The Supermum Myth – Book Review. #blogtober

‘Ever had that feeling of ‘not being good enough’ as a modern mum its so easy to fall into negative way of thinking, feelings of anxiety, guilt and failure are all too common. Especially if you’re aiming for an unrealistic goal’ 

The Supermum Myth by Anya Hayes and Dr Rachel Andrew is a sort of ‘self help’ book to help and guide you through motherhood, its not all roses and sparkles and its important to know that its okay to not only feel bad about it, but know that you don’t NEED to be a supermum and that there is of course no such thing.

In the 8 chapters, it covers all things from emotions to expectations during pregnancy and beyond, as we are all a huge pot of hormones swelling around, my anxiety was through the roof with my third pregnancy and I honestly didn’t know how to cope with it.

Throughout the chapters it has little activities to help cope with various problems you experience, for example writing yourself a pre-mum self and create a memory box ritual, I honestly wish I had this when I was pregnant with R, its got so many good tips and advice!

I love the final few chapters where it talks about school and how to deal with teenagers, something that’s been sitting on my mind for a while now as K is racing towards 10 quicker than I like.

Would you recommend? – YES! if you deal with anxiety this is such a big help, it reminded me sort of those ‘For Dummies’ books you could get for technology.

Price? – You can pick up The Supermum Myth from amazon for a good price of £12.38 for paperback and £7.19 for a kindle, its average price and I would probably grab it if I saw it advertised to me

Anything Else? – Not much else, as I said it reminds me of those ‘For Dummies’ books, I was picking it up and looking through the book to find the advice I needed rather than sat down and read it from cover to cover.

If you would like to read The Supermum Myth yourself you can find it on amazon and any other book stores!

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I have been so busy these few days, a combination of getting the flat back to normal after the summer holidays (so much washing!) and a really blue mood which has has been hanging around since Tuesday, I know why I feel like it and I am trying to not let it get into my head but it’s hard…

On the plus I am due back to my doctors next week for my second anxiety appointment, I am less nervous this time around for it but I feel that I should mention my low mood and ’empty’ feeling that’s hovering around, I feel now that the best course of action is to be medicated, the doctor suggested I use Rescue Remedy which did help a little but while Mr S was away in Germany I suffered anxiety attacks and full blown panic attacks every few hours or so, I actually lost count (it wasn’t due to him being away but it didn’t help he was in another country) and the drops didn’t really do much to calm me down and I spend most of him being away close to tears.

Right now, as I sit in my bath (it’s a purple, sparkly Lush bath) I am thinking of the future, to October and Halloween, and of course December and BLOGMAS!!! my daughter is turning 6 shortly and I know things will get better, life will be better..

I can’t keep letting little things upset me and bring me down, learn from the mistakes and grow to be a better person for my children and their future.

BUT coming up on the blog soon will be a review from Organix and some fun craft items which I received in the mail the other day, more A to Z’s which a few have been written by Mr S and maybe another guest post series!

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Guest Post – Parenting Fails – Bringing up the Berney’s


Welcome to the final guestpost in my series of Parenting Fails, Up next we have Becky from Bringing up the Berneys

I’ve had many moments as a parent when I’ve thought FML.

Many times I’ve questioned whether I’ve been the only one to fail so spectacularly at parenting, and then I talk to other parents and realise I am not alone in it!

To this day, this particular fail still haunts me, but I am 100% blaming it on pregnancy-baby brain. Okay, so there’s me trying to be really organised by having a calendar at home on my kitchen wall, and a diary in my handbag so I can make plans whilst out and about. It was going really well for a time, and I was loving life.

Then a birthday invite was handed out. Fine, fine. I thought. I popped the information on the wall calendar and thought no more about it. I’d also written it in my diary, but here’s the catch…I’d written two different times down…And being *totally organised* as I was, I’d RSVP’ed verbally AND I’d lost the original invite. FML. So, with a 50/50 chance of getting it right, I took a punt and went with the time I’d written in my diary.

Can you tell where this is going yet?

