12 Days of Blogmas – Day One – Tree Tour.

Welcome to the first post in a series which was created by Britt at Alternatively Speaking a wonderful blogger who I have really been enjoying reading lately, the first post in this series of this fun festive series is a tour of our small but mighty Christmas tree.

All the decorations that I am going to show you are picked by my children when we went to Van Hage apart from the other bits which I selected, the lights I found on amazon and are as retro as can be, no LED’s in this house this year and of course, tinsel.. some love it and some hate it but for me, its my favorite thing and looks wonderful with my retro lights!

and on top, a red star, I tried to find a fairy or angel but all I could find was this sparkly start but I think it really goes with everything else.



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Saturday night we all went to bed with a big warning that tomorrow there might be snow, now the last time we had a snow warning nothing actually came of it and when I was woken up at 4 am by Robin, it was raining.. so when 6 o’clock came around the children bounced into our bedroom declaring that


I did say that it was raining earlier so don’t expect it to settle.. but how wrong was I!?

Now I am sure you are all probably sick of all the snow photos by now but I couldn’t resist getting out with my Nikon and taking lots of lovely ones










They even managed a day of school because of it!

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Trip to Van Hage and two lost teeth.


This weekend has been a manic busy one, On saturday the 9th the plan was to get my hair done but because Mr S was busy in London for some website related business I decided to cancel my appointment to save my mum from having to deal with my children for an hour.



Our main plan was to go to a garden center which is called Van Hage, I remember going there as a child with my gran and just being in complete awe of the decorations, the idea was to go there, grab some tacky tinsel and allow the children to buy their own decorations for the tree.. along with some plastic ones so Robin couldn’t break anything and we decided to head back there each year and once we get a bigger place to get a bigger tree and add more hand picked decorations onto it.




Once we found what we was after, it was time to head back home and place everything onto the tree, which I will cover in another post, but when we headed back we sat down and enjoyed some tea while the children ate their candy canes, I told Amelia to go brush her teeth after she finished hers and she came running back into the front room to scream at us that she just lost another tooth, she had lost one on Friday while at school and had complained that the second one was just as wobbly… so the tooth fairy had to hunt around for some money in a hurry, I was amazed that her top tooth fell out first but all her first teeth appeared within the week of each other as a baby and they often fall out around the same time frame after they turn a certain age..

I don’t need anymore falling out anytime soon!


Such a joker!

We had such a lovely time, I ended my night on some chip shop chips while Mr S was late back and even had a beer, which was gross but I still had some because the situation called for something and we didn’t have much else in the house I could stomach.

It is seriously feeling a lot more like christmas now.

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The Christmas Tag

Thank you to Rachael for tagging me in this wonderful christmas tag, you can find her blog here and her christmas tag post here. Now onto the Q’s!

1. Favourite Christmas Movie & Why? – The Wizard of Oz and Love Actually, Oz has always been such a favorute in our home, I used to watch it daily when my nan was alive so I try and watch it once around christmas, it isnt exactly a christmas movie but its still best played at the festive time of year… and Love Actually is one of the few films that can make me cry (which is turning into a bit of a long list hah) cant beat a bit of romantic comedy on a cold winters night.

2. Top 3 Songs On Your Christmas Playlist? – Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens, Step into Christmas by Elton John and I Believe in Father Christmas by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

3. Favourite Christmas Tradition? – Saving Muppets Christmas Carol until Christmas Eve, seeing family and stressing over the mess, that’s a new one 😉

4. What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List? – honestly I just want everyone to be happy, I have no need or want for anything…. besides maybe a lie in and a night without the kids.

5. Buddy The Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge? Scrooge hah! There goes Mr Humbug!

6. Best Thing About Being A Parent At Christmas (alternative if not a parent; Favourite Thing About Christmas For You? Just seeing the children enjoy it, we don’t ‘do’ Santa but the magic is very much still there for them.

7. What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received? – anything science like, I loved all the ‘boy’ toys basically but being a girl it was a big no and I ended up with a doll that wet itself! Fun!!

8. Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions? – we do now, a bit like Halloween my mum never really did anything with me for Christmas Eve, I used to go around my dads house and spend Christmas morning there but now that I’m a parent I’m trying to introduce little traditions with my children.. we watch Home Alone, have a nice bath and get into some brand new pj’s, I make some hot chocolate for them and they go to bed a bit later than usual. I’m getting all excited thinking about it now!

9. Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel? – I honestly don’t drink but I love the smell of port that my husband sips this time of year.

10. Best Present You Ever Received? – my mum once got me a hair dryer that i still have, she got it for me many moons ago but I was over joyed when I got it as I only used to use hers.

11. Sprouts on Christmas Dinner? Yay Or Nay? – Meh, no opinion on them, I’m a very picky eater so it’s really depends on my mood.

12. What Is Your Ideal Christmas? – not sure, I like how my Christmas is at the minute to be honest, I don’t really want to change much.. this year we will hopefully have a car which is making things much easier, but I like my Christmas, just how it is.

