Films have always been the thing that made me happy, if I was in a terrible mood I would put a film and I am almost always in a better mood.. but with horror movies comes a different feeling, adrenaline!

That delightful buzz after watching a film that terrified you its a great feeling.. and here are my top five favorite buzz inducing movies!

5 – Event Horizon – BEST MOVIE EVER!! scary and amazing all rolled into one, Sam Neil is incredible as is the rest of the cast, directed by Paul W S Anderson, a British director who direct a few of the Resident Evil films.. I have seen Event Horizon more times than I can count and it still gives me the creeps!

4 – Dog Soldiers – Another fantastic movie, a slight dark comedy about a group of soldiers and… as you probably can guess, werewolves directed by British director Neil Marshall and is set and filmed in the Scottish highlands, its full of a wonderful British cast and while it has frights, its full of humor too, Neil Marshall also directed an all female cast for The Descent which is also a frightening but brilliant film!

3 – Wolf Creek – an Australian film directed by Greg McLean is once again set and filmed on site in the Australian outback, its ‘based’ of true events mainly that of the Backpacker Killer Ivan Milat and the more recent murders of Bradley Murdoch, this one is very much a real killer, where as the other two are more on the supernatural side, this one is frightening but utterly fascinating, if you love occasional ‘big bad’ killer this one is more for you!

2 – Shaun of the dead – directed and written by the wonderfully funny Edgar Wright and Simon Peg is the best of them all, a rom com with zoms! I don’t know anyone these days who doesn’t quote the famous ‘You’ve got red on you’ line. humor and horror works so well for me, its not taking it self seriously but is at the same time! if you haven’t seen it yet go watch it this Halloween!

and finally

1 – 28 Days Later… – Danny Boyle is my favorite director, I have seem most of his films now, just the newest ones I’ve not seen yet, mainly due to lack of time, but anyone who knows me knows hes my favorite, I gush endlessly about how amazing the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony is, as of course, my boy Danny directed it all and Sunshine is my favorite of his films…

but that’s enough of me heart farting over Mr Boyle…

28 Days Later is a film set in England during the time of an outbreak, we see the start of it and then we see life after 28 days, when Jim wakes up from a coma in an empty hospital… it plays on our basic fear of disease and my goodness its scary! its not zombies, they are infected with an almost rabies like virus that is so dangerous that just a single drop of blood causes another person to become infected!

The sequel 28 weeks later is also amazing, set obviously 28 weeks after infection and the US military has started clean up and of course.. infection happens again, there was talks of a further film but nothing got off the ground and there is a comic called ‘Aftermath’ which tells the story from the moment the virus is created up until america takes over..

I love it and if you fancy being scared for a week, go watch it!….

… just not after you watch Event Horizon.. that’s just to much!!

Look out behind you..

Mummy Cat



U2 has always been my favorite band, through the terrible times and the good times I can always put one of their songs on and it can change a mood completely.. So I thought it would be fun to share with you my personal favorite songs of theirs and hopefully share the reasons behind why they mean so much to me.

5 – Please – From their 1997 album POP comes this moody single, over the years this album has become my favorite, I am such a fan of experimental sounding music and POP has everything. Please just makes you sit down and think about the lyrics, a lot of their songs have a hidden meaning to them, as all songs do, but there is something about U2 lyrics that speak and have meaning others. I love this song, I love the buildup from the guitars and Bono’s vocals.. its what I class as a great rainy day song.

4 – I Will Follow – From their first studio album Boy.. a good song to jump about at and I did while at 37 weeks pregnant with R haha, I think the older I get the more I love older U2 songs, I wanted to share the live version of the song, When I saw U2 in 2005 they played this song and now I need to hear it ‘live’ or it just isnt good!

3 – Ultraviolet (Light my way) – another brilliant song from another brilliant album, their fantastic and second personal favorite album Achtung Baby, Much like Please I love how it sounds, how moody it comes across and the sound of The Edge, There is just something about it that I cant get enough of.. and its such a good song!

2 – Walk On – From their album All That You Cant Leave Behind, Until recently I didn’t appreciate the message behind this song, it wasn’t really a favorite for such a long time until I dealt with some crap that I wont go into here, while this song is for Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese woman who was put under house arrest for pro-democracy .. but I think their message is pretty clear.. walk on.. hold your head up high and walk on.

1 – Stuck In a Moment – from the same album was Walk on, which was the first U2 album I ever got.. much like Walk On, it has another meaning to it but at times when I am feeling bad these two songs never fail to bring be back from the brink of a breakdown, ‘You are such a fool, to worry like you do’ its hard to describe how much it means to me.

One extra..

Love is Blindness – the last song on Achtung Baby, after all that insanity that is that whole album, Love is Blindness is like a little bottle of water at the end of a heavy meal, I often find myself lying down on the floor during this song if I listen at home.. and this verson sung by The Edge is stunning..


And there we go, my top 5 favorite U2 songs, all have different meanings to many, and they all mean something to me, I have let a lot of bad things and embarrassment get in the way of my enjoyment of U2, I often feel like everyone I meet dislikes them and as a fan I cant see why haha but I wont let things damage my enjoyment of them anymore.

Still having found what I am looking for..

Mummy Cat



I love baby products, I adore going into a store and heading right to the baby isle to check out the deals and any new items on sale that day so here are my top 5 favorite products.

5, Tesco’s baby wipes – own brand products are my favorite, since having my first baby all those years ago (seven) I have used in store wipes rather than the branded ones because they always worked out cheaper, and while cheap doesn’t usually been good quality or Eco friendly, Tesco’s baby wipes have ticked all the boxes for us, they are sensitive for little bottoms and of course have that little lid I like to keep the wipes from drying out or making your nappy bag soggy! I love them and

4, Avent Natural Bottles – When my baby was born she was tiny, so was her little mouth, previously I had used the older style Avent bottles so I decided to use these again but I didn’t anticipate a small baby, she was in fact 2 pounds lighter than the average newborn so her little mouth couldn’t handle the standard Avent teats so I tried the natural bottles and she could use them.. I love their shape too! I will definitely use these again with any babies in future! best bottles

3, Burts Bees Baby Bee Bubble bath –  I have used Burts Bees products since I had my son 7 years ago, and back then all I used was the bubble bath, I love the stuff, its sweet smelling and is kind to baby and the environment! plus every Burts bees product you buy you are helping bees which need our help more than ever these days!

2, Avent Electric Sterliser – First time around I used a microwave sterliser from Boots, this time around I demanded to have an eletric one and its the best one I have owned! it takes 5 minutes to steam the bottles and takes 7 each turn, compared to the ones I have had before that took over 30 minutes to steam up and clean, I recommend this one to everyone I meet, the bottom does get a little scummy after time but a clean with lemon and a good scrub is all that it needs! I still use it today, even when R is 14 months old to make sure things are clean 100%! you can never be to careful and with that I have a cat, keeping clean is important.

1, Metanium Nappy Ointment – I have a little review of this one coming up shortly so I wont say to much about it, I just love it! you can keep your bepanthen and your Sudocream, this is the single best nappy cream… in the world..

and there you have it, my top five favorite baby products!! please let me know what yours are in the comments!

Until next time

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Disclaimer – this isn’t a sponsored post, all items here have been brought over the years, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Images have been taken from google.