August Glossybox -Roundup.

This months Glossybox was a lovely little surprise! I am a bit of a useless order tracker so when things turn up at my front door I get all excited.. lets take a look at what I got in the August box!

Essence live.Laugh.Celebrate Palette – This is a cute little ‘make your own’ travel palette, perfect for putting in a bag and taking along on your jollies (holiday), The collection that I got was two eyeshadow shades, one blush and one higlighter, and I love the little rattly box to store them in! The palette itself retails at 1.50 and the powder 1.50 each, which is pretty good for the pockets!

Batiste 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner – This is my favorite of the dry hairspray brands! I have about five different bottles because one is never enough, but this is the first time I have seen or used the shampoo and conditioner version, and I love it! but being that Batiste is my favorite brand, what more could you expect

Valquer Ice Hair Mask


Rodial Suede Lips


Modellauncher Safari Sun Bronzer


Purelei Hawaiian Girl Hair Ties


Sassybloom Box – Month two – Roundup.

Here is my month two of the Sassybloom box, I love this months box, everything in it has been enjoyed and played with almost daily, which is always a wonderful thing.

And as you can see from this picture, all the wonderful goodies inside the box.. lets dive in and talk about them all..

The bus, has been played by both R and the older children, its a sorter, but the bus also moves around the room, you can open it up at the back and take the blocks out, I have caught R sitting down on her own talking away to herself putting blocks in and out of the bus, some pieces have gone missing because lets face it.. children… but through the ingenious of the older two they have dug out other blocks and bits from the toy box to fill up.. an all round, fantastic toy


When I Dream of 1,2,3 by Oakley Graham is a number count book and we love counting books here, the words are easy for a child of 4/5 to read and the illustrations are beautiful big and perfect for a younger child to sit down and count.


Now this is a bath toy, its made by Munchkin and it sticks to the side of the bath or on a tile, but we have been using it in the living room and sticking it to the toy box or Mr S’s desk, R loves it, and will endlessly take out the balls and place them back in over and over again, I’d move it into the bathroom but its being very much enjoyed where its been stuck since.. haha.


And finally we have some cute little cars, they are perfect for small hands to grab and push around, R will dig these out of the toy box and loves pushing them about the room, she has also taken to putting them inside the bus I mentioned earlier..

I just love how all these toys are now the main things that are played with first in the mornings and we all get excited when the big box turns up at the door, I am always asked to open it straight away!

Out of all the monthly boxes I have, This one gets is the most enjoyable, the children love it and I love seeing them have fun with new toys and books each month..

I cant wait for month 3 🙂

Until next time

Mummy Cat




Geek Gear World of Wizardry Box – July Roundup.

This months Geek Gear box came at me as a bit of a surprise, I didn’t expect it, so when it turned up at my door I was super excited, in the box each month you will get fun items depending on what fandom you choose when signing up, and obviously I picked Harry Potter and the surrounding world of wizardry.


This lovely little print, which like the others I have gotten from the box now sits in my children’s bedrooms, is from the recent movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which I have yet to see for myself.. I know how could I not see it yet! but I am aware of the characters etc.. I have said before that many of the prints are fan made and honestly I hope they are paid for their contributions..


This month we had two prop items, I will get to the second prop shortly but the first prop is of course the world famous glasses worn by Harry himself, these are surprisingly heavy so aren’t a cheap item, they’re a bit on the small side, or my head is on the large size, either way I think they’re pretty cool and ready for when its Halloween and dress up time 🙂


The house item this month is this funky little clip on bow, it has a safety pin at the back so you can attack it to bags and even onto a thick hair tie, I have put mine onto my changing bag so it comes with me everywhere.. gotta rock the house pride!


As you can see from the photo, this is a large coin which is made to look like the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, its pretty heavy and a cool collectors item, not much I can really say on it really, its just a pretty cool ‘thing’ to put on display.


I also got another enamel pin to go with the Hagrid one from last month, This one is a Harry Potter one, Similar to the one last month you could collect three different colors, a basic one, a silver one and a gold one, I just had a basic one but I don’t mind, they’re pretty cool and Harry now sits next to Hagrid on my bag.


I think my favorite thing about the geek gear box is the t-shirts, when you are selecting the box you can choose sizes so no worries about if you get something to small, and if you get something large then you have a new shirt to wear to bed! This one is once again from the Fantastic Beast film, with the little pocket of Newt Scamander on the breast.


and finally the second prop item, a wand! I got a wand in a past box, it was Hermione’s wand and it was brilliant, I allowed my daughter to play with it as she loves the character, this wand was an bog standard one, didn’t have a character placed with it so it will be fun during role playing when they want to mess about pretending to be wizards.. it has a pretty good weight to it, which gives the feel of a real wand.. and its really well made!

