Kiddylicious – Little Bistro – Review

We have gone Kiddylicious like crazy in my house at the moment, if you have been reading my blog for a while now you would’ve seen many different pouch type reviews here and here, and while shopping for bits and pieces to eat when we went to my meet up in Birmingham, I saw these for sale..

…and of course decided to try R on them and she really did enjoy them.

What are they? – Little Bistro meals are slow cooked meals, so similar to your favorite stew, but designed for smaller tummies and mouths, packed full of goodness and organic products, I do enjoy using the pouch meals because they are so quick and easy, and as I am a mum of three I find it hard to deal with everyone at the same time, so these are perfect for that.

They are also brilliant of you go out anywhere and you haven’t started introducing bigger lumps and aren’t doing Baby Lead Weaning.

Price range? – I would say these are one of the few expensive brands of baby food out there, but I think what you pay often equals to better quality, I tried R on a fish pie one, and it smelt like fish.. it smelt and tasted like the ingredients that it said it had which is a big plus with baby food, no mushy tasteless stuff here, the large ones are around £2 and the smaller ones which are designed for 7 months plus are around £1.30 but it obviously depends on where you buy then from and if there are any deals on, I got mine because my local sainsburys had them on a deal..

Would I recommend them? – I do, but I obviously will say that if you are worried about the shopping bill then go for a cheaper brand or look up the recipes of these and make them yourself, I just find them super handy when I am out and about and when I simply haven’t got the time to cook up something. but I do recommend them!! go get some yourself.

Anything Else? –  I love the packaging, I love how neat it looks and the fact that you can see exactly what is in the package, which is very different from the other pouches I have tried which is what peaked my interest in them in the first place, they LOOK yummy, I am a stew-a-holic so these are a win win for me!

If you are a fan of trying new baby food I highly recommend giving these a go, you can get them in any local stores and I think you can also buy them on the Kiddylicious website.

Have you tried any of these Little Bistro pouches? what do you think of them?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


Disclaimer  –  My mum paid for these with her own money, I just picked them out, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Kiddylicious – Blueberry Wafers – Review 

During my trip to Birmingham we popped to a sainsburys to grabbed some bits to eat on the journey and one of these was some kiddylicious products, R loved them so much that I decided that when I went to do my weekly top up shop to get some, and thankfully all the Kiddylicious snacks and pouches were on sale.. so I grabbed a load of different finger food to try.

Kiddylicious is a UK based company that started up in 2002 by Sally Preston, she orginally made frozen baby food from the ages of 4 to 12 months which was the first frozen baby food company in the UK, that Waitrose supplied, and over the years have won many awards and have grown to be a globally loved product adding many different lines as the years went on, watch this space for future reviews of their products as I sort of went crazy with the shopping..

The first being the Blueberry Wafers, I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened them up, I imagined something along the lines of the pink wafer biscuits that my older children love..


They are made out of natural products, have no gluten, egg, nuts and dairy, and have zero added salt, completely free from added preservatives and have no artificial flavors of colors, they remind me of a meringue with their texture and the only way I can describe them as is like a cloud of purple, they are extremely light and perfect for little hands to get hold of.



As you can see R very much enjoyed them, she wasn’t to sure when she first got hold of them, but once she realized they are something to eat she gobbled them down, I wish I had known about this company and their products when I had my eldest two as they are perfect for children with allergy issues and are completely free of dairy..

Would I recommend them – YES for sure, if you are like me and can be a little anxious about choking but want your baby to learn how to use her pincer grip and feed themselves then these are perfect for Baby Lead Weaning..

Price Range? – They can be a bit pricey but compared to the other higher branded baby food this has a mid range price tag, I got these while they were half price off in my local sainsburys but I wouldn’t say they are bank breakers, great to buy when needed too as they have smaller packets in stores as well as larger multi packs..

Anything Else? – Nothing really, they are pretty good and there isn’t much more to say on them, they do taste pretty nice.. yes I tried one.. needs must after all..

Have you tried anything from Kiddylicious? what would your favorite be?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer –  I paid for this with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Unicorn Bath Crumble – Etsy Shop Review.

If you are anything like me then you are a bath addict, I have a small collection of bubble baths and lush products, I love a good bath.. more so when I actually find time to have a good long soak and I am always willing to give new products a go, more so when they are handmade.

I was given the opportunity to try out this beautiful bath crumble aptly named Unicorn Bath Crumble

First Impressions – It smells lovely, its very much a strawberry scent which is what its meant to be, so that’s a good sign, it is very crumbly, which is also pretty good considering that its called a crumble.. its very much a chalk texture, rough to the touch and some particles did separate in transit.. we shall blame the Royal Mail for that one.


Once in the bath water it didn’t fizzle like a bath bomb, it reacted similar to a bubble bar type product,  but it didn’t make as many bubbles as I expected, I think I have just been over indulged a bit by Lush products haha, but it did create some bubbles and the bathwater turned a beautiful pastel purple.


