Spoon feeding – Is it a bad thing?

Those that have probably been here for a while would’ve read a few post I have made about weaning and the struggles I have had with it, at first R just wasn’t interested in food even at the 6 month recommended age to start introducing food, I don’t think she was even on solid food until she was well into 8 months..

So our weaning in general has been delayed, we started of with traditional weaning, mushed food and spoons purely because I was afraid of her choking on her food, which is fair but as she got older I decided to move into baby lead, which is basically cutting up bits of bite size pieces of food and let them get on with it.. and it was going okay for a while..

Until I took her to get weighed, now shes a tiny thing, she doesn’t weigh much at the age of 19 months old, so any weight she looses I get worried and she had lost 4 oz since last time I went along to my local health center, they did mention it and I said that she was feeding herself but because shes a child a lot of the food ends up either on her, or just the floor..

Naturally I was worried, babies aren’t really meant to loose weight, and I know shes walking and moving about,but realistically her weight should level out or gain at a slower rate, So I decided to start back at the beginning and spoon feed her, to much of her annoyance..

So far so good, She has even lost her foul mood she seemed to have developed lately so she clearly must have been hungry.

I know there has been many talks from other mothers that they feel that spoon feeding will create fussy eaters, or lack the ability to even feed themselves as they get older, but to me right now all I am worrying about is just getting her to eat her food and gain some weight back, I still let her finger eat, she has snacks and eats her breakfast on her own and of course will make a good effort in eating her yogurt after dinner, but the worry in me needed to make sure she was getting food inside her little belly.

…and I think all the white shirts are thankful for the break too!

I really don’t see any problem with spoon feeding, if it means that you know completely that something is going in and not just being thrown on the floor.. I know many will judge me for my choice in going back to helping her, she doesn’t seem to bothered by it and I am not completely feeding her, she knows how to do it herself..

It really shows how different the years have been with baby rearing and weaning, I remember with my son, which was a good 7 years ago now, that baby lead weaning wasn’t even a thing and no one told me I could try it.. roll on 8 years with a new baby and the rules have changed again.

Has anyone had any experience with switching to baby lead and noticing some weightloss? or am I worrying about nothing and should’ve let her get on with it?

Parenting is a touch little cookie!!

Until Next time

Mummy Cat



Things you can do with a Bread Maker.

I have been thinking about the big C again and what perhaps I would like rather than what my children would like and I have been looking at bread makers,  I have been sitting on the Panasonic bread makers list on their website looking at all these wonderful things but I couldn’t help but wonder what other things could I do with a bread maker?

Why have something that can do one thing and much like a crocpot, a bread maker can do an amazing assortment of things as well as of course making some yummy homemade bread!

Cinnamon swirl dough – My favorite treat! I mainly use the Just Rol pre-made goodies but I have been dying to attempt to make my own, here is a little recipe to make some, these will the first things on the ‘to make’ list, also knowing fully what goes into these yummy treats is a big thing for me.

Pasta – Yes you can use a bread maker to make homemade pasta, its so easy you will wonder why you ever bothered buying pre-made shop pasta in the first place, here is a recipe I found to use, I have many of these ingredients in the cupboard already so these will be another one on the list of making, my children’s favorite meal is always pasta so knowing I could make my own its great.

Jams – Most modern bread makers have a ‘jam’ or ‘jelly’ setting, and I had no idea about this until my mum told me about it, shes told me many times how useful her bread maker is, very similar to how easy the pasta is, its only a few ingredients and the machine does all the work for you! here is a little recipe for you to use.

