How quickly did the month of April speed past? April for us is such a busy month with lots of birthdays and of course the half term that landed at the start of the month, I have so many wonderful things that I call my favorites this month so rather than babble about nothing i am just going to jump right into it.

H O M E –

Cereal Dispenser – I got this after I watched SprinkleofGlitters speed clean vlog, I saw it and thought that I had to get it and thankfully when I did look for it on amazon I found it at good price of £9, Mr S thinks I am being rather stupid when this thing turned up but I can see he loves it now, it holds two types of cereal, mine I have the children’s multigrain hoops in one side and some porridge in the other and I just love how it looks in my kitchen.

Painting my kitchen – While this isn’t exactly a ‘item’ but for the past two months since I did up the children’s playroom I have been addicted to decorating and once I sorted out the bathroom floor I wanted to attack my kitchen, which hasnt been touched since we moved in almost 8 years ago now so it needed some much needed TLC. I picked some paint I liked from the shops, this lovely dark grey called Storm Cloud and have slowly been working my way around the room and its really started to make me enjoy my kitchen a lot more than I used to.


M A K E – U P –

Maybelline Brow Drama – I have probably mentioned this before in one of my favorite posts, I know I talked about it in my ‘Whats in my makeup bag’ tag post that you can read here but its been one of my favorite makeup products that I have owned, I don’t really have eyebrows, they are really fair and when I don’t have anything on them, I look extremely odd, I have been looking into Micro blading but the price is so off putting, but Brow Drama is literally the next best thing, its basically a mascara for your brows and come in a collection of colors, I honestly do not know how I lived without this product in my life.

Angel Perfume – My mum got me this for my birthday, along with a large amount of chocolate, this has been my favorite for a while now and I love how it smells even after the day as gone on, the bottles are always adorable, the one she got me is the refill one so when it runs out I can get the girls at the perfume shop to put some more in there for me.

G A D G E T S –

Nikon CoolPix – This month was my birthday month, Mr S asked me what I wanted and while I knew it was expensive I asked for a camera, I have had my eye on the coolpix for a while, it has the option to record video as well as take photos and while I dont plan on vlogging at any time, I love taking videos of the children and wanted something I can just drop into the nappy bag and not be so cautious about it like I am with my Nikon D60, the camera is fantastic, the only down side that I have is that it wasn’t rechargeable batteries so I have to get disposable ones, I am planning on buying some rechargeable ones so I am not endlessly changing them over and they feel like a complete waste.

The camera itself has such a fantastic zoom on it, I can sit in my house and get a wonderful clear picture of the bus stop that is just over the hill and the quality of the images I am getting are perfect, not as clear as the D60 for obvious reasons but I adore it, it comes out with me during the school runs and as its been beautiful here lately we’ve been going for walks and I’ve been snapping away.

O T H E R –

Bullet Journal – I tried to do one a while ago, the start of the year but I felt utterly non creative that it never got anywhere, but last month I sat down and ignored my self doubt and just had at it, and I love what I’ve created so far, its just mainly for blogging but I have added a monthly diary so I have somewhere to add dates and things, my favorite month cover page I have done so far is May, its just so pretty plus I think that my wonderful Mummy group online also do their on bullet journals really inspired me to do mine again, seeing all their creations.

Cars 3 – Kai was given this for Christmas and it honestly has been on repeat since, Robin loves it and it feels like I am living with a mini Kai again with her coming up to me with the controller asking for it to go on again, and I don’t mind it going on endlessly, its actually a good film and I love how in the end the female car wins the race and shows her mean boss and the other cars that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can do whatever you want to achieve, plus the growth of Lightning McQueen (who it turns out is actually called Monty) from the first film being this show off and self centered idiot into this person who he never expected to be, its such a great film and I often find myself a little weepy at the end.. blame those hormones haha

Grimms Wooden Toys – April was also Robins birthday and the one main feature that I wanted for her as she became two was the fantastic Grimms Wooden Toys, made famous for their beautiful rainbow, One of the things that this toy company is known for us open ended toys to allow children to explore their imagination and shes is loving all these bricks and pots which also look stunning on shelves.

And I Will Kiss – Underworld – I don’t know if you are aware but I am an actual crazy person, This amazing song appeared on my YouTube suggestions and I forgot how amazing this whole thing was, so much so that I went and found the footage from the 2012 Olympics that London hosted and I honestly sat there and got a little weepy, how amazing was that time? here is the song.. and I hope you enjoy it too.


and there we have all the things that I have enjoyed this month and forward onto May, what sort of things have you considered favorites?



