I know I know, its that time of year again when I drop money into the lap of Lush but I couldn’t help myself, my body needed some sparkly baths and some glorious scented shower gels, this time I wanted to try something different and decided to get some of their Shower Jelly which I have seen all over Instagram of late.. Now I don’t actually have a shower so you might think I am being a little odd with getting a tub of it but I have seen lots of Lushies use it in their bath cocktails and as just a basic soap so that’s my plan.

Whoosh was the one I decided to try first, and I love how it smells, its a mixture of citrus fruits and its so refreshing to use in the morning to help blast those cobwebs away, as I said I cut mine up after snapping the photos and have also been using the odd square to wash my hands with, its a delightfully fresh jelly, its so much fun to wiggle about with too, because who said bath/shower time couldn’t be a fun time!

Dirty Springwash is a bit of an experiment for me, I tend to go for more of a fruity scent with my shower gels but this one sounded like something that I needed to try, its mint, I have told my children that this is exactly how I expect their breath to smell when they brush them, its so minty and I love it! extremely refreshing has left my skin feeling cold, I know that sounds odd but there is something about mint products that leave a chilly sensation on my skin, I actually really like it, the color is beautiful and has left me feeling bright and ready for the day ahead.

Creme Egg  is a bubbleroon, its basically a bubble bar but with a little squidgy center, this one is also another delightful mint scent but its more of a chocolate mint with spearmint mixed in with some beautiful other scents, it comes in three different styles, spotty, circles and marble (I picked marble) and its stunning, it turns the water into a light shade of purple and is just amazing to use, I am glad I decided to try some more of Lush’s limited run products again, its just a shame some don’t hang about for longer.

Let me tell you a little secret about Creamy Candy , remember in the winter Lush brings out the best shower gel scent called Snow Fairy, which is basically a sweetie in liquid bath-time form, this is it, I didn’t realize it until I got to smell this again, it is basically Snow Fairy! so if you are missing that limited edition scent that only comes out once a year, then you can get this, it smells exactly what the name suggests, like a candy/sweet and makes the bath water turn into this beautiful pink shade, it is also the cheapest of the bubble bars which is a win in my book.

Blue Skies and Milky Bath are two that I mix together, Blue Skies turns the bath water into this beautiful light blue shade and with the added Soya Milk powder from Milky Bath makes for one amazing bath-time experience, my children often ask for this cocktail at bath-time because of how ‘water’ like the bath becomes, and also thanks to the luster dust at the top of the bottle bubble bar it makes for a slightly sparkly bath too!


Brightside and Sunnyside are two of my all time favorite bubble bars, these are fruity and make even the hallway outside my bathroom smell amazing, while the luster dust of Sunnyside does cause for some glittery bath stains its one of the most amazing bubble bars have made, Brightside is a orange in a bubble bar, as you can probably tell from the colors the bath water is an stunning sunny yellow/orange and if you mix these two together its the prettiest bath you can have and smells amazing too.

I also asked for some samples, I did ask for one of the soaps that was leaving the store soon but they werent able to get me any so they gave me these four soaps, Bohemian, Sandstone, Sultana of Soap and Parsley Porridge which I wouldn’t have selected myself but I like that they picked them for me to try, I love Sandstone and I am glad they added it.


and there you have it, I wont be doing another one of these until later on in the year as once I took photos I chopped them all up and placed them into jars to make them last a little longer than usual, its just nice to treat yourself occasionally and what better way than to do a lush shop?!

Until next time


Nothing really says christmas like new bath products, and I had to do a little Lush order for this time of year as they often bring out seasonal bits that you can only get at certain times of year.. so I give you, a little haul!


Shower Gels



Snow Fairy and Merry Berry Christmas shower gels, I have never tried lush shower products before but I decided to give them a try, I am a mad bubble bar fan so you can completely understand my newbie reactions to these, Snow Fairy is amazing, it smells exactly like sherbet and its amazing, a delightful share of pink with some sparkles, I cannot get enough of it! if you love sweet scents then please get this, its wonderful.

Merry Berry Christmas smells so fruity, its made with real blueberry juice, its a bit thicker than Snow Fairy but that doesn’t take away from the fact its delightful, its a lovely shade of dark green which I was surprised by because all the images I had seen of it, it came across a purple/green shade but its of course also full of sparkles, how can you have Christmas without sparkles?

Bubble Bars




Plum Snow, Brightside and Candy Mountain are the three bubble bars I picked up this time, I wasnt impressed with the scent of plum snow, the color was beautiful and I hope to pair it with Sunnyside (the fun glitterfilled one) in future but I wasnt to sure of it, it doesnt have much of a scent for me personally but as I said, amazing purple colour

Brightside has to be my favorite bubble bar, it smells like oranges and is delightfully citrus scented, it turns the water orange and just wonderful, there isn’t much I can say about it other than its personally the best.

Candy Mountain was also a good one, scented similar to Snow Fairy so whenever I used it I paired it with the shower gel, turned the water a light shade of pink, if you liked Snow Fairy please get this too and you will get out smelling like a sweet shop!

What do you think of these, have you tried any? whats your favorite Lush product?

Until Next time

Mummy Cat