I posted earlier in the week about when we had that lovely meal for my aunts surprise birthday dinner, my favorite photos I’ve taken this week are of her flowers in her garden.

They may give me hayfever (I think I said something similar last week hah) but I love photographing flowers!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



I decided to change the Photograph day over to Sunday, seems more fitting as sometimes my favorite photos I’ve taken have been at the weekend rather than the week.

It has been a scorcher of a week this week, the sky has been blue and Mr Sun has been hanging high in the sky making me feel all horrid thanks to the hayfever with inevitably happens whenever its hot and sunny.

I am not a fan of the sun and heat, but the sky has been stunning! Happy fluffy clouds dotted about.

I however am doing the rain dance daily.

Mummy Cat



This weeks photograph Friday was taken on Sunday – the children decided to have a heist.. a sweet heist!!

They snuck in our room at some point in the morning and raided the nappy bag that contained all the sweets I had saved from their school friends birthdays and had themselves a little feast in their bedroom.. along with some lego cards from sainsburys.


I’ve just been far to busy that I once again forgot about Photograph Friday!! Not to worry.. I have this to share this week.

Over the past seven or so weeks we’ve been growing tomatoes from seeds A brought home from school, I’m not the most green fingered person so I was sure death would occure but here we are, weeks down the line and they are growing wonderfully!

My mum has taken them to repot them and bring one back so we can continue growing them and hopefully have actual tomatoes!!! 

Until Next time

Mummy Cat x


Well I’m useless!! Friday was a busy one for us as it’s the first week back for the children.

But here’s my favourite photo I’ve taken that week.

Someone forgot their Easter egg 🙂

Mummy Cat