Who doesnt love a good blogger tag, and I was tagged by the wonderful Maria over at Surburban Mum in this wonderful ‘getting to know you’ style Q and A.. so here we go.. onto the questions.

When was the last time you cried? – You know.. I cry so often that I honestly don’t remember, I get anxiety/panic attacks sometimes and end up in tears after that, I cry sometimes when I watch films.. I have become super emotional of late

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? – If other person me knew how lonely and excluded real me felt every day I would make it my goal to make real me feel happy not lonely, so I would.

Do you use sarcasm a lot? – sometimes, I was going to give a sarcastic answer but didn’t hah!

What’s the first thing you notice about people? – Hair, but I do a quick scan of peoples faces before I talk to them, so I notice their whole face I think

Scary movie or happy endings? – realistic endings, one of my favorite movies The Descent had a ‘Happy’ ending and a realistic ending and I think after seeing the happy one and the one where its still bad, I prefer that.. morbid as I am…

Favourite smells? – rain after a hot day, that smell that you only get in autumn..

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? – I think the furthest i’ve been is this town in Scotland called Lossiemouth (handy little wiki link here) my friends dad was part of the RAF and was based there and we traveled up there during the half term.. I have also been to Dublin and but I think Lossiemouth is the further than Dublin..

Do you have any special talents? – I dont think I do, I can speed type and speed read, but that’s about it

Where were you born? – A hospital in the city of Cambridge! I was born in Cambridgeshire, I grew up in Hertfordshire and I now live in Essex 🙂 im an all over type of person haha

What are your hobbies? – Photography I run a weekly series on my blog that goes up every sunday called Photograph Sunday which I pick a photo of that week which I love, crocheting, social media (yes that’s a hobby) and gaming.. there are a few more but I cant think of them off the top of my head

What did you want to be when you grew up? – According to my mum I wanted to be a dental nurse, but now that I am much older I cannot for the life of me figure out why I would want to look into peoples mouths for a living.

How many countries have you been to? – Five – Spain, Belgium, France, Scotland and Ireland

What was your favourite/worst subject in School? – Favorite was always science and history, my worst was probably religious studies

What is your favourite drink? – water and tea, however I have been a little addicted to a nice cold diet coke once in a while

What would you (or have you) name your children? – My son is Kai which is short of Malachi, his name was picked even before we got pregnant, my first daughter is Amelia, we couldn’t figure out a girl name for ages until i read a wiki page about Amelia Earhart, and my second daughter is called Robin, shes my little bird 🙂

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? – I love Achievement Hunter! its a gaming channel that came off the back of the wonderful Austin Texas based company Rooster Teeth.

How many boyfriends have you had? – 2?.. i don’t know .. my memory is terrible

Favourite memory from childhood? – I have many but the one that sticks in my mind is the day we all went around my Nan’s house and she got everyone doughnuts and my aunts dog Bobby spotted one on the coffee table and in one bite grabbed this jam filled treat and ran off with it.

How would you describe your fashion sense? – er… ‘mum’

Tell us one of your bad habits! – I worry far to much for a normal person, I say sorry ALL the time and for no reason, I self doubt and self hate… Oh and I also crack my bones!

and there we have it, I really enjoyed that little tag, I think these getting to know you type ones have to be my favorites

I tag –




Until next time


The Easter holiday has been and gone and we managed to do some wonderful things during the time off from school, with the sun slowly growing warmer and brighter every day I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get the pony beads out and make some sun-catchers for our windows which if you sit in my living room face the sun all day so are perfect.

Assortment of plastic beads/pony beads, we got ours from ebay
Baking tray, we used a small muffin tin
One Oven (obviously)

It is honestly really simple and easy way of making beautiful window decorations, place the pony beads into your muffin tins, you can go big or go small its all up to you, preheat your oven to about 200 degrees C (400 degrees or Gas Mark 6 and pop them into the oven once you’ve found a pattern you like, I asked Kai to help me out here and he just chucked them in to make any old pattern, I know its not good to heat plastic inside an oven in a home but as long as you make sure to keep windows open while doing so everything will be fine, there will be of course a plastic melty smell but that’s completely normal, check on them once in a way but all in all give them 20-25 minutes to melt down and stick together.

Once that is done take them out, do not remove them from the muffin tray right away because it will still be soft and as we all know, melted plastic is hot! leave them to cool down inside the muffin tray and they will pop out fine on their own without any need of non stick spray.

Now its time to assemble and hang up, we used my trusty glue gun for this job because I couldn’t find my drill anywhere but you can drill a hole in the top and bottom of the circles but I think they look okay with the glue gun..

and hang them up anywhere there is some sun, sit back and enjoy, a wonderful and simple craft that everyone can do and enjoy!



