The Sunshine Blogger Award.


I love doing these types of posts and I wanted to thank Young Mum Lifestyle for nominating me do do one!

The Rules

  • Thank the person that nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog
  • Answer the 10 questions from the person that nominated you
  • Nominate some other bloggers for this award and give them 10 questions to answer
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated.
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The questions..

  • What inspired you to start your blog? Another blogger actually, Bex over at Busy Bee Mummy Bex inspired me, I had always wanted to go back into blogging but reading through her posts kick started the spark inside me.
  • What’s your worst habbit? biting my nails and worrying to much about stupid things, trying to fix broken things and probably over reacting to things.
  • What’s your hidden talent? I make *the best* lamb stew!
  • What’s your biggest dream? I think my biggest dream would simply just be happy with myself, I have a lot of issues with self esteem and anxiety, Id like to one day feel okay being me for a change rather than be full of self doubt and self hatred.
  • If you could be a celeb for one day, who would you be? (dead or alive) Ooo um.. probably Goldie Hawn, I love her attitude and how she used being the ‘blond bimbo’ to her advantage, she is a smart woman!
  • How do you wind down after a long day? I play games on my xbox, some drink wine, others have baths.. me.. I kill zombies and explore new worlds!
  • What/ who is your biggest inspiration? is Instagram a person?… how about Pinterest? 😛
  • What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? Most exciting thing was probably going to Birmingham for the day and meeting a bunch of awesome ladies who I know from the internet and their wonderful babies, you can read about my day trip here.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully still blogging, in a bigger house with probably another baby on the way, I have very small hopes and dreams haha
  • What’s your favorite beauty product? The lovely Lush Sleepy body lotion, I love it, we all wear it at bed time now and everyone smells so lovely!

I would like to nominate..

Becca – My Girls and Me
Becky – Bringing up the Berneys
Maise – Love Maise
Sarah – Just Buttons

My questions to you…

  • What has been your favorite post to date that you have done?
  • What is your go to comfort food?
  • What is your favorite candle/wax melt scent
  • Weirdest celebrity crush?
  • You wake up in Ponyville, What would your cutie mark be?
  • What is your favorite Disney villan?
  • Its the zombie apocolypse, the item to your left is your weapon, what is it?
  • and finally, What is the single most important piece of advice anyone has given you?

Thank you for taking the time to read and of course thank you to my nominator! go check out her blog here

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Keep Toys Gender Neutral!!

The Big C is slowly coming up soon, and it wont be long before the shops are stocked full of goodies and toys, but the one thing I dread more than anything about The Big C..

.. is toys…

We live in a small two bedroom flat, it isn’t really small, but it currently houses 5 people plus a mainecoon so things do get a little bit cramped on occasion, and come Christmas and birthdays I dread the collection of new toys they get from family.. The one thing I ask for the most, besides keeping things on the small size, is make sure that nothing is PINK!!


One of the biggest things I hate more than anything, is PINK toys for girls, why is it needed? we don’t buy toys in various shades of blue for boys so why do it for girls?.


It used to be the other way around, boys had the pink clothes, but lately its turned around, I see it often even on pram selling groups on Facebook ‘Looking for a girl pram’ .. now call be crazy but, its a pram… there is no ‘gender’ specific prams out there, I get that you can have a certain color but not once did I ever think that prams needed to be gender categorized, I witnessed someone say she wanted to sell a brand new pram, all because she had a boy and the wheels had purple on them.

My children’s favorite toys are rainbow colors, they love the mega blocks bags and they seem to gain more and more of them each year, A loves My Little Pony and that’s fine, its her choice and K LOVES planes and cars, but they both will play with each other, at the moment they have been playing ‘Cars 3’ together which I think is wonderful.

I have always stood by the fact that toys do not need a gender, boys can play with dolls just as girls can play with mechanic stuff, I remember growing up wanting these awesome science toys you find in the back of the Argos catalog, but being told ‘I didn’t want those, that’s a boys toy’

We need to stop doing that… its a toy.. end of.

Whats your view on it all?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Lush Sleepy – Does it work?