Would you recommend it –  Yes and no, no being that if you like bubbles, and i mean A LOT of bubbles, then this might not be for you, but if you are a fan of homemade bath products which are vegetarian and vegan friendly, then this is for you.. personally I am a bubbleholic but the smell of this crumble was lovely and I think with a few experiments it will be a wonderful bubbly fun time.

Anything else –  it did make my skin a little dry, but I don’t think it was the product to blame as my skin does get very dry when I spend far to long in the bath.. but if you do have sensitive skin perhaps check the ingredients before using to double check that you don’t have any reactions to it.


If you wish to try out the Unicorn Bath Crumble then please click the link here and use the coupon code ‘UNICORNSPRINKLE’ at the checkouts, I hope enjoy an equally delightful bath-time.

Until next time

Mummy Cat
Disclaimer – item was sent to me for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Babease Baby Plan – Review 

I went shopping, what a surprise I know! but while I was walking around my local Tesco’s looking for some new yummies to try, I found these Babease Baby Plan pouches! Now I am not sure if you remember but I wrote about the Ella’s Kitchen pouches before, So I was super excited to try out some new tastes for R.

At first glance the packaging is really rustic looking which I actually like, they remind me almost of packets of healthy breakfast cereals, and the list of what was in them was really interesting, Usually baby food is very bland and boring, I am not saying that’s a bad thing because all babies are different and sometimes something to spicy isn’t what they like..

Babease have the same view as Ella’s Kitchen, that vegetables should be introduced first so that the baby learns to love all things yummy and healthy which I do agree with, I am very for introducing veg and fruit as early as possible in the weaning journey as I mentioned before that when I weaned my son back in 2010, it was recommended to just use baby rice.


Broccoli, parsnip and lentils was R’s favorite,  she gobbled it down and then looked for more, I did add some pasta stars to it to give it more lumps but I do that with the Ella’s Kitchen pouches.

She wasn’t to keen on the Beetroot pouch, it had a really strong smell of earthy beetroot which I love but I don’t think R is to keen on it and the Brown rice with swede went down really well too, I just don’t think my baby is a beetroot lover much unlike her elder siblings and her mum.


The texture of the food was good, it was just the right lumpiness for the age range they recommend, I obviously added extra lumps and bumps to make it more suitable for R, they don’t seem to have a further stage, so adding your own pasta or extra lumps is a great way to keep using these pouches future into toddlerhood.

They are a little cheaper than Ella’s Kitchen, which when you are brand friendly like me it doesn’t make much of a difference but I am happy to try more in future, these where the only three I found in my local store, so I am going to go on a hunt for more to try.

Would I recommend them  – Yes I would, if you like offering your baby new flavors then you should definitely try these, they are like Ella’s Kitchen made with 100% organic products, are vegan friendly and whats great is they are made in the UK so if you are worried about where your babies food comes from.. they are perfect for you.

I am looking forward to finding more from this brand the next time I head to the shops, and I hope you try them out too.

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment – Review.

Back when my middle child was a baby, she developed severe nappy rash, it was so bad her bottom was red raw and she cried whenever we changed her, its funny (not the nappy rash… i’m not that sadistic) that when I had my son, he barely had any, so I have a little theory that girl bottoms react differently to boy bottoms when it comes to sitting in a nappy.

No cream worked, I tried my trusted Sudocream but nothing seemed to have worked, I finally talked to a health visitor and she recommended Metanium to me, never hearing of it before I was a little reluctant but I went out straight away and purchased some.. and if by magic, the nappy rash dried up and went away!

Its not technically magic, but a special formula of titanium, its also an offending bright yellow color and does have a habit of staining any clothing it comes in contact with, when dry it turns a light yellow which, if you are like me and have a memory like a strainer, you’ll forget you’ve used it and get a shock at why your babies bottom was a strange color.


It claims that it doesn’t have a smell, but literally everything that has said that, that I’ve used has almost always had a faint smell but it isn’t a unpleasant smell at all and it has a grain feel to it which reminds me of wet sand but once applied onto the skin it doesn’t feel it.

The standard size is 30g which is just enough and the tubes are made of a metal material which over time can split open but if you store and squeeze carefully and wash your hands after ever use it should cause any staining.

The brand itself has three different nappy ointments to help sooth sore bottoms, there is the standard yellow tube which is just for immediate care and treatment, the purple tube which acts as a barrier cream which I haven’t tried yet and a spray ointment which is to provide a quick and convenient application if your baby is a bit of a wriggler during nappy change time.

Would I recommend it : Always! as soon as I see a sign of any rash appearing out comes the metanium and its gone within the day and I will buy an extra tube in case I run out!

The Price? : Metanium standard 30g tubes range from anywhere between £2.95 to £3.64, it obviously depends on where you buy it from, I usually grab mine during baby events in local supermarkets, the price doesn’t matter to be honest when it comes to sore bottoms!

Anything I don’t like : besides the staining yellow, which can easily be avoided by proper care and being aware of where you put your hands afterwards, no, i love it.. I think its one of those baby products that its an all round great thing! and I am honestly glad that my health visitor recommended it to me!