There we have it, July’s monthly geek gear box! always full of fun items to play with and wear, I think out of all the cool boxes I’ve tried I like this one the most, while makeup and baby stuff is cool,  I am such a nerd at heart and I love being able to share my enjoyment of my nerdiness with you. 🙂

To see what I got last month in June’s box.. click here

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer  –  I pay for Geek Gear with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



July GlossyBox – Roundup.

When my July Glossybox arrived at my door something inside it smelt incredible which, with anything that has body creams inside, is a good thing, all items are sealed up with a foil cap so whatever it is, is so fragrant its escaping the tubes and this months box has a theme of summer..



Glossybox always comes looking so well packaged and full to the brim of fun items to try, Plus I really like the box which reminds me of a shoe box you get at posh shoe stores.. but enough about the box and onto the items..


Up first I have this after sun skin care, seeing as we have had some sun lately in the UK (shocker I know) its Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it seems gentle enough to put on my children’s skin after they come home from school and have been outside for most of the day.. it has that lovely smell that after sun has, or that I remember from my childhood of smelling it on my mum after she had done with her tanning outside.. I am definitely going to keep using it and may purchase it in future.


Up next is what has caused that wonderful smell in the box, its a conditioner for the hair, and smells wonderful, I need a body cream of this as ugh, I don’t think I can just have it for my hair and I love it.


Up next is a makeup brush, I am a big newbie when it comes to makeup or brushes so forgive my stupidity with this one, I am not sure what its for but I love the color of the brush hairs which are silky smooth too and after a little google, I learnt its good for applying highlighter..


Banana Setting Powder, this is my firs try with setting powder and I have to admit that I love it, I usually just just translucent powder when I put my makeup on so its always fun to try something new, this also has a wonderful smell, not like a banana, which I am glad about as the smell of banana makes me gag a bit (I cant even watch any videos of people crushing banana’s in recipes hah) but I love this.


I have seen these hairbands around a lot lately, they a designed to cause less damage to the hair when you tie it up, but also are great to use as a bracelet too, I love the smooth texture and they are brilliant in my hair, I do have a few that I found from Sainsburys so I have used them before and they are literally the only things I use in my hair now.

And that’s it, my July monthly box from Glossybox, I am excited for my next one!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


To see what I got in June – Click here

Disclaimer – I pay for Glossybox with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.


July Birchbox – Roundup.

This is going to be the last Birchbox roundup that I plan to do, mainly because its just not worth getting them anymore, a lot of the items are a bit samey and one of the items in this months box just isn’t at all impressive.

I have enjoyed getting it month by month but I decided to cancel my subscription after July’s box, doesn’t mean you wont enjoy what they have, it just wasn’t for me anymore.


Up first I have this tiny sample bottle of what I assume is perfume, It actually smells really nice, I am a fan of Thierry Mugler’s Angel and this is a little bit lighter than that, its Romance De Provence by Catherine Malandrino and its pretty expensive in the full bottle (the website shows the U.S price but the UK price is 53, I don’t think I would buy it, but I will for sure use this little sample up.

When I first opened my box I thought this was a little packet of tea, it is tea.. but not your English breakfast kind of tea, its a face mask by Origins , Its a powder face mask with Matcha and Green Tea and it smells exactly like green tea, I am not sure what Matcha is but it does smell really nice and I am looking forward to trying it out.


Next is something a little fun, foaming shower gel, and it foams up amazingly, I pressed the button and without expecting it, a large amount of gel fell onto the floor and foamed up everywhere. It smells amazing and when I did get some on my skin is now all smooth, it has a slight minty aroma but its main ingredients are eucalyptus and rosemary, so amazing!


Up next is Flash Cleanse Micellar Water, all of these products smell so wonderful, and this one is no different, I used a little bit on my face after I had removed my makeup last night and my skin felt great this morning, didn’t have any reactions like i normally do with skin care products, defiantly adding this to my makeup routine.


I believe this is dry shampoo, I am only used to the shampoo you get in the spray bottles, so a almost, cream dry shampoo is a little strange to me, over the week ive read so many comments on Birchbox’s facebook page about getting nothing but dry shampoo and I couldn’t help but laugh at this, its an overnight recovery dry shampoo and it kind of made my hair a little bit greasy, but my hair can be a tough cookie with products.. I think I will stick to my spray shampoo for now.

Now this last one, has made my mind up on whether or not I was going to continue getting Birchbox in the near future, yes this is as small as it looks, its a Benefit Cosmetics lip and cheek stain and it is a beautiful color, but the bottle is tiny, I know it was just a sample but I was expecting something a bit bigger than what I received.

it is a lovely color as I said and I had the choice of two to pick, and as I am not much of a red lippy fan I went with the more pinker tone.

