as a reward at school and often other parents bring sweets in for birthdays so avoiding is harder…

I do let them at some occasionally, right now they are obsessed with smarties!! which is fair, smarties are pretty cool (not as nice as Malteasers mind…) and I do make some mean fudge which everyone likes..

Sweets every now and then isn’t as bad as say every day, the amount of times I see a child come running out of our local shop with a large Aero mint on every school run I’ve done.. but who’s to say that isn’t mummy’s favorite and the child just wanted to get her something nice!

I cannot wait until we have trick or treaters, we had one last year so I am determined to show to my neighbors that you can pop into flats for some treats!

So I ask again, whats you and your children’s favorite sweets?

Bright Blessings

Mummy Cat