Final Thoughts : I don’t actually have any besides a little warning that if you are trying metanium for the first time to always make sure your baby doesn’t have any allergies or reactions to any of the ingredient.

you can never be to careful!

Wishing you happy healthy bottoms

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – I brought metanium with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Ella’s Kitchen Pouches – Review.

Weaning has always been the biggest worry for me, the 7 years since I had my first child things have changed, back then it was porridge for the first taste, do it when they seem ready blah blah blah..

These days however, everything is different.. we are now recommended to start the weaning journey around the 6 month mark and to introduce vegetables straight away rather than boring porridge which I can understand.. it allows the baby to gain a taste for all things healthy rather than processed stuff.

So Ella’s Kitchen provides a helping hand for mums with little time to cook up things every day, like me, I am a mum of three, plus I have a house to run and a cat to prevent ripping up things.

We started in the beginning of this weaning journey trying out the banana and the pea packets to much of Robins disgust, she wasn’t ready at all for weaning even at six months old, so after a few worried weeks we tried again and she loved every minute of it.

The first stage pouches are smooth and perfect for little mouths and bellies that are used to only milk and once she got the hang of it we moved her onto the lumpier pouches.


Her personal favorite is Jamaican Curried Pork, which if I am honest smells lovely! and I am really pleased how well it seems to go down, coming from a baby who at first really didn’t enjoy food, to now running into the kitchen and shouting ‘Mmmm’ at her highchair which I consider a plus!

The best thing about Ella’s Kitchen is that they are made from real ingredients, not saying other ready made baby food isn’t made from real stuff, its that Ella’s Kitchen are extremely proud of their pouches and other bits and it makes me relax in the knowledge that whats going into my children aren’t nasty chemicals but good organic meat and veg!

​We are just about to head onto more lumpier food as Robin was late to the game with weaning, and I am sure I will continue to use Ella’s Kitchen in the months to come, they are friendly and easy to use with the instructions on how to warm up right on the packet.

I recommend Ella’s Kitchen to everyone I talk to about weaning and baby food, jars and pouches aren’t bad at all and can help greatly in busy homes such as mine when time often gets away with you.

So please, go grab some when you next see them in the stores, they have a wonderful fruit range too that I have yet to try out but I think I may add them to my list next week.

Happy Eating

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.



June Birch Box Roundup 

I have been getting Birch boxes for a while now, I started getting them back in January after thinking about it for months before and I have to say I am glad I did, I’m going to admit that I am much a makeup newbie so rather than coughing out £40 for a bit of makeup I will never use I thought it would be a better idea to pay for a monthly subscription and have the chance to try new brands at a fraction of the price.

Birch Box is one of the many makeup monthly subscriptions to try but I went for this one purely because I saw an advert on my Facebook feed. I decided to pay monthly as its cheaper for me so it only costs me £12.95 a month, that’s with the postage added to it and it works out great for me.

This months box.. or bag should I say.. looks exciting, I had the choice of which color pattern of bag I wanted and I simple said surprise me, but you could choose from a light green or a lemon yellow.. I obviously got a yellow one. I actually really love this bag, I don’t own a lot of makeup that I use daily so having little bags can be really handy to store what I use in, and for when I go anywhere too.

One of the first things I have is this brow pencil from Meech and Mia, this is a full sized brow pencil and I am excited to try this out as I have extremely fair eyebrows which need to be crayoned on in the morning, every morning, So I am always on the look out for different brow products to help remove my weird look that I have when I don’t paint them on and the pencil has worked really well so far!

Next up I have this Estee Lauder pore cleansing jelly, its a brilliant green color and the smell which I can only describe as that smell new technology has, its quite sticky when you work it into the skin but once its dry it made my skin feel smooth and as I said, I like the scent.

Next up I have this coconut mango scrub, and I honesty didnt know what to expect before I opened it up, its a gritty, almost like a dry rub scrubbing material, the two ingredients that cause this are the coconut flake and shell.

It smells amazing! I used a small amount on my legs after shaving and it made them feel smooth and soft, I am definitely going to find this again in future when I run out of my sample.

Next up is this hair styler, I am going to assume its similar to hair gel but I am not 100% sure, I am always anxious about using products on my hair as it can get really greasy thanks to hormones so I haven’t tried this one just yet, like all the other products it has a lovely smell but I may give this to my mum to try, she has very different hair than me so hopefully wont cause any unwanted greasiness.

Finally we have some brushes from ecotools, they are double ended and I can’t wait to properly try these, I don’t own very many brushes (or make up to use said brushes) so I am always worried I will get something wrong when I use them but they do have a ‘how to’ at the back.

They are 100% vegan, recyclable and made from bamboo! This is now the most environmentally friendly makeup brush that I own… the only make up brush I own hah!

and there you have it, a roundup of what I got in my June Birch Box! if you are a newbie like me I recommend trying the monthly payment as you can cancel any time and it can expand your makeup collection without spending a pretty penny!

I’m off to play with my new products!!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer: I pay for birchbox with my own money each month, all thoughts and opinions are my own.