We’ve all seen it, all over the newspapers and in the mum forums, Lush have this wonderful new body lotion which has a mix of lavender and oatmeal. its advertised as a ‘relaxing and dreamy’ lotion you put on after a bath. (you can find it here)

But is it worth its weight in gold? did it actually work?

Lavender has been used in many baby products in the past, it as antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and is also used to help calm anxiety suffers, I myself use a lavender oil roll on that I apply to my chest before I go to bed.

I ran a few tests, I tried her with a bath and the body lotion, just the body lotion itself with no bath and obviously a control of no bath, no body lotion and this is what I found

The nights that I bathed and used the body lotion she was asleep before 7 oclock, our bed time is around half 6 in the evening, I try and keep her up later but shes set in her ways haha, When I try just the body lotion, she sleeps a little later but you can kind of tell that shes relaxing and of course when I do neither she us up yelling at us until 7:30..

BUT… I am not sure if its the lotion doing it or just the fact i’m taking the time to sit down and rub her belly and her feet, making her relax, shes always sleepy after a bath anyway So I know the main factor in that is just her having a nice bath..

I think its going to be a case of if it works for you, then it works, and I am still not sure if its worked for R, I know for me when I use it I am out for the count haha, but we are going to take any sleep she gets while using the body lotion as a good night, I will say however that the nights we use ‘Sleepy’ on R, she does go all the way through.

whether its the body lotion or her just growing up.. I don’t know.

Have you ever tried Sleepy? Would you try it knowing all the other stories from it.

Until next time

Mummy Cat




Back to school bugs!!

It always happens…

…The children go back to school and the bugs start creeping back into our lives, its more of an annoyance than anything, A came home from school with a slightly snotty nose and I honestly didn’t expect it to become the Snotpoclypse in my house!

By the evening she developed a temperature and refused her dinner…

Great, here we go again!! The last time A got a temperature after coming home from school she had a rigor convulsion, her little boy seized up and went into shut down mode to balance her body back to the correct temp, it was one of the most frightening experiences I have dealt with because she went blue.. 999 was called and she was taken to hospital and of course, like usual recovered within half an hour but it shows what can happen with something as small as a silly bug

I was half expecting the same thing to happen, as K had febrile convulsions up until he was 6 but thankfully a good nights sleep and a dose of the wonder drug Calpol and she woke up full of snot but a lot better..

R however, is another story, Tuesday night, she woke up around 12 and screamed from that point onward, she didn’t want cuddles but also didn’t want any milk or to lie down in her bed, I knew it was coming, a cold was on the way.. the next day both me and Mr S felt like zombies and I don’t think R felt much better, the snots arrived shortly after along with the temperature and as of Thursday, it developed into a little wheeze chest.. its safe to say I need to get her to the doctors tomorrow (Hopefully they have a space for her)

I swear, the school is this giant ball of viruses and once they go back to school the flood gates open up spreading all the snot monsters everywhere and it happens right after the summer holidays..

Lets just hope I don’t get it either!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Here is a little link which explains the convulsions better.


Favorite Indie Brands.

As you know, I am a Next addict, but there’s something else I adore, and that’s indie brands..

Many can be found on Instagram and in fact thats where I found three of them, Instagram is a fantastic place to find anything, from independent jewellery brands to baking shops.

Before I had R, I would sit on Instagram a lot.. the baby group I was on hadn’t moved over to Facebook yet so we had a hashtag, and in the added chaos of people having babies, people were buying from indie brands and I was hooked!

The first thing I ever got was a blanket, a beautiful, interesting blanket from Tobias and the Bear.. this one I know its a big expensive but in the long run, its a beautiful well made blanket.. perfect for when the weather gets just that little bit colder..

Next I discovered Fred and Noah, my goodness they have the most beautiful collection of leggings around, I love they not only have children’s leggings, but have adult leggings! I am going to get myself a pair before winter autumn is done and enjoy them in the best way I can buy sipping hot chocolate!

