I have been so poorly at the end of this week that all these posts I had planned just got forgotten but that’s all understandable!

This weeks photo is a little throwback to the time we went pumpkin picking, I am desperate for the cool days of autumn and we are now one week shy of the summer holidays so it will not be long before the weather changing and the leaves getting crisp.

I also found a cool new app for my phone called VSCO and lots of tips on how to use it on Pinterest so I’m excited to add more of a theme going forward on my instagram, yes I am that sad, but I will share all about that in a future post when I am little bit more awake and less under the weather.

Wishing you a happy weekend


This weeks photo is something I took last Sunday, this church is located in a small village that I used to live, a village that I dream to one day live in again, I have so many fond memories of this place which is called Stocking Pelham in Hertfordshire.

This church in fact is where five of my family are buried, my grandma used to take me here every weekend to place flowers at the grave of my aunt Carol and then to take a walk around it’s grounds and out into the countryside, when my grandma and grandad died they both have been buried in the same plot as Carol and from how everyone reacted to when Grandma died, everyone was glad not to have to go there anymore and I felt sad that her memory would just die and the graves here would go on forgotten about, so I asked my mum if she would take me there to place some flowers and clean it up a bit.

Part of me hoped that someone in my family would’ve swung by and placed something on the grave but it sat there, lonely and empty and I felt even more determined to keep my grandma’s legacy alive by visiting and caring for it.

With Amelia and Robin in tow, we placed flowers, walked around the grounds and visited great uncle Cuthbert and Gladys which we think was either granddads aunt or cousin but we aren’t sure..

It really made me stop and think and of course remember everyone who isn’t with us today, those who we wish could’ve been here and to always make sure to find the time to reflect on lost love ones.

Make time for your family.



I know I know, I missed last weeks…. and I think the week before? This heat has really made me not want to blog much and all I wanted to do was sit and sweat and of course complain about the weather!

But today is the first of July, summer is slowly moving on and my countdown to autumn is getting shorter.

One of the blessings of summer however is the plants, insects and clear skies! These two just show that, bees as it turns out are extremely hard to photograph (they just won’t sit still) and the moon has been looking amazing too so naturally I had to use my Nikon coolpix to its advantage and get that super zoom on!

Going into a new month with such a positive outlook on life, expect plenty more photos and of course the monthly ‘sightings’ linky which should be up mid of next week!

Happy July everyone!


Another week has gone by, another photograph Sunday for me to share and it’s just more flowers of course, these beautiful fox gloves are in a neighbours garden and have been utterly covered with fuzzy bumblebees all week!

When we finally move and I get to have a garden it will be full of bee friendly plants and of course lots of wind chimes and bird feeders.

It’s really been a long and warm week, with the pollen count really high I am so ready for autumn now, my poor eyes are just so fed up and I’m so surprised as to how high it’s been.

Oh well.. here’s to another week!



This weeks photo has to be the one I took last week of the fog from the beach at Great Yarmouth, we went out to Norwich and I thought it would be perfect to head to the beach to end the day but unfortunately the whole world was covered in this blanket of sea mist.

The sea is out there somewhere…

We walked a little by along the sea front in search of something to drink for the journey home to only find everything closed and the beach almost deserted!

There’s something so magical about fog and mist, however it made the whole town feel dirty and broken down but I think the lack of people made it that more enjoyable.

Until next time