Until next time


While reading around on twitter I saw this wonderful post on Jade’s blog Everyday Young Mum in which she shared 50 things in her life that make her happy and I thought it was such a wonderful positive post that I wanted to do the same and share 50 things that make me happy.


  1. Pusheen the Cat
  2. My Children
  3. My Husband
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Top Gear/The Grand Tour
  6. Photography
  7. Good Food
  8. Tea
  9. Cats
  10. Gaming
  11. Shopping
  12. Cooking
  13. Fresh bedding
  14. Autumn
  15. Writing and Blogging
  16. Being Creative
  17. Danny Boyle Movies
  18. 1980’s Music
  19. U2
  20. The smell of rain
  21. Sleep
  22. Having a Tidy Home
  23. Good Friends
  24. The Block Button
  25. My BCApril15 Girls 🙂
  26. The CHM Appreciation Girls 🙂
  27. ‘Dispatched’
  28. Watching the Birds on the feeder
  29. A good Lamb Stew
  30. Spending time with family despite how anxious it makes me\
  31. Old photographs
  32. Old books
  33. A good gossip website
  34. Live Music
  35. Being at home
  36. Reading other wonderful bloggers
  37. Really good fanfiction
  38. When my Glossybox turns up at the door unexpectedly
  39. Reading useless facts on Wikipedia
  40. Art
  41. Crochet
  42. Getting my eyebrows perfect.
  43. Talking to friends at the school gate
  44. Bluetits
  45. Watching police dogs do their stuff
  46. The rain
  47. A cool breeze on a warm day
  48. Not doing anything
  49. The smell of a clean carpet
  50. Having the support of good people.




We are always asked what we wanted to do as a child for when we grew up into an adult and went out into the scary world of working, some of us had a dream job, the one thing that since childhood knew what they wanted to do and made it their complete life goal to achieve that job.. My husband for an example has always wanted to work in the gaming industry, whether it was making a game or even writing about them and while hes come along way from his quiet beginnings he now owns and writes on his own gaming website with a group of other fantastic writers and video editors and is making waves in the gaming industry. (His site is B3 if you are curious) but I could never pin point what I’ve always wanted to do, I couldn’t find something that would be the one thing I would dream about doing and I find that a little sad, why couldn’t I pick something? I simply couldnt even find the answer to that.

My children have some pretty good dream jobs, Amelia said to me that she wanted to be a doctor, and not just any kind of doctor but a brain one and Kai has said that he wants to be a race driver, clearly his obsession with cars sparks that dream and I am more than willing to help them get that job as long as they both are aware of how much work goes into it all, which I feel has been the biggest issue with me finding something that I truly enjoy doing.

I guess that I sit here writing this blogs that perhaps my new dream job is what I am doing now, writing.. I am very worried that I will be floating through life not knowing still when I am much older..

I asked about with other wonderful bloggers to see what their dream was and if they had achieved it, or perhaps they have found something way out of their comfort zone and enjoy it more than they expected.


 “I grew up aspiring to be an architect, then an interior designer, did a graphic design degree wanting to be an illustrator and then grew a love for photography through blogging. It’s always stayed within the creative industry so they’ve always stemmed from the creative spark I have but it’s crazy how your goals constantly change!” – Gemma 

“When I was a kid I really wanted to be either a teacher or a vet, now I’m a full time blogger and I don’t want to be anything else! It’s perfect for me. My daughter says she wants to be a blogger when she grows up too” – Louise

“I have always wanted to work in care, if that be midwifery or being a carer for the elderly i dont care!” – Rebecca 

I always really wanted to be a Mummy! However now I am one I’ve come to realise that I NEED to work alongside it just to feel a little more human so having my blog makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery as they’re two “dream jobs”” – Georgina 

“As a child I changed my mind a lot! From wanting to be a firefighter to a radio DJ! I think I never knew what I wanted to be right through to adulthood. Now, by chance, I’ve become a full time blogger and it’s absolutely my dream job to work for myself. I hope it continues”Victoria

“My mum said at one point I wanted to be a teacher or a policewoman, but I have a vivid memory of spending ages designing shoes! I was about 8 and used to take a little notebook to school to sketch my designs. I’m now a fashion designer!” – Alice


and as for me, I said above that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do, according to my mother I wanted to be a dental nurse but the thought of dealing with other peoples smell mouths is now officially off putting for me, I am fully trained to work with children, but now that I have my own I cannot think about working with them and then coming hope and repeating it.

I know at one point in my life I will find something that speaks to me, but for now, I am very happy with being a mummy and a homemaker.. perhaps that is after all my dream job?

Until next time