The daily mail has once again appeared in my line of sight, and its covering a subject that I hold dear to my heart, the internet and privacy..

Over the past week Victoria Beckham held a birthday party at Buckingham Palace and of course like any excited parent has been snapping away photos and sharing them onto her social medias to share to the world her pride of her child, but according to The Daily Mail Stella McCartney is ‘furious’ that her child’s image has been publicly shared without her apparent permission.


and I get it, I understand the annoyance when people share images of your children in a public manner without even asking first, I have an issue with anyone sharing photos of my children without a simple ‘oh can I do this’ and I even get weird about family sharing their photos onto their Facebook from mine, purely because I have a very private Facebook page, but they might not be as secure.

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But to outright ban someone for stopping posting their photographs of their children on their own social medias? its a bit extreme, I am all for protecting the children and keeping them off public social media websites but I cannot control them from not doing it, I don’t agree sharing images of children in a place that can be accessed by anyone, and I mean anyone, there are whole communities on Instagram that ‘kidnap’ images of children and use in role playing adoptions which can come across as innocent but a lot of the times, they are taking images from you and surely you can stop that by not posting images publicly? – Just recently Chelsea Houska (DeBoer) of Teen Mom 2 fame had her son Watson’s photographs stolen from her public Instagram and used in another page for a sympathy post, its utterly disturbing..


I don’t agree that we should ban parents for sharing their children online, as long as its done privately and considering social media is far from the most private thing you could use there are plenty of ways of protecting them until they can make that choice themselves.

I don’t mind sharing images to family, and that’s primarily what my Facebook and Instagram is about, I have a public Instagram but you will never see my children’s faces on there, but if you share an image, with children in it that some are not your own, you should always ask permission from the parents.. regardless of who you are and how many followers you have..

What do you think? shall we ban parents from sharing images of their children on social media?. do you have a private Instagram or public one and aren’t afraid of where your children’s images might end up?

Until next time

Mummy Cat





I have covered this subject before, but I often feel like people forget the concept of what fed is best stands for.. I have heard a few times that anyone who supports the fed is best campaign that they must be against breastfeeding..

Which simply isn’t true.

Many who follow and support fed is best do so to support mothers and babies, regardless of how they choose to feed their baby, and with my case, I simply couldn’t, I tried my damn hardest to feed my son when he was a baby but I honestly believe that if I continued being selfish and obsess about it he could’ve starved..

I remember the day he took his first few ounces of formula, I felt a mixture of relief that my son was finally getting food into him and a sense of upset because I ‘failed’ as a mother to feed him, I wanted to feed him but my body went against me and just didn’t produce any milk, I was told at the hospital that I was ‘producing lots’ but in reality.. nothing was coming out..

it was heartbreaking, and being told by an established breast feeder that I ‘didn’t want to’ feed him and nourish him with my milk made things so much worse and completely dragged my down to the point where I didn’t want anything to do with my son, I hated him and I was sure he hated me too..

7 years later he is a healthy, bright little boy, a bit skinny.. but now looking back I am glad I switched, I don’t know how I would’ve coped if I kept going for longer, He probably would’ve ended up in hospital but here he is, about to go into year 3 at school and making me proud every day.

Everything was different with my second and third child, I had realized I had the choice, I could feed my baby how I want to and not how anyone else says I should, and I choose formula from birth, I was asked by many if I was going to breastfeed A or R, and I said no, I didn’t want to put myself back to where I was with K, I didn’t want to feel like a failure and I haven’t.. until I rediscovered the breast is best hashtag.. seeing images of all the ‘posion’ in formula and how my children’s teeth would be bad because I feed them formula.. and I decided to find a counter argument, a fight back to those who assume all who feed their babies formula are lazy parents…

#fedisbest not only covers formula, but breastfeeding too, they support mothers who struggle to breast feed with links and information and do not shove aside those who formula feed either, I always say this when I talk about parenting, we are all on this journey, and we should support one another in our own parenting choices.. we shouldn’t use bad mouth each other or make each other feel bad for how we parent, we should bring awareness to all forms of feeding, the difficulties of breast and the struggles of finding any information in regards to safely use formula..

I think we all need to put aside any differences we feel towards one another about the feeding issue, and just accept and respect others..

But unfortunately being parents, when we get along with one thing.. we enviably argue about another..

Until next time

Mummy Cat


For more information on fed is best click here.


I get asked this a lot, how do I cope? How do I manage having my husband at work and remain at home with the three children during the summer holidays and half terms.. how do I cope with three children in general because lets face it, its not just the children I look after, it’s the house, its the cleaning and its the cat.

My husband travels a lot, he has days when hes off to London for a game related event and I am tasked with the bed time routine all by myself which isn’t an impossible feat, I did a string of tweets a while back talking about how we could easily be both at home or that I could go off to work and.. Honestly… I don’t want that.. I like being the at home parent, Obviously this isn’t knocking on any working mums either, we all parent differently and I like being at home and being the ‘housewife’.

I never intended this to be the way, before I was pregnant with my first child I was working, and I worked hard! I liked working but I unfortunately and unfairly sacked by both my previous jobs, I wont go on about the first one but the second one was truly unfair and unjust..  (I was fired because I accepted a £20 that as it turns out was a fake, we was told to use this special pen to test only £50 notes and nothing smaller)..