And that’s it, thank you so much for tagging me Rachael, please take a moment and go check out her blog and of course her sparkly Christmas tag too!

I tag –


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Christmas shop, Starbucks and a day off.

On Friday 17th November Mr S and I went shopping, such great exciting news I know, we do this once a year for the ‘big Christmas shop’ and we get to spend some time together with one of the children.

First stop was of course Starbucks, the intention was to sit down and brainstorm ideas on what we had planned to get K and A, but Mr S was complaining about being tired and hungry..

He didn’t want any of my cinnamon swirl and to be honest it wasn’t that great, it had raisins inside the cinnamony bit and the fussy eater that I am only nibbled on it, even the icing wasn’t good.

R had a babychino, which is basically frothy milk and some shortbreads and loved every second of it!

Wilkinson’s was our first stop, and after having a browse around we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much there for stocking fillers, our plan was to get smaller items such as books and toys while up town and do the bigger items online using Amazon.

Mr S left to find himself some hot food in the form of a hotdog from one of the stands in the main center.

I however managed to grab myself some sparkly goodies for some future flat lay projects I’ve got cooking up! Who can resist cheap and pretty deco!

After Wilkinson’s our next port of call was the many pound land style shops in our town, last year we found so much great things to keep them entertained in the morning of Christmas Day, this year however, not much, and it was a actually a little disheartening but we did find a few bits.

Next stop was Asda, Asda never fails with good seasonal bits, we found some books and also grabbed the children some pjs for Christmas Eve, I will need to buy R’s from Next as I couldn’t find anything in store for her.

Our final stop was Witherspoon’s for some lunch, at this point Mr S said he started to feel really rubbish and blamed it on the chicken but I’m convinced it was just the hotdog he got earlier, we both had chicken burgers (mine was fried in buttermilk) and R had macaroni cheese full of veggies, she only ate the peas haha!

She also loved this smoothy that she got with her meal, she actually figured out straws too which surprised me, I remember K and A having a bit of trouble with straws, but this went down well.

After that we went to go get a taxi back home and prepare for the school run, Mr S went to bed for a bit so me and R played a little before heading out to collect K and A from school.

Despite the lack of small stocking fillers it wasn’t a bad day, it was nice to get out with Mr S and spend time together as he’s often working hard either at work or on his website.

Once he children got home we sat down to watch Monsters University and ended the day with pizza.

Now it’s time to do the big toys!! How is it almost December already?

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The BC April ‘biggest loser’ 

So its the run up to the big C, and like everyone else in the world I am trying to loose a bit of weight, I have said this before but I am in a wonderful mummy group on Facebook, I met a few of them during the summer which you can read about here, two weeks ago, one of the girls thought it would be a fantastic idea to set up a ‘Biggest Loser’ with a cash prize at the end of it.

The winner is the one who looses the most weight AND the one who looses the most inches, We are doing it for the 8 weeks until Christmas and then probably continue into the new year.

We all weigh at the start of the week and post what we are on the group and the wonderful Sam adds them all up to see who lost the most that week, and its actually going really well, I decided to take up calorie counting again and I love it so much, others are doing Slimming World.

My first weigh in I had lost 2lbs! but a girl in the group had dropped 8lbs last week, its lovely and so nonjudgmental if you have a slip up and there have been plenty of recipes shared.

I love calorie counting, I am using the My Fitness Pal app which you input the numbers and it works everything out for you, I find it a lot less restrictive than Slimming World which is handy when you fancy some chocolate.

We are currently closing in on our second weigh in and I am a little nervous this week, I have had some sweeties (Halloween) but I have done 10,000 steps every day by walking around near where we live after taking the children to school which has made me exhausted in the evenings.. I have been going to bed before 10 every night.

I will of course keep you updated on the progress, I cant wait to see how well everyone has done this week.

Have you ever tried something like this with friends?

Until next time

Mummy Cat




C is for Christmas.

Welcome back to my A to Z series.. up next we have..

Christmas –


Yes I know, the C word.. In July of all months!, I am not a fan of Christmas, I find its become far to commercial these days, the C word for us is more about family and spending time with the ones who we love, the gifts are nice but I think its now at a point where to me, its all about the children and my family..

I moved away from my family back in 2004, up to Newcastle to live with someone I met online, and they did the C word a lot differently to how my family did it, and I actually missed how my family did it, we had our presents after dinner, but they did the mad rush down stairs at 5 am and by the time 7 am rolled around things were broken, it didn’t always happen like that of course, I think I was just missing home so much that the 5 am rush felt so barbaric to me.

Now that I have my only children, we do both, we have the mad rush in the morning for the children who cannot wait any longer and have the after dinner gift share around my aunts house and I honestly love it that way..

and while I am not the biggest C word fan, I do it for my children because obviously its all about them.

Until next time

Mummy Cat.