Its finally here, the last Glossybox of 2018! How fast has this year gone past? I have almost lost complete track of everything.


I feel that we need to take a moment to admire the beautiful box from this month which was designed by the Irish lifestyle brand Dusty Boy, I always love it when the limited edition boxes are all styled and beautiful, makes a nice change from the usual pink that is offered every other month..

but enough of that.. onto the goodies!!


Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser – This smells amazing, it goes on a little tick, almost reminds me of that cream women use when they breastfeed, with its consistency but once it gets wet it almost melts into a milk texture, I used this on my face shortly after I washed my hair and my skin didn’t feel as dry as it usually does.


Profusion Runway Eye Collection – How beautiful are these shades, I don’t wear much eye shadows but I can see myself wearing this, it almost reminds me of some shades I had as a young teen and I am going to have to wear this at Christmas this year.

I absolutely love how they have left a little guide how to wear the colors on the side, not all is lost on us newbies!


Laqa & Co Cloud Lips (Daydream) –  A bit like my eye makeup I don’t wear much lipstick either, but I tried these on me when I got them and I actually like them, they go on matte and I don’t find them to bright and clown inspiring and because I have two I am going to offer one to my mum who is always on a desperate hunt for a new lip shade.


Steve Laurant Precision Tip Eyeliner – Who doesn’t love an eyeliner! my go to eyeliner is this Maybelline one so I love trying new liners and I find ones with the soft almost felt tip pen tips are better for me to apply and easier to not mess up.

seriously a nice eyeliner!


Ecodenta Black Whitening Toothpaste – I have heard so much on instagram about this kind of toothpaste, and I am going to do a full ‘test’ with it, with the help of my poor husband later on so I wont share to much here but I will say two things, its very minty and rather black!

I cant wait to see what goodies I have in my next months box and what Glossybox have in store for 2018, Have you tried any of the wonderful products that I received in my December box?

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Until next time

Mummy Cat



Another month flies past but it does mean that the November Glossybox is just around the corner and like always I am excited to get it, nothing has been bad about Glossybox and last months was such a delight that I couldn’t wait for this months.DSC_0029



Charcoal and Willow Bark Sheet Mask – I got Mr S to try this as my skin can be a little sensitive and he spend all of the 15 minutes the mask was meant to be on complaining about it. The mask itself smelt really nice but did leave a sticky residue on the skin.


Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder – who doesn’t like new eyebrow products! I however couldn’t get the hang of this one, it wasn’t a liquid like I expected, yes I know it says powder on the bottle, but I do enjoy trying different things for eyebrows as like I’ve said before, mine are super fair.. I think with something like this, practice definitely makes perfect.


Contour Brush – the full size item this month was this contour brush, now contouring isn’t something I’ve actually tried because I’m not sure how to actually do it but the brush can also be used for applying powders which is what I’ve been doing, it is a really nice brush!


Candy Floss Moisturizing Lip Balm – This product smells delightful! It really does smell like a sweet and I’ve been using it daily since I got it, it’s smooth and really easy to use, I couldn’t find the exact product online but I did find another delicious scent to try, but if you do find this in the shops and like the odd lip balm, grab it!


Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium and Peppermint – equally wonderfully scented as the lip balm, I’ve used it a couple of times and I really like it, the peppermint isn’t to overpowering and it’s just a nice light body wash, it’s vegan friendly and is all natural ingredients.

And that’s it, once again I’ve really loved this months box, I really feel it’s such good value for money and you get some wonderful different items to try each month.

If you want to give Glossybox a try check out their website here

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Glossybox has given us a treat this month, whether you are a proud unicorn or a mighty mermaid, you will love this months box, which is unfortunately now sold out but I thought I should still do my monthly roundup of what was in it.

I got, as you can see, Unicorn! I couldn’t resist placing my unipusheen in the photos, whats better than a unicorn than a fat grey cat unicorn?


Mermaid v Unicorn Eye shadow Palette – when I saw this palette my heart skipped a little, I love the shades and I honestly cannot wait to play with them properly, at a pocket friendly price of £4 and can be found in your local Superdrug is this wonderful funky palette.


Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg – when I opened this up, I honestly thought it was just another beauty blender, purely because of how it was packaged, but it isnt that at all, but a brush cleaner! I have been seeing all over my facebook of homemade cleaners with a bit of plastic and some hot glue so getting this, is a highlight! it fits nicely on your fingers and is perfect for smaller brushes.


Bang Beauty Cream Color – How beautiful is this color? what is it? I hear you ask, it is in fact a multi use cream, you can use it anywhere and I have mainly worn it on my lips, and I love it, it reminds me of those little pots of lip balm I used to collect as a teen.


Lord and Berry Brow Pencil – I have probably said this before but my eyebrows are terrible, they are fair and just not there so i’m always on the hunt for new eyebrow pencils or tricks, and I love this, the one I received was slightly darker to what I was used to but I love how easily it was applied! I can see this being an every day use thing!


Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush – The packaging of this is velvet, I think I was more impressed with the packaging than I was the product haha, I am a newbie with makeup so not only do i not own any blush (well I do now) but I also do not know how to use it, this shade is really pretty and its making me want to attempt to go from newbie to not so newb with my make up.

All these products are full size in this months box, usually its two full size and three samples but I love how Glossybox gave us such a fun treat for October and I cannot wait for the November box now!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


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This months Glossybox was a lovely little surprise! I am a bit of a useless order tracker so when things turn up at my front door I get all excited.. lets take a look at what I got in the August box!

Essence live.Laugh.Celebrate Palette – This is a cute little ‘make your own’ travel palette, perfect for putting in a bag and taking along on your jollies (holiday), The collection that I got was two eyeshadow shades, one blush and one higlighter, and I love the little rattly box to store them in! The palette itself retails at 1.50 and the powder 1.50 each, which is pretty good for the pockets!

Batiste 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner – This is my favorite of the dry hairspray brands! I have about five different bottles because one is never enough, but this is the first time I have seen or used the shampoo and conditioner version, and I love it! but being that Batiste is my favorite brand, what more could you expect

Valquer Ice Hair Mask


Rodial Suede Lips


Modellauncher Safari Sun Bronzer


Purelei Hawaiian Girl Hair Ties


When my July Glossybox arrived at my door something inside it smelt incredible which, with anything that has body creams inside, is a good thing, all items are sealed up with a foil cap so whatever it is, is so fragrant its escaping the tubes and this months box has a theme of summer..



Glossybox always comes looking so well packaged and full to the brim of fun items to try, Plus I really like the box which reminds me of a shoe box you get at posh shoe stores.. but enough about the box and onto the items..


Up first I have this after sun skin care, seeing as we have had some sun lately in the UK (shocker I know) its Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it seems gentle enough to put on my children’s skin after they come home from school and have been outside for most of the day.. it has that lovely smell that after sun has, or that I remember from my childhood of smelling it on my mum after she had done with her tanning outside.. I am definitely going to keep using it and may purchase it in future.


Up next is what has caused that wonderful smell in the box, its a conditioner for the hair, and smells wonderful, I need a body cream of this as ugh, I don’t think I can just have it for my hair and I love it.


Up next is a makeup brush, I am a big newbie when it comes to makeup or brushes so forgive my stupidity with this one, I am not sure what its for but I love the color of the brush hairs which are silky smooth too and after a little google, I learnt its good for applying highlighter..


Banana Setting Powder, this is my firs try with setting powder and I have to admit that I love it, I usually just just translucent powder when I put my makeup on so its always fun to try something new, this also has a wonderful smell, not like a banana, which I am glad about as the smell of banana makes me gag a bit (I cant even watch any videos of people crushing banana’s in recipes hah) but I love this.


I have seen these hairbands around a lot lately, they a designed to cause less damage to the hair when you tie it up, but also are great to use as a bracelet too, I love the smooth texture and they are brilliant in my hair, I do have a few that I found from Sainsburys so I have used them before and they are literally the only things I use in my hair now.

And that’s it, my July monthly box from Glossybox, I am excited for my next one!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


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Disclaimer – I pay for Glossybox with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.