Are you as surprised as I am with the amount of amazing things you can make? these are just the tip of the ice burg of what I found and I honestly want to get one more now, maybe I can sneak it into a conversation and mention the C word and see what happens hah

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Hairy Bikers ‘Yummy Cookies’

These lovely looking biscuits are from the Hairy Bikers cookbook ‘Mums Know Best’. It’s really the most simple biscuit recipe out there and if you are like me you’ll have all these ingredients in the house already!!
100g Butter (soft)
100g of caster sugar (I used brown here as thats all I had in the house, came out perfect)
200g Self raising flour
1 tsp Golden syrup.
Preheat the oven to 190 and mix all the dry ingredients, making sure to sieve the flour, mix the butter and sugar together and add that to the dry, Mix up and add the golden syrup and continue mixing until it has a wet sand consistency.
Pop into the oven for 9 to 12 minutes on a flat baking tray and they should come out looking something like this..
Let cool for a bit and enjoy! if you fancy it you could add some ginger and turn them into ginger cookies!


Mummy Cat

Organix Punk’d Oaty Bars – Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out and review Organix new product, Punk’d Oaty Bars and of course, given that my children are obsessed with breakfast bars at the moment, I had to,  We have used some Organix products in the past, R loves the carrot sticks like they are going out of fashion so I was excited to get these and give them a go.


They come in two different flavours, Strawberry & Vanilla and Cocoa & Orange, The packaging is really attractive, so much so my son has asked for a bedroom of the similar colors as the Strawberry & Vanilla box which is always a good sign!


They are perfect for popping in the pack lunch box for school, We made sure to take some with us when we went to the Village Fayre last weekend.

There isn’t anything bad in them, all their ingredients is organic and everything else is normal every day ingredients which is always fantastic when it comes to food for children, I am one of those mums who avoid chocolate and sweets (apart from Halloween and Easter) so knowing that whats going into my children is all good stuff, these are a plus for me and are also suitable for vegetarians!

K described them as ‘Delicious’ and A has asked again and again for me to get more.. time to go shopping!!



Would I recommend them? YES for sure, they are fantastic and healthy, plus my children couldn’t get enough of them and have asked me to get some more the next time I go shopping.

Price Range? You can pick them up from Asda for £2 but they are currently on sale for £1.50 and compared to other bar like snacks, this is the average price, I would buy them again.

Anything Else? I think the only down side is the fact that my children ate them so quickly, so I didn’t get a chance to try them, K and A both gobbled them up and I think its fantastic that more and more food designed for children is having less and less junk in.

Go take a look at the Organix website for more information and definitely try them out yourself, well.. have your children try them out.. I doubt that like me, you will never stand a chance at trying them!!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes only, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


Kiddylicious – Blueberry Wafers – Review 

During my trip to Birmingham we popped to a sainsburys to grabbed some bits to eat on the journey and one of these was some kiddylicious products, R loved them so much that I decided that when I went to do my weekly top up shop to get some, and thankfully all the Kiddylicious snacks and pouches were on sale.. so I grabbed a load of different finger food to try.

Kiddylicious is a UK based company that started up in 2002 by Sally Preston, she orginally made frozen baby food from the ages of 4 to 12 months which was the first frozen baby food company in the UK, that Waitrose supplied, and over the years have won many awards and have grown to be a globally loved product adding many different lines as the years went on, watch this space for future reviews of their products as I sort of went crazy with the shopping..

The first being the Blueberry Wafers, I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened them up, I imagined something along the lines of the pink wafer biscuits that my older children love..


They are made out of natural products, have no gluten, egg, nuts and dairy, and have zero added salt, completely free from added preservatives and have no artificial flavors of colors, they remind me of a meringue with their texture and the only way I can describe them as is like a cloud of purple, they are extremely light and perfect for little hands to get hold of.



As you can see R very much enjoyed them, she wasn’t to sure when she first got hold of them, but once she realized they are something to eat she gobbled them down, I wish I had known about this company and their products when I had my eldest two as they are perfect for children with allergy issues and are completely free of dairy..

Would I recommend them – YES for sure, if you are like me and can be a little anxious about choking but want your baby to learn how to use her pincer grip and feed themselves then these are perfect for Baby Lead Weaning..

Price Range? – They can be a bit pricey but compared to the other higher branded baby food this has a mid range price tag, I got these while they were half price off in my local sainsburys but I wouldn’t say they are bank breakers, great to buy when needed too as they have smaller packets in stores as well as larger multi packs..

