A slight change from my usual photograph Sunday, seeing as its the last one of 2017, I wanted to share with you all the wonderful photos I snapped on Christmas day with my family, It was such a lovely day with to much food and lots of things to play with..











I hope that you all had a wonderful 2017 and a fantastic festive season! bring in the near year in style!

See you in 2018!

Mummy Cat




Christmas Memories –


The big day is finally here! I hope you are all enjoying to much food and far to much drink, and its also the final day of the 12 days of blogmas! I have honestly really enjoyed writing these posts up and talking about stupid things over these past 12 days..

But here we are, at day 12 and its about Christmas memories..


I think one of the fondest memories I have of Christmas was one from my childhood, I have said before that I can be extremely reminiscent with things and lately I’ve been almost recreating a memory from my childhood.. the only thing missing is the people who made that day so magical.

Christmas Eve I would go visit my dad and his wife Tracey, which gave my mum time to do what I do and mad wrap everything, I would naturally wake up at 5 am and being unable to go back to sleep but once I heard the floorboards creak I knew it was time to get up and bundle onto their bed to pass around gifts while Dad went to make everyone a cup of tea..

We would then, once dressed head over to my grandmas house before heading around to my aunt and uncles house, while my dad went off to his sister in laws..

Everything was just so simple and easy.. it sounds so pathetic but I really miss the Christmases of my past and all the people who sat around that table sharing stupid stories and drinking far to much…

and I made it my goal to make sure my children’s Christmases are equally magical and full of joy and ease.. I am reliving it all through them and seeing their eyes and faces light up brings me pure joy..

but sadness as well because they’re growing up far to quickly..

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!!

Mummy Cat.




Holiday Traditions –

We don’t have very many traditions in our family, and as my children are reaching the age that they are at now, I have been trying to build and make our own for them to enjoy in the future..

One of the main ones has to be a new pair of pj’s on Christmas eve, hot chocolate or some milk and the best Christmas film, in my opinion of course The Muppet’s Christmas Carol before heading to bed.. Which I then break into my tradition of rush wrapping everything in the small space of time I have left.


My family has a tradition for Christmas day, once dinner has been eaten we move the tables out the way and sit down to share out the presents, I don’t know why we’ve done this but I find that it keeps the magic in the day a lot longer, the children might be impatient but I hope that once they get older they’ll see what I mean.

Not many, but they are ours and I love having them.. and each year we are going to keep adding little ones here and there to make sure our children have a magic time.

What are your families traditions?

Until next time

Mummy Cat




My Wishlist –


While of course Christmas is all about giving gifts, its also a thing of receiving gifts too, Whenever I get asked what I want my mind goes completely blank and my answer is almost always ‘I dunno… money?’

but I have an amazon wishlist which I add to throughout the year, its more of a ‘things id like to get but not yet’ list.. which I realize should probably be in my basket but eh.. I’m useless..

So here are a few things that are on my amazon wishlist;

U2 – Songs of Experience, I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a new U2 album, besides the free one they gave all apple users so this is for sure on my list! if I don’t get it I will probably end up buying it in the sales.

All the Pusheen products known to man, I love this little fat grey cat, I have so many dotted about the house in the form of plushies and cups, I need more!


This cute Bee necklace and earring set, I love bees.. they are one of the few insets I am not scared off, and you must have respect for the humble bee because there aren’t many left in the world at the minute.. in fact Burts Bee’s did a Save the Bee campaign which I wrote about here

and finally

FUJI instax mini camera, I have seen this thing everywhere on YouTube and other bloggers and I just love it, it reminds me of course of the Polaroid cameras, I love how it looks and who cant beat real photos to place on the fridge!

and that’s it, not hoping to get any of these, but they are sitting on my wishlist.

Until next time

Mummy Cat





Holiday Movies –

There is something so wonderful and relaxing about sitting down on the sofa with your children or family and enjoying a good classic holiday film, which honestly these days is either something so obviously designed for Christmas, or something from the golden age of Hollywood.

The BBC has a wonderful schedule this year of films for the children and of course Cars is on it, but so is Home Alone and Elf but the ones which we have been watching on Amazon Prime have purely been Home Alone and its sequel Lost in New York..

Apparently when I was a child I was terrified of those two films, and to be fair you can see why but my children aren’t scared and are very willing to sit down and watch anything, with in reason of course..


One film we have to watch this holiday season is The Muppets Christmas Carol, it has been my favorite for many many years and I have been known to watch this film… an extremely Christmas one in the heat of summer because I just love it so much, We save it for Christmas eve, just after bath time with the children sitting down with their warm milk and in their new pj’s..

…After all theres one more sleep til christmas…

What is your favorite holiday film, do you go with the more traditional typical christmas film or go the other way and have a normal one that you watch this time of year?

Until next time

Mummy Cat


p.s – Die Hard is totally a Christmas film too!!