But that’s it, No more birchbox for me, I don’t mind, I plan on keeping my Glossybox Subscription so I will continue to share what I get from that in the future.

Have you ever used Birchbox before? what did you think about it, are your feelings about the same as mine?

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – I pay/paid for Birchbox with my own money monthly, All opinions and thoughts are my own.


SassyBloom Box One – Roundup.

So once again I was sitting on my Facebook and I saw an advert for SassyBloom, which is a monthly subscription service for baby and child products, I had seen it before out and about but decided to finally try it out, I know many of these boxes can seem far to expensive but in the long run they do work out cheaper than going out and buying the product yourself..img_2945
Lets take a look at what I got in this months box


I love these!! I had been looking at something similar for a while but never actually got around buying them, these are make your own ice lolly molds and I think they are fantastic, that gives us something fun to do during the summer holidays.

As soon as I took this little elephant out of the books R dived for it, She loved it! its really soft and cuddly, I assume that its a she due to the name on the tag of Ezzy Elephant, but it could also be an Ebenezer as well as an Elisabeth, the brand is Suki Toys which is a British based company, always good when you know toys are local.. I don’t want to spend to long on that website or i’ll buy it all!

img_2948Sleep Tight, Teddy is a little interactive bedtime book by Annie Kubler, you stick your fingers through the hole and into teddys head.. (that sounded a lot less morbid in my head) to make ‘teddy’ move, I have given both of the books to my eldest two who are big book fans! they laughed away reading this one to their little sister.

img_2946The other book is called The Boy Who Ate Everything by Clemency Pearce, which is essentially about a boy who eats everything, including a tin of baked beans!!! and we all know what kind of trouble they can get you in haha.




and finally we have this lovely little tambourine by Halilit which is also another British based company with the simple goal of supplying children with fun bright musical instruments to make as much noise as humanly possible. I love how this looks and has been carried around all afternoon along with Ezzy, the bigger children have also enjoyed playing with the new toys too, entertaining their little sister while I got dinner on.


I actually like this one, I know I have a few boxes on the go but I am glad that I can now expand the children s books collection and give R lots more toys to enjoy as she grows, I think I will keep this one up as I can see it being used in the future, they also have a Kid box too for older children.

And I think you can tell I am pretty excited about the ice lolly maker and even more excited about the next box!

Until next time.

Mummy Cat



World of Wizardry – Geek Gear June – Roundup.

I am a nerd, and I am extremely proud of my nerdness, So when I saw that there was such a thing as a geek box, I had to get it, GeekGear cater to all sorts of fandoms, and mine happens to be Harry Potter, when you sign up, you can either select a items type box, where you get monthly figures and other goodies or a wearable box, which is what I have.


When you sign up, you have to say what house you are in (mine is Hufflepuff, can you tell?) and sizes etc .. and I love that its a wearable box too because I don’t have much room for figures or collectibles but jewelry and t shirts I do. as you can see from the top image, it is rammed full of fun fandom goodies to enjoy and I have been enjoying these goodies for a couple of months now, But I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

One of the other things they tend to include in the box is exclusive artwork made by artists and fans from the fandom of your choice, this piece of artwork is from The Goblet of Fire and there was a limited edition of the picture which came in firey sort of colours, I always give the children any of the artwork to place on their wall, my son is very much a Potter too.


One awesome house pride t shirt, as I said I am in the house Hufflepuff, I was sorted on Pottermore and while back in my youth I was Slytherin, I am now very much proud to be in the Hufflepuff House. (I even mention it on my twitter header) I love this t shirt, its very cozy and I get it in large but there is plenty of room.

I actually love this scarf, its a silk style scarf with the all four of the houses on it, its really light and while right now it isn’t the sunniest of days, it doesn’t make you hot, I am looking forward to the autumn when I can start wearing it with pride.

The box also gives you little figurines and other collectibles, this month we got a little blue Ford Angila model from Chamber of Secrets, and a pack of cards, I gave the cards to my children to keep and we placed the little car onto the book case with our other little collectibles.


And lastly, jewelry, a pretty gold plated lightning bolt necklace and this adorable Hagrid pin, which is now sitting proudly on my Pink Lining bag, this pin also came with a limited editon collection too, there was 500 silver and 100 gold pins as well as the common one which is what I got.

GeekGear is great, I love getting it each month, I remember when I first signed up to try it I was a little embarrsed but in the long run its getting so much joy from not just me.. the obsessive Harry Potter fan, but my children as well who I have just reciently introduced to the movies and books.

We all look forward each month for the next box to arrive and they love getting their print for their wall and I very much enjoy all the wearable goodies too!!

If you know any nerds or geeks in your life then I highly recommend trying it out.

Mischief Managed…

Mummy Cat x

Disclaimer – I pay for GeekGear with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own, yes I know it’s late.. life got in the way 😉