Another week has gone by, another photograph Sunday for me to share and it’s just more flowers of course, these beautiful fox gloves are in a neighbours garden and have been utterly covered with fuzzy bumblebees all week!

When we finally move and I get to have a garden it will be full of bee friendly plants and of course lots of wind chimes and bird feeders.

It’s really been a long and warm week, with the pollen count really high I am so ready for autumn now, my poor eyes are just so fed up and I’m so surprised as to how high it’s been.

Oh well.. here’s to another week!



This weeks photo has to be the one I took last week of the fog from the beach at Great Yarmouth, we went out to Norwich and I thought it would be perfect to head to the beach to end the day but unfortunately the whole world was covered in this blanket of sea mist.

The sea is out there somewhere…

We walked a little by along the sea front in search of something to drink for the journey home to only find everything closed and the beach almost deserted!

There’s something so magical about fog and mist, however it made the whole town feel dirty and broken down but I think the lack of people made it that more enjoyable.

Until next time


This weeks photo just makes me smile, three children, two of which are playing Minecraft and one who is joining in with a dead controller.

I am always cautious about them playing the Xbox, or even when Kai uses is tablet because i don’t want them to become one of those kids who spend more time with a gadget than with us or reading a book, but for a few hours at the weekend and sometimes at the end of the school day if they’ve been good I will allow them to sit down and build things together, and it’s been wonderful seeing them learn hand eye coordination, cooperation with their builds and the laughter they’ve been sharing as they do stupid things together.

I was always worried they’d never get along, that they’d argue or hate each other but here they all are, sat on the rug playing a game and chatting, laughing and having fun.



This week has been so busy, so much so that blogging took a side step and life took over, it’s been warm and I’ve also had a clingy 2 year old to deal with so when the weekend finally hit I was so glad the children didn’t want to do anything besides play Minecraft on the Xbox.

Robin joined in too with a dead controller.. I do love a calm weekend.



I am forever surprised how fast the months are going now, April was a busy old time for us with my birthday followed by Robins birthday there was plenty of family visits and trips out, the weather was utterly insane this whole month, not as bad as March with the snow and cold, England got hit by a little burst of hot air which made all the flowers spring into life and thus causing the pollen to appear in full force and then finally ending the month back in the cold.

While we did get up to a lot of things during April it honestly doesn’t feel like it with how fast the month went by, we visited my aunt and uncles home when they got back from america to have a wonderful meal, while it was a wet and soggy day it wast just so nice to have all the family together under the same roof.

Mid to end of April with the warmth the bluebells appeared and I wanted to go get my yearly snap that was inspired by a fellow blogger so on a less than warm day we all went into the woods and had such a lovely time exploring around the trees, Robin is obsessed with sticks so had a handful while she walked about with her brother and sister.. we then went and had an ice cream afterwards.

and finally at the end of the month we went along to a supercar show at North Wield airfield which is near Harlow, Kai and I guess myself got a little giddy with all the pretty cars on display, he wanted his photo taken next a red one so we found a lovely red Lamborghini and despite the weather being pretty bad, it was a lovely day out, we ended up heading to the local city of Chelmsford and had a yummy meal out as a family.

Its been such a wonderful family orientated April and I am excited to see what May has for us.



this post is inspired by the beautiful Caitylis who started the linky ‘Sightings from’ here is a little link to her post along with the linky if you wish to join in, in the future!