Holiday Movies –

There is something so wonderful and relaxing about sitting down on the sofa with your children or family and enjoying a good classic holiday film, which honestly these days is either something so obviously designed for Christmas, or something from the golden age of Hollywood.

The BBC has a wonderful schedule this year of films for the children and of course Cars is on it, but so is Home Alone and Elf but the ones which we have been watching on Amazon Prime have purely been Home Alone and its sequel Lost in New York..

Apparently when I was a child I was terrified of those two films, and to be fair you can see why but my children aren’t scared and are very willing to sit down and watch anything, with in reason of course..


One film we have to watch this holiday season is The Muppets Christmas Carol, it has been my favorite for many many years and I have been known to watch this film… an extremely Christmas one in the heat of summer because I just love it so much, We save it for Christmas eve, just after bath time with the children sitting down with their warm milk and in their new pj’s..

…After all theres one more sleep til christmas…

What is your favorite holiday film, do you go with the more traditional typical christmas film or go the other way and have a normal one that you watch this time of year?

Until next time

Mummy Cat


p.s – Die Hard is totally a Christmas film too!! 



Films have always been the thing that made me happy, if I was in a terrible mood I would put a film and I am almost always in a better mood.. but with horror movies comes a different feeling, adrenaline!

That delightful buzz after watching a film that terrified you its a great feeling.. and here are my top five favorite buzz inducing movies!

5 – Event Horizon – BEST MOVIE EVER!! scary and amazing all rolled into one, Sam Neil is incredible as is the rest of the cast, directed by Paul W S Anderson, a British director who direct a few of the Resident Evil films.. I have seen Event Horizon more times than I can count and it still gives me the creeps!

4 – Dog Soldiers – Another fantastic movie, a slight dark comedy about a group of soldiers and… as you probably can guess, werewolves directed by British director Neil Marshall and is set and filmed in the Scottish highlands, its full of a wonderful British cast and while it has frights, its full of humor too, Neil Marshall also directed an all female cast for The Descent which is also a frightening but brilliant film!

3 – Wolf Creek – an Australian film directed by Greg McLean is once again set and filmed on site in the Australian outback, its ‘based’ of true events mainly that of the Backpacker Killer Ivan Milat and the more recent murders of Bradley Murdoch, this one is very much a real killer, where as the other two are more on the supernatural side, this one is frightening but utterly fascinating, if you love occasional ‘big bad’ killer this one is more for you!

2 – Shaun of the dead – directed and written by the wonderfully funny Edgar Wright and Simon Peg is the best of them all, a rom com with zoms! I don’t know anyone these days who doesn’t quote the famous ‘You’ve got red on you’ line. humor and horror works so well for me, its not taking it self seriously but is at the same time! if you haven’t seen it yet go watch it this Halloween!

and finally

1 – 28 Days Later… – Danny Boyle is my favorite director, I have seem most of his films now, just the newest ones I’ve not seen yet, mainly due to lack of time, but anyone who knows me knows hes my favorite, I gush endlessly about how amazing the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony is, as of course, my boy Danny directed it all and Sunshine is my favorite of his films…

but that’s enough of me heart farting over Mr Boyle…

28 Days Later is a film set in England during the time of an outbreak, we see the start of it and then we see life after 28 days, when Jim wakes up from a coma in an empty hospital… it plays on our basic fear of disease and my goodness its scary! its not zombies, they are infected with an almost rabies like virus that is so dangerous that just a single drop of blood causes another person to become infected!

The sequel 28 weeks later is also amazing, set obviously 28 weeks after infection and the US military has started clean up and of course.. infection happens again, there was talks of a further film but nothing got off the ground and there is a comic called ‘Aftermath’ which tells the story from the moment the virus is created up until america takes over..

I love it and if you fancy being scared for a week, go watch it!….

… just not after you watch Event Horizon.. that’s just to much!!

Look out behind you..

Mummy Cat