Anything Else? – Nothing really, they are pretty good and there isn’t much more to say on them, they do taste pretty nice.. yes I tried one.. needs must after all..

Have you tried anything from Kiddylicious? what would your favorite be?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer –  I paid for this with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Homemade ‘Ice Cream’

I love Instagram, its full of awesome photographs, shops and other delightful things, one of those things that keeps popping up in my suggestions feed is rolled ice cream..

These originate from Thailand, but after watching a video from Threadbanger and doing many many googles for the recipe I decided to try it out, but not to roll it up, just make a tub of ice cream from the ingredient that I found on this post.

and of course in the fine words of Jeremy Clarkson… how hard can it be?


The ingredients are pretty simple and not that hard to find, the only thing I didn’t use are the paint scrapers, as I am not rolling them, and I don’t have a skillet… but here is a rundown of what I used

  • 3 Tbsp. whole milk
  • ¼ cup. heavy cream
  • 1 Tbsp. sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • Strawberries

img_3253-5Measure out the correct amount of all ingredients, and add the sugar, milk and cream together into a bowl or pan, heat up the mixture until the sugar has dissolved fully

Blend up something to mix in, I used strawberries as they are very in season at the moment, add it to the mixture and stir.

Empty out into a suitable container that can easily be stored into the freezer and freeze for 4 hours, or however long you wish.


The next morning, I pulled it out of the freezer, I had to pop it into the microwave for a few seconds to soften up as our freezer is a bit too cold at the moment, but once that was done..

I present you with homemade strawberry ice cream, made with ingredients used for Thai ice cream rolls!

Which you can see in the below pictures, went down extremely well, I am for sure going to make a bigger batch and tweak it a little bit, my mum suggested I mix the cream up a bit and add more air into..


I call that a successful attempt at homemade ice cream! the children told me it tasted like yummy creamy strawberries, Now I must try different fruits or maybe even some chocolate!!

Have a go yourself..

Until next time

Mummy Cat




Ella’s Kitchen Pouches – Review.

Weaning has always been the biggest worry for me, the 7 years since I had my first child things have changed, back then it was porridge for the first taste, do it when they seem ready blah blah blah..

These days however, everything is different.. we are now recommended to start the weaning journey around the 6 month mark and to introduce vegetables straight away rather than boring porridge which I can understand.. it allows the baby to gain a taste for all things healthy rather than processed stuff.

So Ella’s Kitchen provides a helping hand for mums with little time to cook up things every day, like me, I am a mum of three, plus I have a house to run and a cat to prevent ripping up things.

We started in the beginning of this weaning journey trying out the banana and the pea packets to much of Robins disgust, she wasn’t ready at all for weaning even at six months old, so after a few worried weeks we tried again and she loved every minute of it.

The first stage pouches are smooth and perfect for little mouths and bellies that are used to only milk and once she got the hang of it we moved her onto the lumpier pouches.


Her personal favorite is Jamaican Curried Pork, which if I am honest smells lovely! and I am really pleased how well it seems to go down, coming from a baby who at first really didn’t enjoy food, to now running into the kitchen and shouting ‘Mmmm’ at her highchair which I consider a plus!

The best thing about Ella’s Kitchen is that they are made from real ingredients, not saying other ready made baby food isn’t made from real stuff, its that Ella’s Kitchen are extremely proud of their pouches and other bits and it makes me relax in the knowledge that whats going into my children aren’t nasty chemicals but good organic meat and veg!

​We are just about to head onto more lumpier food as Robin was late to the game with weaning, and I am sure I will continue to use Ella’s Kitchen in the months to come, they are friendly and easy to use with the instructions on how to warm up right on the packet.

I recommend Ella’s Kitchen to everyone I talk to about weaning and baby food, jars and pouches aren’t bad at all and can help greatly in busy homes such as mine when time often gets away with you.

So please, go grab some when you next see them in the stores, they have a wonderful fruit range too that I have yet to try out but I think I may add them to my list next week.

Happy Eating

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.