I got Lily ready for the party, wrapped the present up and we headed off to the party! (Which, I might add, was at an indoor soft play.) I boldly walked in, and found all the children eating their party food. “Hmm, they’re eating first…They don’t usually do it that way round here, it’s play first and then eating. They must’ve changed it round this time.” I then wondered if perhaps this was a different party and walked up the stairs to see if we recognised anyone.

We did. This was the party alright… I’d only gone and picked the wrong bloody time and brought Lily to the end of the party! As the realisation sunk in, I could feel my face going red with embarrassment and then the awkward explanation of how I managed to mess this up so royally.

Lily still got a party bag and some cake (there’s always a silver lining) and I paid for her to have a couple of hours play. After all, we’d come all this way…might as well make a day of it!

A lesson learned from this, I have a special hook for party invites, and I have other mummy friends to double and triple check with now!

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Becky x


A to Z – I is for The Internet.

The Internet –

Its my favorite place in the world, I feel like I can be myself on the internet, I have found many many friends thanks to the internet, including that amazing group of women who I met up with last month..

I have seen it from the time of AngelFire websites and to the birth of social media, I love this place, sometimes I am not to keen on the people who use it, many of my friends have dealt with bullying on social media including myself, but thankfully there is that good ol’ block button.

I remember when I made my very first email, back in 1997, I lied and said I was 16 to get it, and I kept that email for a very long time until I stupidly forgot the password.. but I will never forget that amazing freedom the internet made me have, it still does.. however when I look back at my timehop I am a lot more worried about what I say on the internet..

I wasn’t as private as I am now, possibly because I know what others are like on it, one of the reasons why I keep my children’s images off it.. but I cannot wait for when my children get old enough to use it and explore what the World Wide Web has to offer..

Do you remember what your first email was?.. I really wish I still had it haha!

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This is for everyone – Tim Berners-Lee 



Next baby clothes haul part two

I am a self confessed Next addict, not to adult clothes… but baby clothes, I wasnt always this mad about clothes, I did my shopping in charity shops and Sainsburys, but wanting R to have the best and cutest clothes.. Next was the option I went for.. I often get vouchers at Christmas time and lately I decided to set up a credit account, which has helped with sudden growth spurts and of course my wonderful friend eBay has helped too..

Now lets get on with the clothes..


Sleepsuits – I am going to leave just the direct link to the sleepsuit section on the next website here so it saves a little time for me to search through all of them haha, I love Next sleepsuits, I love the sizes of them and the soft fabric they are made of, I also love the fact that they go up to 2 years! I think my favorite ones are the little animal character ones, which is a very in style at the moment.


Leggings – I am doing the same with the sleepsuit section and just sharing where you can find all of them (here and here) Leggings have been my go to outfit for R, they are easy to put on and pull off for nappy changes, they are great for movement, not at all restrictive and go with anything, who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings?

All of them are sets of three or two, apart from the sparkly pair, they are a lone pair and I just got two colors as their price was nice (that’s my excuse anyhoo)


Dress – Jersey Woven Mix Dress – I am not fond of many of the dresses in Next, but this one I love, and it is going to be R’s Christmas outfit (Yes the C word already!! sorry!!) its a beautiful dress and while shes small, I cant wait to see her in it.


Shirts – here is the link to where you can find all the shirts I have shown, I got a mixture of long and short sleeved because we are getting closer to the best time of year when its no longer hot and longer sleeves are needed, I will probably need to make another order come autumn for some hoodies and cardigans.. (any excuse eh?) I love the little cat one, I usually shy away from monochrome, because lets face it.. white on children is a NO for me.. but I love how cute the little cat faces are.

And there you have it, my rather large next order for a child who is still in her 9 – 12 clothes! She needs to hurry up and grow so I can get her in all these beautiful new clothes!

Any clothes that she grows out of I give to friends or donate to charity, as Next has always got fantastic quality even after wash after wash..

Until next time… excited to make her next purchase..

Mummy Cat



Heavenly Veggie Waffles – Review.


Most of my little reviews always start the same way, I went shopping to my local sainsburys and found…

.. Nothing is different here of course, always looking for new things to have R eat and enjoy I had to get them, also the lovely red sticker was also a tempting sight.. as we all know I love a good deal haha.