Mama Designs have the best cellular blankets, I found them on Instagram and I had to get some, I own an orange, yellow and grey large and a small grey and pink, I often sit down and use one as a blanket when it gets a little cold in my flat

and finally, Little Blue Nest, Take a while guess as to why I had to get one of their blankets, they have the most beautiful robin set, duvet covers, swaddle blankets and a cute little comfort blanket and I own them all!! How could I not get my own little Robin them! She has a cuddly toy robin called ‘Bob’ who I will probably write about in future, but if you ask her where ‘Bob’ is, she points at the robins on the blanket!

and there you have it, my favorite indie brands, I can always on the search for more, supporting smaller brands is a great thing to do, more so during Christmas, little indie brands are people at home working hard and being bad ass at their job while being a parent too!

What are your favorite indie brands? are you like me and spend far to long on Instagram looking at pretty things?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.




Organix Punk’d Oaty Bars – Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out and review Organix new product, Punk’d Oaty Bars and of course, given that my children are obsessed with breakfast bars at the moment, I had to,  We have used some Organix products in the past, R loves the carrot sticks like they are going out of fashion so I was excited to get these and give them a go.


They come in two different flavours, Strawberry & Vanilla and Cocoa & Orange, The packaging is really attractive, so much so my son has asked for a bedroom of the similar colors as the Strawberry & Vanilla box which is always a good sign!


They are perfect for popping in the pack lunch box for school, We made sure to take some with us when we went to the Village Fayre last weekend.

There isn’t anything bad in them, all their ingredients is organic and everything else is normal every day ingredients which is always fantastic when it comes to food for children, I am one of those mums who avoid chocolate and sweets (apart from Halloween and Easter) so knowing that whats going into my children is all good stuff, these are a plus for me and are also suitable for vegetarians!

K described them as ‘Delicious’ and A has asked again and again for me to get more.. time to go shopping!!



Would I recommend them? YES for sure, they are fantastic and healthy, plus my children couldn’t get enough of them and have asked me to get some more the next time I go shopping.

Price Range? You can pick them up from Asda for £2 but they are currently on sale for £1.50 and compared to other bar like snacks, this is the average price, I would buy them again.

Anything Else? I think the only down side is the fact that my children ate them so quickly, so I didn’t get a chance to try them, K and A both gobbled them up and I think its fantastic that more and more food designed for children is having less and less junk in.

Go take a look at the Organix website for more information and definitely try them out yourself, well.. have your children try them out.. I doubt that like me, you will never stand a chance at trying them!!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes only, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


Thurlow Village Fayre.

On Sunday 3rd, we all, and when I say we all it didn’t really include all of us, Mr S stayed at home to work on his website, went to visit my aunt at her local village fayre which was in the village of Thurlow, just a few minutes from Haverhill.

We must have arrived shortly after 1 so we went straight to find something to eat, cant beat a bit of WI cakes!!

Once we had some food (cakes are food shush) in our bellies we went off to find my aunt and uncle, who owns and runs his own composting company Field Compost and no I wasnt paid to shamelessly plug their company haha, but once we found them, K and A then found the rides!


This was the single highest thing I have seen in a while, I am always nervous about giant blow up rides but they loved it! I think they got roughly 5 minutes on each and I think this one was the most popular one of all.


While they went on the giant slide, I decided to go for a little walk around and see what else I could find, the band had a little crowd around it, enjoying their teas and listening to various music being played by beautiful brass instruments, I love how they weren’t fazed by the smaller fans walking around between them.



There was lots of other fun things to do and see too, K wanted to badly go on the wired trampoline but the line was just so long that it made more sense for him to find something else to do, they were both to short to go into the giant ball things, thank goodness and I had a go at the plate smash game, took out my frustrations of recent events on a brown plate haha!



There was so many different stands, plenty of wonderful handmade items to buy and try, pancakes and BBQ to eat, it was such a lovely day, the only real downside of it all was everything was just so expensive, but so wonderful!




Mine and K’s favorite was probably all the old cars that they had on display, They had some beautiful ones, including a really old Ford which smelt incredible when they started the engine, I love classic old cars!


The day ended with a traditional welly throw competition, which I mentioned on twitter, The children thought it was really funny, However there was a few stray welly boots that went into the audience, no one was hurt of course!!

It was such a nice day, the rain held off until the very end when we was heading home, I love visiting my aunt and uncles little village, its my dream to live somewhere like that in future, away from the noise of a town.

Until next time

Mummy Cat