But around 3 weeks after that I discovered I was pregnant with my now 7 year old and while I did the odd agency jobs while pregnant.. once he was born we both sat down and talked about what would be best for all of us and it was that I remain at home and look after him and of course we had our second child 18 months later..

Before we even started thinking about baby 3 I wanted to go back to work, the plan was that once A had entered full time education, I was going to get myself a little job during the day while they went to school.. but like any plans, things get in the way.. and that was R.

So I am back at the start of the stay at home parent line, Mr S goes off to work and I am at home making sure everything is in order and that everyone is fed and happy and honestly I am very happy with this situation, I have talked about it before but in recent years I have developed some form of social anxiety (I talk about it here) and I prefer that I don’t have to go out and talk to people I don’t know daily, Although id imagine once i get over that first hurdle i would be okay.. its just taking that first step its the hardest.

So… back to the question at hand.. ‘how do i cope?’… the answer is that I just do, if I didn’t then nothing would get done, I trust my husband when he goes to these events, and I just get on with it while hes gone, yes I miss him but if he was here all the time then .. well .. he would drive me mad!
I am very proud of him working so hard for us to be able to let me be the stay at home parent and I very much enjoy being at home with the children..

Until next time

Mummy Cat.



I’ve been having a think these past couple of weeks about my children and the one thing that I’ve kept a ‘must’ with them and that thing is a good routine, in fact my children love their routine so much that if I dare miss lunch time (12 midday) or dinner time (5pm) I am met by two very sad and upset faces telling me I’ve forgotten to feed them!! but this post I will talk about the one that I have always considered the most important routine to have..

A bed time one.

I remember shortly after the birth of my first my own mother telling me that having a routine is the best thing you could ever have, the ‘bath, bottle (or boob) and bed’ has been the one that’s stuck.. I do agree newborns have a tendency to create their own little routine of feed, poop and sleep but I also believe that getting one in early is a plan for success.. I would also like to point out that sometimes routine goes out the window when one of them are feeling poorly or if there happens to be a family party they are all invited too, and of course during half terms and summer holidays bedtime is a little later as they do not need to get up in time for school in the mornings.

K was rather easy to get into a routine, we had three people in the house so the extra hands helped and around 8 weeks old he slept through the night, my husband and I decided to go out that night for a family party and found it bloody typical that the one night we go somewhere, he sleeps from 7pm to around 4am!! I think to this day we regret going out, even if the party was a good one.. I remember having a right laugh with my grandfather in law about a certain pint glass.

A was just the middle child, she fitted into the routine because she didn’t have much of a choice, I think its a lot easier to have one when there is already a pretty strong one in place.. it helped everyone sleep better and I think she finally went through the night at around 6 weeks old, I still remember the panic of waking up at 6am and she hadn’t woken me during the night for a bottle.. but she has remained to this day a fantastic sleeper, they both have actually and I feel blessed by that.

R was different, she is a the baby of the family, and will probably be the baby until we decide to have a fourth (yes we want more!!!) so at the beginning we was a little more relaxed with her, we didn’t officially start getting a routine in until she was around 4 months old when before I had started after the first two weeks and our of all three of them I co-slept with her the most .. I think partly because she was so tiny at birth and she was the baby after a big 4 year gap.. but now shes older and has the routine down to a T, even day time naps are routine now and will come to me clutching her Bob (a cuddly toy robin) as if to say ‘please can I go off to bed’ she even used to nap on me, I will admit that I do miss the odd cuddle, but she sleeps better and settles better in her own bed and then it gives me much more time to clean… because being a mother of three and a stay at home mum at that, cleaning is a high priority hah!

But as I say a lot of the time when it comes to parenting, we are all on our own journeys and should respect how others raise theirs! I know I do, I wouldn’t judge any mother on how they parent their own children .. sleeping or feeding preferences.
Until next time
Mummy Cat


This from Baby Centre is a good example of how to introduce routines and to develop them using your own babies internal clock.


My son said something funny last week that really made me chuckle, it wasn’t really a joke and he didn’t mean to be funny, but what he said made me giggle to myself.

On the way to the dentist in my mums car, another exciting Mini adventure, we drove past our local shopping centre in the town, and he said loudly and proudly that;

“There are lots of cars going into the par cark today”

He paused and checked what he just said, attempted to correct himself but said ‘par cark’ again and I told him what he meant… which was obviously car park.

The reason this silly little slip up made me laugh as I can remember throughout my childhood saying ‘par cark’, when you watch children grow up you remember things you once said or did as a child, part embarrassment and part hilarious.

Its such a silly thing too, I know he will remember doing it himself when he gets older and probably, if he decides to have children of his own catch them say it too.. but it really made me think about social media again, their school sent a letter home which asked parents not to share embarrassing stories of their children online and I found that really hurtful because surely they the school have no right to dictate what I put up on my private social media.

I honestly wish social media was a thing back when I was a child, there would’ve been more photos and more funny stories to share and look back on, many of my story tellers aren’t with us anymore and their tales and quips are slowly going too, getting warped the more they are being told, id love to have a written record of silly events, if we cant be embarrassed by our old tales then how will we ever accept things and more on?

I use an app called Timehop, it looks back on what you have said since you’ve had a presents on social media and each day I get a new update of the silly things that have occurred and I love even the stupid things I once said.

I cant wait to show and tell all the silly things they once said as children… even if I may embarrass them…

K also once ate a spider… but that isn’t as funny…

Mummy Cat