Heavenly Tasty was started by Shauna Mcarney-Blair after she noticed it was hard to find food in stores, because every now and then a packet or jar doesn’t do any harm, that supplied many for children with allergies, and as my older two had both a lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy, a lot of their food was either made, or religiously looked at whenever I brought them..

But this was back in 2010 and its amazing what changes in seven years.. as there are a lot more food for children with different allergies available.



They remind me of those little caramel wafers you can get, the ones you place on top of your hot drink and the caramel melts, they are crunchy and around the size of a 50p so perfect for little hands to grab and crunch..



I gave R these at breakfast, she had a lot of fun playing with them and eating them, and if you cant play with food then wheres the fun in that? she seemed more fond of the carrot one, but not to bothered with the beetroot one, BUT I believe she isn’t fond of the taste of beetroot as in a previous review she turned her nose up at the beetroot pouch..


My 7 year old also tried some, he was surprised at the fact the purple beetroot one didn’t taste fruity but told he they tasted nice, which for a picky 7 year old is a win win in my books


Do I recommend them? – yes and no, R did end up throwing a lot of them on the floor, I am not sure if that’s just general playfulness on her part or if she didn’t enjoy them, she did eat some of them but lets just say the hoover had to come out earlier than it usually did haha.

Price Tag? – not that bad, I got these for 1.50 but I think they are around the 2.50 mark at full price, I am looking at finding more to try in future so their full price isn’t a put off.

Anything else? – The packaging, they didn’t really need to be in a box, inside a plastic bag, surely they could improve and have all the information on a bag rather than on the back of a box that simply isn’t needed.

Other than that, they weren’t that bad, I can see myself popping them in the nappy bag when we go out anywhere..

You can find Heavenly Tasty at all supporting stores, you should go and try some..

Until next time.

Mummy Cat




Disclaimer – I paid for these with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Guest Post – Parenting Fails


This weeks Parenting Fail’s guest post is from The Lone Wolf Mama.

Parenting Fail…

This parenting fail is about the worst morning ever, in the history of horrendous mornings:We get up. The children accept my offer of a banana as an early morning snack in place of their usual morning Party Ring (which I’m trying to phase out because how the hell did we get to a stage where the first thing they eat in the morning is a party ring?) and get dressed without fighting me. It’s going well. I’m winning at motherhood. They put their shoes on without a fuss (D’s are on the wrong feet but hey ho, you can’t have everything).

We go to the car and it’s here that things start to go wrong. I’m not going to lie: what I’m about to tell you isn’t pretty. If you’re of a delicate constitution I’d stop reading now.

Z decided he wanted to get in the car on D’s side and climb over to his seat. I let him. He’s scrambling all over the back seat while I’m strapping D in. I go round to his side. ‘Come on, into your seat.’ I say. Z obliges. As he’s climbing in, his trainer falls off. I reach down into the murky depths of the footwell, which is filled with empty crisp packets, rotting apple cores and biscuit remnants, and retrieve the trainer.

I feel something warm and soft. ‘What’s that?’ I wonder innocently. I look down at my hand, clutching the trainer. There is dog shit all over the trainer and all over my hand.

Oh. Sweet. Jesus.

I scrabble in my pocket for a tissue, wipe the worst of the dog shit off my hand and dump the trainer on the pavement. With my one clean hand and my elbow I manage to finish strapping Z in.

It’s at this point I realise the dog shit is, of course, all over the back seat of my car. I pick up the offending trainer, and the shit covered tissue and run back inside.

After scrubbing my hands (whilst weeping on the inside), I do my best job at cleaning the shit off the trainer, chuck it outside, grab a new pair of shoes, run back to the car, shove them on Z, clean up the shit covered back seat as best I can and screech off to the childminder’s.

A pretty shitty start, hey?

Oh it’s not over yet.

All the way to the childminder’s, I can still smell shit. I frantically clean my hands with baby wipes on the drive there and throw some back at the children but the smell persists.

We arrive at the childminder’s, I leap out and inspect D’s shoes. All clean. I inspect mine. All clean. I inspect the back seat. No shit left there. I go round to Z and realise he has shit smeared up the leg of his trousers.

So, if you ever think you’ve had a rubbish morning, remind yourself that at least you haven’t delivered your son to the childminder, covered in dog poo.

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